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  1.         cl /nologo /W4 /Wp64 /GR- /EHsc /Zm800  /GL /MD /Zi /Ox /Ob2 /Oi /Ot /Oy /GT /GL /GS- /GF  /DWIN32 /D_WINDOWS /DNDEBUG  /I../../stlport  /c /Foobj\vc8\shared\dll_main.o /Fdobj\vc8\shared\stlport.5.2.pdb ../../src\dll_main.cpp
  2. dll_main.cpp
  3. c:\stlport\stlport\type_traits(60) : error C4980: '__value' : use of this keyword requires /clr:oldSyntax command line option
  4. c:\stlport\stlport\type_traits(60) : error C2059: syntax error : '__value'
  5.         c:\stlport\stlport\type_traits(65) : see reference to class template instantiation 'stlp_std::tr1::detail::__instance<_Tp>' being compiled
  6. c:\stlport\stlport\type_traits(60) : error C2208: 'const bool' : no members defined using this type
  7. c:\stlport\stlport\type_traits(69) : error C2589: '__value' : illegal token on right side of '::'
  8. c:\stlport\stlport\type_traits(69) : error C2988: unrecognizable template declaration/definition
  9. c:\stlport\stlport\type_traits(69) : error C2059: syntax error : '::'
  10. c:\stlport\stlport\type_traits(69) : error C3630: error when processing the token '__value'
  11. c:\stlport\stlport\type_traits(69) : fatal error C1190: managed targeted code requires a '/clr' option
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