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Ironman guide v2

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  1. Oldschool Runescape
  2. How to efficiently max an ironman
  3. By OzirisRS
  5. Old version: http://pastebin.com/VpEW1XKN
  6. This version is partly copy pasted from the old, with improved quest order and new methods, just in case you're wondering why it looks the exact same at first.
  7. I did include a few alternate methods however, some are for HCIM and some for slightly more casual playstyle, but keep in mind I made this for the purpose of going towards max total so there might be parts where I tell you to get a 99 in one go. If you don't want to do that then I suggest just reading the guide and trying to work out some parts that you can do while getting that particular 99.
  9. If there's a mistake in this guide somewhere then feel free to tweet me @ozirislol but don't tell me to update this as soon as some new update comes, these take a very long time to make.
  12. UPDATED VERSION https://pastebin.com/0xGyuk5r
  13. UPDATED VERSION https://pastebin.com/0xGyuk5r
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  31. Contents
  33. 1. Complete walk-through to barrows gloves              (starts at 54)
  34.     1.1 Early quests and ardy cloak 1                   (71)
  35.     1.2 Thieving, fishing and mining                    (511)
  36.     1.3 Fairy rings, 43 prayer, kingdom and first 99    (594)
  37.     1.4 Skilling, lots of it                            (791)
  38.     1.5 Diaries and finishing RFD                       (922)
  40. 2. Goals after Barrows gloves                           (966)
  41.     Includes Nieve block/skip list
  43. 3. Zulrah, slayer and diary cape                        (1100)
  44.     Includes Duradel block/skip list
  46. 4. Finishing max total                                  (1216)
  48. 5. Training methods for all skills                      (1258)
  50. 6. Helpful videos                                       (1371)
  56. 1.Complete walk-through to barrows gloves
  58. Start as a female character, don't forget to make yourself an ironman before leaving tutorial island.
  60. This guide assumes that you always carry your cash stack, unless I say not to bring it. I will mention to bring gp regardless most of the time, but if I don't then keep it on you anyway
  62. Use every book and lamp on Herblore if possible.
  64. Get rune pouch ASAP, unless you feel like it's cheating to boost bh emblems. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as you don't start farming them to get alchables on your iron. Tier 6 for a rune pouch.
