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Short Story submission: Matango

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  1. I was on a vacation one day in the suburbs, a real nice cottage where I could enjoy what was left of the summer weather. It wasn't too humid, I packed enough food to last a week and the atmosphere was perfect. A well needed break from the stress of the city. I was about to go back home when I noticed an array of dark, depressing clouds in the distance. Being the retard I was I didn't take the hint and continued packing my bags before heading on into my car.
  3. I took out my onahole for one final go in the car before I realized it got covered in mushrooms, uncut and fresh. Couldn't recall me ever mixing my mushrooms with my sex toys or bringing mushroom seeds on the journey, should've taken it as a sign. I tossed it out the window without any care besides the one of my own health before starting up the car. Half an hour later down the road I approached the storm, still oh so far away from my destination and not close to being prepared. Lightning was getting louder, rain was pouring harder and above all I forgot to bring extra gas.
  5. Parking on the side of an outcrop the nearest town was about an hour away on foot, in that weather it'd be suicide, so I did it anyway. My umbrella, smelled a bit funny, but aside from that all the same and still capable of preventing total water-logging. I got a couple feet away from my car before I noticed the smell was getting stronger, it was an enjoyable smell, one that reminded me of my cousin Vinny's place, like pizza. I was nearly hypnotized by it, soon I could pinpoint its location, a few dozen feet in front of me, barely visible in my eyes.
  7. It didn't stop for me, kept going and going, I had to follow it, soon it felt like I had to run just to keep the scent. I acted like a bloodhound before finally, after running in the rain for who knows how long I ended up at a gas station, in the town I envisioned meeting by one hour, now just twenty minutes in actuality.
  9. I got the gas that I needed, my legs tired from the long journey and my lungs felt empty no matter how hard I breathed. The trip back was going to be hell, I looked around to see if there was anyone who could help me out, seemed everyone was hiding safely away from the storm. Me? I was too stupid to do that. I kept looking however and there was one response.
  11. "H-hey, mister." A meek voice echoed from behind the gas station, I felt drawn to that voice, like for some reason I felt like going back to the station. I turned around and in the darkness was a red-capped woman with no clothes, to my knowledge, and skin that reminded me of, a mushroom.
  13. "What, what in god's name are you? Are you the thing who's been leading me around all this time?" I started asking questions and she seemed fine with answering them.
  15. "Y-yes, I've, to be completely honest have been watching you, helping you ever since you arrived at my home." She seemed to blush a bit, did that mean blood was coursing through her?
  17. "So why didn't you tell me about this before? Your home? Listen I would've gone off your property if you simply spoke up, before seeing my dealer about this." I started to walk up to her a bit, still confused.
  19. "No no no, I loved seeing you, you were my first visitor in months, I didn't want you to go, and now that I'm helping you leave you'll take me with you."
  21. She opened up her arms, some mushrooms were growing through the concrete cracks under her feet. Her feet actually look a bit pretty, in fact most of her body is very attractive visually despite, everything else.
  23. "So you're the one who got mushrooms on my onahole. Listen you've been a big help and I really appreciate giving me my favorite veggie and leading me to the gas station but…" I stopped myself thinking of another word.
  25. "But, you don't want the problems I cause, don't worry, I can make this thing work." She started to appear more seductive, our bodies now inches away from each other.
  27. "What are you d-" before I could ask what was going on she picked me up with both her arms, gas included. "I'm taking you back to your car and out of this rain."
  29. The next half hour was spent in the thunderous rain being bridal carried by this new mutonous man manipulator. Soon I was at my car, and so was she, presumably as she's always been what with her following me around. The next couple hours were me heading home, this girl sitting beside me, wooing me with her sheer existence. I look down at where she's forming contact with the car and thankfully, no more mushrooms. "So, are you ready for your new girlfriend to move in?
  31. "Maybe not exactly ready, but, I'd love to."
  33. And that's how I lost all my onaholes.
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