Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C5 intro)

Dec 29th, 2019
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  1. Chapter 5
  3. Matsushita suspicion
  5. Intro
  7. On April 3, when spring break is nearing its end, I ... Matsushita Chiaki decided on something.
  9. "After all, I'm still curious ..." Emotions that continue to burn in my heart from before and after the end of the school year exams up to today.
  11. That's because ... The existence of a classmate named Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.
  13. Recently, I feel uneasy about him.
  15. If I say this to someone, I'm sure ... They might say it's because of love or affection. But not that. I can even state it here ... That it's not a romantic love between a boy and a girl.
  17. Towards Ayanokouji-kun ... I strongly began to be alert. Even if I talk about him with other students, they will surely tilt their heads in confusion. But ... To get that one answer...
  19. I have to know him first ... In order to understand what this feeling is.
  21. I was born into a family ... Well enough, blessed with good parents, and raised me so far without feeling any discomfort. Being able to buy whatever I want, and also I can achieve achievements in high school grades.
  23. Parents value the excellence of their children and children value the excellence of their parents. I grew up in an environment that has a very good relationship like that.
  25. Yes ... Even though I say it, but I think ... I'm also blessed with an attractive appearance like this. If many people find out this fact, they will definitely envy me.
  27. Becoming an adult, repeatedly undergoing romantic relationships, and eventually marrying a man with strong economic power.
  29. My life might be ... Not the best, but I feel blessed in my life... And also ... I have a variety of prospects for my future ... Even though there are several options available, I think it's not bad to get a job as CA international in large companies that are well-known ...
  31. (Tln: CA = Chartered Accountant. I mean professional accountants ... Chiaki are quite good at arithmetic.)
  33. However, when I decided to enter this school ..., I thought it was okay for me to start having big dreams ...
  35. Like ... Going to a prestigious foreign university, having the prospect of a future job as an ambassador abroad, from there then working for the United Nations ... I can see such a path ...
  37. I'm the one who runs smoothly along my tracks. A life that hasn't failed even once ... However, my first miscalculation was after I entered this school.
  39. Only those who graduate in class A can achieve their goals, whether it's going to university or find a job they want. In other words, the classes below Class B have no value.
  41. Of course, I have faith that I can win the career I want by my own efforts. But ... Graduates under class B... Will definitely become obstacles... I might get a label that is problematic if it is labeled as [Student who can't graduate in class A.]
  43. The size of the advantages and disadvantages, is a negative factor for me who want stability ...
  45. Also, I'm in class D, not Class A. This means that I carry a very heavy burden.
  47. But when I first entered school, I was not very anxious. It was that negligence that made me run out of luck.
  49. Quickly run out of class points in a month and immediately sink to the bottom.
  51. "If you think about it calmly ... You should be able to win right ..."
  53. Yes ... We started in class D, but starting line is the same. If we can able to understand the situation well in the first month, Then we should be able to rise to the upper class ...
  55. That was the worst start, but after one year, class points gradually increased.
  57. We went to class C once. We can still target the upper class ...
  59. "Hmm ... No way, huh ...?"
  61. Even if you realize it from the beginning. The difference in basic abilities with other classes is greater than expected. Sooner or later we will definitely be left far behind. It just so happened that this year was going well, while the ability of every student in our class was very low. As long as this fact doesn't change, going to class A is almost 0. I don't want to say this ..., but I can be arrogant about my ability to excel in the same school year. If it's in the top 10% ... Then it's almost certainly in the hands...
  63. Still, the reason why I was in the middle of caste in class D, was because I did nothing. Of course, I don't block my class on important points, but I don't like to stand out too much. And the only group that is on good terms with me, only students of low level ...
  65. Half the students from class D contain at the bottom 10-20% of the school year.
  67. In the midst of such a situation ... If I show my ability half-heartedly, I will get a lot of jealousy, or they may become very dependent on me and I will be involved in many problems. I want to avoid it ...
  69. Even if I show my seriousness, the situation won't change significantly either ... Good or bad, even though I'm good enough compared to other students, it doesn't mean that I'm a genius.
  71. More than that ... I'm not the type of person to move things first.
  73. But ..., Even though I can't achieve that goal myself, I still want to graduate as a class A student.
  75. If that becomes a reality, I can stabilize the direction of my future prospects with an easy route.
  77. For that reason, all grade D students have to work hard, but ... After paying attention to it for the past year, I half gave up that it was impossible. Surely there are some talented students.
  79. Horikita-san, Hirata-kun, and Kushida-san. There are also some smart students like Yukimura-kun and Wang-san.
  81. (Tln: Wang-san is Mii-chan, Chiaki calls her using Chinese kanji.)
  83. But these are still not enough. In fact, most students are holding back. Contrary to these factors, our class is still in a negative state.
