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  1. [SIZE="4"][CENTER][img][/img][/CENTER]
  2. Here at Trinity, we believe this game is meant to be played with others. And a guild is only as strong as its weakest member.
  4. [CENTER]That's why we strive to help our members whenever and wherever we can.
  6. Got something need doing? We're there.
  7. Getting harassed? We're there.
  8. Need advice? We're there.
  9. Bored? Let's do stuff.
  11. Anything fun this game can provide... we're doing it daily;
  12. [B]PvP hunting (up to RvR),
  13. Galleon Sea battles,
  14. Dungeons,
  15. Dailies,
  16. Trade packs,
  17. Competitions,[/B]
  18. and a lot more!
  20. We do not however, care about drama. You treat us fairly, we'll treat you fairly.[/CENTER]
  22. Microphones, and discord are required. Being able to talk to each other improves the game dramatically, and increases not only response time but efficiency.
  24. Being lvl 50+ is recommended, but we do make exceptions for those who take initiative and are active both in game, and on comms.
  26. Our command structure is simple, we like ideas, improvements, innovators.. if we like what you bring to the table, consider it implemented.
  27. [CENTER][B]After all, a proper guild runs as one.[/B]
  28. [url=][img][/img][/url][/CENTER][/SIZE]
  29. [CENTER][B]^ Click for our discord! ^[/B][/CENTER]
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