Too Many Pinkies Plus One

Mar 20th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Prompt: What if one day you woke up suddenly drowning. Either you died and ended up drifting in the weightless ether, died by drowning, or simply being trapped underneath the surface of a frozen lake before struggling to reach the surface.
  3. Then suddenly you hear a myriad of high pitched voices and visages of pink. Muffled chantings of the word “fun” resounded around your flushed eardrums. You’re pulled by what seems to be multiple limbs before finally breaking free to the surface and taking a sharp burning inhale. You’re surrounded by Pinkie clones, you are a Pinkie clone.
  5. ~~~
  7. >You awake and find yourself suddenly drowning in an expansive darkness.
  8. >You can’t breathe, but you quickly come to a realization that didn’t need to.
  9. >That’s because you’re already dead.
  11. >Drifting in the weightless ether, you recall your last moments trapped underneath a frozen surface.
  12. >You distinctively remember not being able to breathe, your lungs desperately calling out for air.
  13. >Frostbite burned at your skin as you saw yourself pounding away at the ice sheets, until you eventually didn’t.
  14. >Now, you were simply floating in the abyss.
  15. >There is nothing else.
  17. >You don’t know how long you stayed there, but it felt like it lasted an eternity.
  18. >Then suddenly you hear a myriad of high pitched voices and visages of pink.
  19. >Muffled chantings of the word “fun” resounded around your flushed eardrums.
  20. >Almost as like a spell, you felt yourself being drown to the source of the sound.
  21. >The closer you came, the more distinct the chanting became.
  22. > “And into her own reflection she stared, Yearning for one whose reflection she shared, And solemnly sweared not to be scared. At the prospect of being doubly mared.”
  23. >You’re pulled by what seems to be multiple limbs before finally breaking free to the surface and taking a sharp burning inhale.
  24. >Seeing this scene around you, recognizing these creatures and your quadrupedal, pink self you slowly come to a realization.
  26. >You are Pinkie, but also not.
  27. >You are a clone, but also human.
  28. >Memories of both lives are jumbled up in your head, but you know for a fact that you still have a sense of self-preservation.
  29. >You also instinctively know that you have some weird powers involving pseudo-omnipotence and slapstick comedy.
  30. >Events occur normally as you leave the mirror pool with all the other Pinkies, since they seem to know where they’re going.
  31. >You come across an uncharacteristically depressed Pinkie laying on one of the tables.
  32. >Your new instincts kick in again, telling you to cheer her up.
  33. >You decide to have a pep talk with her.
  34. >At the end of the conversation you decided that you’re gonna figure your new life at a leisure’s pace.
  36. >You’re currently resting on top of a lake while laying back on a giant balloon float.
  37. >You’re holding a sun tan screen and wearing sunglasses, hooves crossed as you stare at the blue sky.
  38. >A couple streaks of pink flow from Ponyville and into the everfree forest, presumably the anti-mirror spell Twilight conjured out of her flank.
  39. >A while later you see the mane six standing outside the edge of the pool looking at you with their apparent “real” pinkie.
  41. >Rainbow Dash remarks of how she might have missed a Pinkie or two, saying they’re really hard to catch but take the attention of.
  42. >You however had no interest in “fun”, like most of your former kin had.
  43. >Twilight remarks how maybe you’re a defective Pinkie like that one depressed pinkie they met at the table before.
  44. >A path of guilt tugs you as there’s a possibility that defective pinkie, much like you, has been also sent back to the mirror pool.
  45. >Twilight prepares her spell and unleashes a small purple laser at you.
  46. >You shrug and deflect the laser back with your sun tan screen, barely missing twilight by a margin.
  47. “Buck off” you simply state.
  49. >”Hey you can’t do that to my friend!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed in Twilight’s defense.
  50. >”And what gives your friend the right to do that to me?” You deadpanned, turning the sunbathing panel back at yourself
  51. >Pinkie is conflicted at this development.
  52. >Twilight is obviously befuddled, both terrified that she almost zapped herself and that this Pinkie just swore at them.
  53. >”What do you mean?” Fluttershy is barely audibly heard.
  54. ”I’m not bothering anypony am I?” You idly replied.
  55. >”Well, no... but-“ Twilight replied.
  56. “But what?” You say with a tinge more animosity in your voice
  57. >”You’re a fake.”
  58. >”An imposter.”
  59. >”A darned copycat.” The other three mares interjected.
  60. >”Well, those, and to put it simply. You aren’t *supposed* to exist!” Twilight finished.
  61. You stay silent for a few seconds. “And what gives you the right to decide if I exist or not?”
  63. >”I-“ Twilight stampers, before pausing to really think about what you said.
  64. >”Well, ah reckon cause, well...” Applejack tries to interject, opening her mouth before going silent and closing it again.
  65. >”Because Twilight knows so!” Rainbow Dash blurted out. “She’s the smartest out of all of us, so if she says that you gotta go, you *gotta* go.”
  66. >The Pegasus raises her hoofs in a boxing stance before punching the air.
  67. “So if Twilight said to drown in a lake, would you?” You deadpanned again.
  68. >”Why what a horrible insinuation! Twilight would *never* tell us to do such thing!”
  69. >”Hold on,” Pinkie cut Rarity off, “I think that me may have a point.”
  70. >”She does?!” All the other mares exclaimed in unison. You peek over your suntan screen and raised an eyebrow.
  71. >”Yeah, I mean, I made her. Well technically my-selves made her. Or probably my selves-selves because they kept making themselves, or myselves in the mirror pool. Or would it be my selves-selves-self? Or my selves-selves-selves-selves-self-“
  72. >”Pinkie!” Rainbow Dash shouted.
  73. >”Oh right. Well the point is this Pinkie is *my* responsibility. And I know for a fact that this Pinkie never bothered anypony! In fact, she went ahead and helped me!”
  74. “I did?” You remarked.
  75. >”Yeah! Remember you talked to me at Café Hay while I was having an existential crisis on one of the tables?” Pinkie blurted out a matter of factly.
  76. “Wait...” you dropped your sunglasses, “that was you?”
  77. >”Yup! And, I have to thank you. You, really helped me out when you decided to talk to me. You made me realize what’s truly important to maintain a friendship.”
  78. >The real Pinkie looks over to her friends showing a light smile. “I wanted to spend time with everypony, but I couldn’t. I thought I could make everypony happy if I was there everywhere at once, but you made me realize that... I don’t have to be!”
  79. “I taught you that?” You inquired.
  80. >Pinkie gives you an even brighter smile. “You have! And I quote ‘Don’t worry about it.’”
  81. You quickly spat out the non-existent imaginary water occupying your mouth. “What?!”
  83. >”Yup! You said that I don’t have to worry about it, and you’re right! There’s always will be more opportunities to hang out with my friends, and they never abandon me because I chose one over the other. And I would never abandon them either!” Pinkie chirps before pulling all her friends in a group hug.
  84. >”Uh, that’s great Pinkie.” Applejack squirmed a bit. “So, yer don’t want this Pinkie zapped back in that pond or whatucallit?”
  85. >”The Mirror Pool.” Pinkie corrected.
  86. >”Right.”
  87. >”And no, this Pinkie is alright. She’s chill.” She added in an attempt to make me, or ourselves look cool.
  88. >“Alright well, whatever yer say Pinkie. I gotta get back and rebuild the farm. And uh,” Applejack tipped her hat at you, “Ah’m sorry I had Twilight almost zap you other... Pinkie.”
  89. “It’s cool” you say, putting your shades back on. “Thanks for not, unexisting me I guess.”
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