Cryptocloud VPN Facts You Didnt Know

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  2. Cryptocloud VPN Facts You Didnt Know
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  5. VPN Facts
  7. One of the questions I’ve been asked most often over the years is a simple one: why does our service cost more than most other VPN services. It’s a fair question, and over the years I’ve done my best to answer it when it comes up. Times are tough out there, and every dollar counts. I get that – we get that, everyone here on the Cryptocloud team – and it’s with that in mind that I decided to revisit the pricing question here.
  9. The answer to why our prices are what they are is actually really simple. Our service, and our network, is the most secure no-compromise network privacy service in the world, bar none. We’ve been providing service for more than five years, and during those five years we’ve earned our reputation for unlimited usage service that offers what Wired described as “total protection” for everything our customers do online. Everything. So, if that’s the service that someone needs – no-compromise, total protection – Cryptocloud is the provider that delivers the goods.
  11. Of course, not everyone needs top-end, unlimited, total protection online. For some folks, basic PPTP-based security is enough to meet their needs. Sure, PPTP isn’t able to stand up against any kind of attack – it’s been known to be unreliable since back in the 1990s. But, that said, it’s better than nothing (so long as folks are honest about its limitations, that is). And it’s cheaper to run PPTP-based services because PPTP doesn’t support high-throughput (so: lower bandwidth costs) and it essentially makes using a wide range of applications too slow or too limited to be useful (see: filesharing, basically all flavors). There’s lots of folks out there who offer PPTP services for 5 or 10 bucks (or euros) a month, and that’s good enough for some people some of the time. If that’s you, then go for it.
  13. But there’s also people out there who need the real deal, the full protection, the no-compromise service we offer. The fact that we don’t block any applications or ports or protocols – and that we never throttle bandwidth, never limit throughput, and never cap traffic for our customers, ever – means that our customers enjoy “install it and forget it” confidence in our network privacy service. Once you’re up on our network, you never need to worry about signing off because you’re using too much bandwidth, or need a faster connection, or want to use an application the network doesn’t support. That just doesn’t happen.
  15. And the protection we provide is simply world class… and always has been. We’ve never rolled over our out customers (like some other high-profile, so-called “privacy” services). We don’t log network activity and never have – we pioneered “no logging” procedures years ago. And we never, ever point goons from Big Media – and their parasitical lawyers – at our customers. When we get those ubiquitous scaremongering shakedown letters from the alphabet soup of media oligarchies and their henchmen, we respond directly to them: citing the real laws as they stand, pointing out fair use doctrines, and emphasizing that we’re a network provider and won’t act as a private police force for corporate thugs. Some other providers just “pass along” these threat letters… to their customers. We never, ever do that. Total protection.
  17. If you want the best, you pay for the best. That’s true pretty much everywhere, and it’s true in the network privacy market. No surprise there. Fact is, our prices are within a hair’s breadth of other providers that don’t offer anywhere near the level of service, protection, and security we do. For the price of a cup of coffee (and not a good one) more, you get total protection from Cryptocloud. Or, you can go with the also-rans… and that might be good enough. It might.
  19. The thing is, if it’s not good enough, it’s usually too late to decide to upgrade your protection. By the time you realize you needed a company like us that won’t back down a millimeter in our fight to protect you from anyone seeking to break your online privacy, the cows have already left the barn. Closing the barn doors then is too little, too late. Similarly, upgrading to a real VPN service after you realize you need that protection is futile – and the consequences of that error could be enormous. Just as customers of other VPN “privacy” services who ratted them out: did saving a couple of bucks a month make it worth the cost of that massive failure in their security service? Probably not.
  21. Some people simply don’t need the best network privacy service in the world… and that’s fine. Hell, some people don’t really need any network privacy service. I guess. With all the threats out there to online privacy and security – from stalkers and online goons to police-state thugs and the ever-spreading NSA – that group is shrinking fast. But, hey, some people just don’t care. Their choice. Similarly, some people are going to save a few bucks and go with a second- (or third-) tier VPN service… and it’ll probably work ok for them. Until it doesn’t.
  23. For those who want total protection – and the confidence that comes from knowing you have that total protection, all the time every time you’re logged in (even when using your Android gizmo) – there’s only one place to go: Cryptocloud. There’s cheaper, but there’s nobody better. No compromise, total protection is what we do… and what we’ve always done, for more than five years now. It’s not cheap, but it works – and you can count on it. How much is that worth?
  25. Still, there’s some folks who really do need total protection – but who simply can’t afford to spend the money it costs for our service. Dedicated political activists in repressive regimes, dissident minority rights defenders, starving students… not everyone has the cash in pocket to buy network privacy service even if they do need it. And in those cases, we’ve had the same policy for years: email us, and we’ll do our best to get you set up on our network. Even if you can’t afford to pay. We’ve provided thousands of months of no- or lowered-cost VPN service to folks like these, for more than five years running. In an ideal world, we’d be able to provide free service to everyone – that would be a game-changer, no doubt. But in the real world, running the toughest no-compromise network privacy service in the world costs money. Everyone understands this. Unlike Tor, we’re not relying on donations (or U.S. governmental funding… which is scary in so many ways, but that’s a different matter). Our customers support our network with their monthly fees, and those fees ensure the network is there to protect them. Always.
  27. So if you can’t afford the best network security service in the world – and you really do need it, for whatever reason – let us know. For everyone else, who can afford it, the choice is yours: do you cut corners and use an also-ran… or do you choose the privacy service that has set the standard for half a decade in total protection, unlimited use, all-application, no compromise service? Just how much do you need that one more cup of coffee… versus the best network security service money can buy?
  29. Only you can answer that question. But I’ve done my best to answer the question of why our prices what they are. We always try to keep our costs down, and to pass on those savings to our customers. But being the best isn’t cheap, and buying the best usually means you pay a bit more. We’re the best, and that little extra bit of cost buys our customers a level of security and confidence nobody else can match.
  30. Marc A. Tager
  31. Managing Director of Cryptocloud
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