  85. Even if there are 2 or 3 more talented students like I mentioned earlier ... I guess that's still a bit of a doubt.
  87. Yes ... Ayanokouji-kun ... Until I noticed it, I felt a rather tortured feeling.
  89. (Tln: annoying and tortured here that means even though class D has talented students, but is still unable to fight the upper class.)
  91. This is a one-sided guess from me ..., but I think Ayanokouji is the same type of student as me.
  93. Which somehow, entered this school .., just wanted to live their own daily lives. Do not have the desire to progress more than me, the type of person who does not care about the difference between class A and class D. But despite all that, still has the ability to progress.
  95. If my guess is right ...
  97. Including myself, there are two cards joining in class D. If that happens, we can target the upper class depending on its success.
  99. Yes ... it can't be helped if thoughts like that come recently.
  101. Why do I consider him that type of person ...? That's basically ... I mean, there's a point I'm curious about so far. Karuizawa-san's gaze that occasionally looks at Ayanokouji-kun. And also the distance between them.
  103. At first I thought it was just my misunderstanding, but with her breakup from Hirata-kun, I changed my belief. She was interested in Ayanokouji-kun.
  105. Karuizawa-san who was able to date a man of good status, chose Ayanokouji-kun.
  107. Why..? Is it because of his cool appearance? No, in my opinion, that's not all... If it's because of that, then it would be better for her to also maintain her relationship with the more popular Hirata-kun. In that case ... Isn't that because Ayanokouji-kun has enough ability to leave that popularity? I concluded thus ...
  109. There are many scary things that overlap. The way he moves actively with class leaders Horikita-san and Hirata-kun. There was no doubt that they recognized Ayanokouji-kun. He is also close to Ichinose-san. Have a fierce battle with former Student Council President Horikita at the sports festival. If I remember it is something strange.
  111. Besides that, Sakayanagi-san mobilized class A to give it a protect point. Even though he became a student who was accidentally chosen to take down by Yamauchi-kun. And it was decided that he would fight as a commander, It would be too easy to solve it if all that was just a coincidence
  113. ...
  115. Anyone would know how Ayanokouji-kun was a mysterious existence. But most students are not aware of it.
  117. Yes ... That's right... He hasn't participated much actively in public. Although the running speed is a prominent ability, only elementary school students can be in the top caste like that. As a High school student ... No, the more mature, the more communication skills needed.
  119. Most students who govern the upper castes, have extraordinary abilities at the same time also have communication skills. An extraordinary difference if you only have one impression ... Students who run very fast but have a thin presence. That's the impression that many people have on Ayanokouji-kun.
  121. For example, if he has communication skills... The Ayanokouji-kun cost can be quite high.
  123. Depending on his personality too, but he might be in a higher position than Hirata.
  125. This is not just an abstract theory, or something that does not exist. If Sudo-kun is smart and easy to get along with, or if Yukimura-kun be good enough in sports, This is a story about such an impossible dimension. The main priorities for our class today are [academic ability] as well as [physical ability].
  127. Also ... There is a high possibility that Ayanokouji-kun has both ...
  129. Besides that, maybe more than Hirata-kun in both abilities. This is a treasure. Of course, this includes just a little desire.
  131. If so, that would be a great force to be able to improve the class. Even if he has as many abilities as I have, no one will complain.
  133. With Ayanokouji-kun like that, so far what has caught my attention is his influence on the special exams at the end of the school year. The matter of flash mental arithmetic which could not have been solved, was able to be answered correctly by Ayanokouji-kun.
  135. Those were some of the decisive hits he gave me. Unknown number of abilities.
  137. I want to know. Also ... If that's true... There is no way not to use it.
  139. There is no doubt that his academic abilities and physical abilities are quite close to me. Even though he has been living behind the scenes for a year, he may not be someone who can be persuaded by ordinary methods.
  141. But I am confident in reading the situation. I'm also confident in psychological warfare. That is my highest point.
  143. Make him think that I just want to get in touch with him because of curiosity, then draw on his true nature and make him work together. This will be a counterattack for next year.
  145. ".... Just kidding..." It's true going up to Class A is interesting. But that is not the only reason that drives me. But that is Boredom.
  147. Not only walking on difficult rails of life, but also looking for fun.
  149. There are no other classmates, I just want to pursue the mysterious parts. That is the main reason why I want to establish contact with Ayanokouji-kun.
  151. After changing clothes, I have an appointment to go to Keyaki Mall with my friends today. In it, I will look for various views in seeing Ayanokouji-kun's daily life.
  153. However, the possibility of being able to meet coincidentally, is not high, even though it was in the school ground... The first half of the spring break never met once, I spent in vain.
  155. I want to get some clues. Curiosity and desire are driving my sight without permission every day.
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