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MWM Alpha Notes 10.15.14

Zies Oct 15th, 2014 225 Never
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  1. "Mistakes Were Made" Alpha Notes October 15, 2014
  3. Having re-read the introduction and the first couple of chapters time and time again, I've noticed that I'm immensely dissatisfied and displeased with the way a lot of the content is written. Certainly the ideas that I set out to write about are there, but I have trouble making excuses for some of the poor writing, particularly when it comes to pacing. I understand what the problems are and how to fix them, but I won't be able to get around to rectifying or improving them until I start completely dedicating myself to Beta, which won't be for a while since Alpha is still around 50% complete.
  5. I can say with at least some confidence that solely the writing in Part Two is stronger than the writing of Part One. This is partly due to the fact that I wrote Part One rather quickly just to get the ideas down, to get the story going, and to have a sort of template. Part Two was written with much more care and over a longer period of time (what exists of Part Two as of this moment, that is). The most recent chapters definitely have far stronger prose and more detailed dialogue compared to earlier parts of the narrative. Similarly, the pacing and the flow are better than the way I wrote the chapters "NeoTokyo" and "DeusRex."
  7. So I really dislike the first couple of chapters in retrospect. I like the ideas and the content, and the story. But I dislike how its told and the way I skipped around and dodged around the "unimportant" things characters do that I dislike about traditional literature.
  9. TL;DR: I'm dumb and I should feel dumb. Lrn2ritegooder.
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