  66. Do gem and maze randoms
  68. Authenticator AND 2-step verification on e-mail
  73. 1.1 Early quests and ardy cloak 1
  75. Lumby
  76. Start quests;
  77.     Rune mysteries, Cooks assistant, Restless ghost
  79. Pick up every item spawn in the castle, including the ones in cellar, don't forget the cabbage
  80. Fill a jug with water
  82. Go to the top of the castle and light the logs until 15 Firemaking, 16 world hops
  83. Pick up 3 ashes in the last world
  84. Pick up 1 log for later
  85. Get 1 bucket of milk
  87. Take out 25gp from the bank
  88. Thieve men until 255gp, buy a steel axe
  89.     HCIM, might have to kill a couple of chickens for food, normals can just suicide for hp.
  92. Lumby swamp
  93. Kill a rat (safespot with ranged) for its meat, keep bones for demon slayer
  94. Take a spade from the swamp shed that takes you to Zanaris.
  95. Pick up all of the swamp tar you see, at least 5
  97. Get ghostspeak amulet, equip it
  98. Pick up cheese at Aggie
  99. Take air talisman to wizard tower
  100. Walk back and go to rimmington, pick up 1 snape grass near crafting guild.
  103. Falador
  104. Start The Knight's sword quest by talking to the squire
  107. Minigame tele to Castle wars,
  108.     Inv: Steel axe, 55gp, Tinderbox, Jug of water, 1 normal log
  111. Walk to yanille
  112. Check hunter store for ardy easy diary
  113. Buy a pie dish and chocolate bar at Yanille cooking shop
  114.     crush chocolate with a knife for plague city
  116. Walk to port Khazard
  117. Buy swamp paste in the general store
  118. Do Monk's friend
  120. Get 35 woodcutting at oak trees and firemake the logs as you cut them.
  121.     2 Oaks just south of ardy zoo http://i.imgur.com/EN5Jpdb.png
  124. Ardy
  125. Get 25 thieving with cake and silk
  126.     Make sure you have at least 100 cakes in the bank
  127. Do Sheep herder, sell 6 cakes to the general store for the 100gp
  129. Take out GP and small fishing net
  130. Do Sea slug, fish shrimp while doing quest for diary
  131. Buy 1 inventory of sardine from the fish shop in Witchaven
  132. Sell silk, keep 10 in bank for quests
  134. You should have 10k GP at this point
  135. Buy a Player-owned house.
  136. Buy rope, 5 vial, 30balls of wool and 7 papyrus from ardy general store
  137.     Inv: rope, spade, gp, few cakes
  139. Dig up clue hunter gloves and boots north of Ardy, http://i.imgur.com/sOD5Zhz.png
  140. Buy greenman's ale from Rasolo
  141. Do Dwarf cannon until you have to go to Ice mountain
  143. Pick up planks at BA until the log-in limit.
  144.     If there happen to be no bots taking them, then you might not log out at all. Not sure how many you need in total but just get like
  145.     150 max for now.
  146. Do BA tutorial for minigame tele
  147. Start Barcrawl
  148. Do Waterfall quest until gnome maze, remember to read the book
  150. Walk to Gnome stronghold
  154. Buy 450 bronze arrowheads(100/world for 1gp ea)
  155. Buy fruit blast items; pineapple, orange, lemon, lemon slice, cocktail shaker, cocktail glass
  157. Walk to Ardy
  158. Do Plague city
  161. Minigame teleport to Castle wars
  162. Take steel axe and a tinderbox
  163. Run south-west of castle wars
  164. Cut and firemake teak logs until 50 Firemaking
  165.     Location http://i.imgur.com/cOzCs3x.png
  168. Home tele, Lumby
  169. Talk to the ghost for Restless ghost quest
  170. Go to port sarim and take the boat to Great Kourend
  171. Make your way to Wintertodt
  173. Do Wintertodt until 75 Firemaking
  174.     You really shouldn't be in any danger of dying with 10hp, but pay attention anyway, it's a long walk back if you die.
  175.     10HP accounts start taking 1 damage at 56FM even without warm clothing, but if you dug up the clue hunter boots and gloves earlier
  176.     then you might as well use them.
  178.     Alternative: If you aren't planning on killing Zulrah for magic logs to get 99 Firemaking, you can do WT until 99 now if you want
  179.     to. You will miss out on a fair bit of supplies for not having higher other skills, but it's not the end of the world. You don't
  180.     need to do WT for money, you'll get plenty later on and it's only 1m gp from 99FM.
  183. Home tele, Lumby
  184. Grab 3 buckets
  185.     Inv: 3 buckets, few cakes
  187. Walk north to Fred's farm
  188. Get raw chicken at Fred's
  189. Pick up egg north of Fred
  190. Kill 1 cow calf for meat, keep the bones for demon slayer
  191. Fill 3 buckets with milk
  193. Walk to Barbarian village (you can walk east of draynor manor by the river, don't walk around through falador or something like that)
