spearmanship 2

May 26th, 2022
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  1. "As I thought, he used it…."
  3. That she could predict this was a matter of course. After all, she had faced the exact same in her turn the previous year.
  5. "…Though I couldn't evade it and took a rough hit in my side."
  7. "Um, President. Is there some sort of secret to that thrust? I couldn't see anything except that Kurogane-san seemed to fail in evading Sanrensei's last strike."
  9. "As I said before, the weakness of the thrust lies in the ease of dodging it. However, Moroboshi's thrust has overturned this logic by… well, Kana-chan, his thrust can bend in the direction in which an opponent evades and pursue them."
  11. "A bending thrust, you say?"
  13. "Yes. Moroboshi has eliminated the vulnerabilities of the point attack through the use of this homing thrust."
  15. "But, President, I couldn't see it bending. And besides, Blazers should only have one ability, and Moroboshi's has nothing to do with changing his reach. I don't think he possesses a Noble Art that would allow him to manipulate the shape of his Device like Sword Eater either."
  17. "I suppose it can't be helped that you didn't see the spear bend. From the first, the spear itself isn't bending. It is as you say, Kana-chan. This was not the result of using Noble Arts—in other words, it is a martial art, just like Sanrensei. At any rate, Moroboshi-kun has control over the flow of the battle now that he has scored the first strike. This is now do-or-die for Kurogane-kun."
  19. Just as Touka had said, the battle began once again.
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