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May 19th, 2019
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  1. sad that i have to make so much drama for a refund
  2. disappointing
  4. this is exactly my point to mitch, if I refund you now instead of sticking to my point I say you're right
  5. anyways, someone has to admit
  7. yep but maybe not so wierd
  8. that I don't trust you after the amount or days/tomorrow promises you've made
  10. fair enough, but still, you could've waited till tomorrow evening
  12. because I didn't wait long enough
  13. and 1 extra day waiting for something that takes 1 minute
  14. that doesn't have anything to do with going to bed
  15. but it's just not willing to do it right now
  17. after your response indeed, I was done with it
  18. anyways, delete the tweets so I can go to bed
  20. it doesn't go that easy
  21. if I need to go through so much trouble for the refund the tweets can wait
  23. then I will undo the refund tomorrow night
  24. gn
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