  194. Get ammo mould and the notes for Dwarf cannon
  197. Varrock
  198. Start Gertrude's cat, pick up doogle leaves, use the leaves on a sardine
  199.     Take out a bucket, barcrawl card, Rune mysteries package and GP from bank
  201. Continue gertrude's cat, talk to the kids.
  202. Start Romeo and Juliet
  203. Start Demon slayer, get the 2 keys in Varrock
  204. Talk to Reldo for the knight's sword quest
  205. Do Shield of Arrav on any visit to Varrock, sooner the better
  207. Buy gloves and pink skirt from clothes shop
  208. Buy a rotten tomato, from the crate near the achievement diary guy
  210. Buy 3 beer
  212. Do museum for 9 Hunter and Slayer
  213. Continue Rune mysteries
  214. Buy; Fire staff, 100 fire runes, 300 earth/water, 4000 mind, 8000 airs
  216.     Inv: 100 GP, Barcrawl card, bucket of milk, seasoned sardine, cakes
  217. Walk towards Edgeville
  218. Start Abyss miniquest by talking to the zamorak mage in wilderness.
  219. Get 2 iron bars from the wildy spawn, Map: http://i.imgur.com/JKAil41.png
  220.     HCIM; this is fairly safe, just be ready to log out if you see a white dot.
  222. Walk to the pub north-east of Varrock
  224. Continue Gertrude's cat at lumberyard
  225.     Varrock east bank, inv: Pickaxe
  227. Get cadava berries, 12 redberries + enough to make a redberry pie (recommend at least 3 incase you burn it)
  228. Mine 1 tin and 5 copper
  229. Finish Gertrude's cat, keep raising cats with the sardine you bought
  230. Talk to juliet
  231.     Varrock west, inv: GP, Runes, barcrawl card, equip fire staff
  233. Walk towards Falador
  234. Get 13 magic at barbarians
  235. Buy bronze med helm from Peksa
  236. Fire strike bear for its meat near mind altar
  238. Falador
  240. Buy 5 wizard mind bombs from the bar
  241. Buy 6 woad leaves, offer 20gp to get 2 leaves
  242.     Bank, inv: GP, Cheese, fire strike runes, all 4 meat for druidic ritual, 18 cakes. Equip gloves
  245. Taverly
  246. Do Witch's house
  247.     Tank the first 2 phases on the north side of the shed and run to safespot when you need to eat
  248.     It's possible to safespot the first 2, but with fire strike you are in no real danger of dying with cakes.
  249. Do Druidic ritual
  250. Buy 2 eyes of newt and pestle and mortar in Taverly
  253. Falador
  254. Inv: pickaxe, eye of newt, 2 iron bars, bucket (of water), pie dish, redberries, some food
  255. Buy 500 feathers from port sarim
  256. Make redberry pie
  257.     You can buy flour and fill bucket with water at port sarim.
  259. Do Witch's potion quest
  260. Finish the Knight's sword quest
  261.     Mine 2 blurites, 1 is for diary
  263. Walk to Edgeville
  264. Equip a bronze sword and go to mage bank. Be ready to log out if you see a white dot, dying is a waste of time.
  265. Buy ~50 law runes for now and all of the cosmic runes that you can get
  266.     Recommend taking a 5min break after you hit the log-in limit just to get a few more cosmics, but that's up to you.
  268.     HCIM; The odds of running into a lvl60 pker is extremely low, but i'd still recommend scouting the lever with another acc first.
  269.     If you really don't want to risk it then it's fine, but I'm gonna assume while making this guide that you have some laws. You'll
  270.     most likely get some laws as a drop before you can use them.
  273. Home tele, Lumby
  274. Pick up a few logs and fletch them into headless arrows, make bronze arrows for 10 fletching
  276. Al-kharid
  277. Buy 20 thread and all of the moulds from the crafting shop.
  278. Start prince ali rescue
  280. Buy 1 inv of bronze bars for questing from shantay pass.
  281. Do the tourist trap
  282.     Safespot for the captain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFxB4zWqrd8
  285. Minigame tele to fish trawler
  286. Buy 1 bucket of slime
  287. Buy 5 flour from general store
  288. Buy sand/soda ash/seaweed until log in limit, or until you have 20k gp left (I will be spamming this and you'll hate it, but do it anyway)
  289.     Prioritize sand and soda ash for the first few times you buy crafting supplies
  291. Mine 1 inventory of clay south of Khazard
  294.     Inv: Fire strike, barcrawl card, cakes, axe
  295. Ardy
  296. Fire strike imps west of the tower of life for beads
  297. Do Fight arena
  298. Do Tree gnome village, get Glarial's pebble on the way for Waterfall
  299.     Apparently you can safespot warlord again, but if it doesn't work for some reason then: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_E96Zq_NyU
  300. Pick up purple dye
  303. Buy 2 compost packs from the Ardy farming shop.
  304. Train 43 magic at Moss giants near fishing guild.
  305.     Bury the bones
  306.     From this point on, use the laws for teleporting if it saves time/run energy. I'm not going to write every teleport to this guide.
  307.     The mind bombs are for camelot tele, feel free to use them.
  309. Do Hazeel cult
  310. Do Tribal totem
  311.     Buy some swordfish and karambwans from the food shop where you start the quest at for some of the more difficult quests.
  314.     inv: No GP, glarial's pebble, notes for dwarf cannon and ammo mould, rope, 6 air/water/earth runes, cakes
  315. Finish dwarf cannon
  316. Drop runes outside glarial's tomb, get 2 amulets and urn
  317. Finish waterfall
  319. Minigame tele to fish trawler
  320. Charter to port sarim
  321. Go to zeah and get 15% hosidius favour, 200 compost and saltpetre
  322. Train 42 thieving at the fruit stall near farming patch, bank strange fruit and golovanova tops
  323.     You can trap the dogs inside the building
  324.     Start using strange fruits for energy
  326. Home tele, Lumby
  327. Finish cook's assistant
  328. Start RFD for chest
  329. Buy 7milk, 1chocolate, 3 flour
  331.     Inv: No gp, 20 Ball of wool, 8 cakes
  332. Do sheep shearer
  333. Pickpocket HAM members for a rusty sword(get a few just incase)
  334.     If you get them, keep robes, opal and buttons
  335.     Have Tindel Marchant identify the sword for Ardy easy task on one of your visits to port Khazard
  336. Pick up 12 onion at Fred's
  339. Draynor
  340. Buy a chronicle and pages
  341. Do draynor part of Prince ali rescue
  342. Start Vampire slayer, get 3 garlic upstairs from the cupboard
  343. Buy 3 jute seeds and 4 barley seeds from the market
  344. Make 3 red, 3 blue, 4 yellow dye
  347. Wizard's tower
  348.     Equip: fire staff
  349.     Inv: 1 Law, fire strikes, Rune mysteries notes, 4 beads, 20 bones(kill goblins nearby)
  350. Finish Imp catcher
  351. Finish Rune mysteries
  352. Get Ghost's skull
  353. Kill 5 chicken/wizards, give 25 bones for demon slayer key
  355. Tele to varrock
  356.     Inv: GP, cadava berries and Juliet's letter
  359. Varrock
  360. Continue Romeo & Juliet, get cadava potion
  361. Buy iron chainbody from Horvik
  362. Continue Abyss miniquest, get scrying orb, visit ess mines
  363. Finish demon slayer
  364. Continue vampire slayer
  366. Finish romeo and juliet
  368. Spirit tree to gnome stronghold
  371. Gnome stronghold
  372. Use Brimstails to go to ess mines, scrying orb 2/3
  373. Start Grand tree
  374.     Inv: GP, 2 Varrock teles, Bark sample, translation notes, Barcrawl card, fire strike
  376. Castle wars minigame tele
  378. Buy 2 bird snares, 5 butterfly jars and a butterfly net from the hunter shop
  380. Go to Hazelmere and continue the grand tree until you are at Karamja shipyard
  381.     From Karamja shipyard, charter to Karamja, Musa point
  384. Port Sarim
  386. Do Pirate's treasure until you need to go to Varrock
  388. Tele to Varrock
  389. Get pirate's message from Blue moon inn
  391. Spirit tree to Gnome stronghold
  392. Finish The Grand tree
  393. Buy a premade blurb' sp, 2 vodka, pineapple chunks
  394. Spirit tree to ardy
  396.     Non-efficient method:
  397.     If you're playing more casually and don't plan on doing barbarian fishing for agility xp, train 40 agility at Varrock course now.
  399. Ardy
  400.     Inv: GP, Scrying orb, pickaxe, fire strike
  401. Start biohazard, keep the pots and sample in bank
  402. Visit ess mines, scrying orb 3/3
  404. Buy 11 breads from cake stall
  405. Mine 2 iron ore (If you got some from wintertodt then ignore this step)
  408. Seers/camelot/catherby
  409. Buy candle, fishing rod, lobster pot, 15 pineapples
  410. Put pineapples into the compost bin
  411. Buy 10 buckets of normal compost and farming tools, store everything in leprechaun
  413. Start Fishing contest
  414. Start Merlin's crystal, kill Mordred and get bat bones/black candle
  417. Seers
  418.     Inv: GP, barcrawl card, pot, spade, fishing rod, garlic
  419. Do Murder mystery
  420. Barcrawl Seers
  421. Finish Fishing contest
  422.     Inv: Doric's quest ores
  425. Taverly/Falador
  426. Go under the mountain and speak to Lady of the lake
  427. Do Doric's quest
  429. Make 10 molten glass
  430. Do Black knight's fortress
  431. Do Recruitment drive
  432.     Inv: GP, 4 Biohazard items, 1 bread
  435. Rimmington
  436. Do Rimmington part of Biohazard
  437. Buy a black wizards hat at port Sarim
  438. Port Sarim jewellery store, give the bread, deposit box the plague sample at Entrana monks
  440. Minigame tele to castle wars
  441.     inv: GP, 3 planks, bronze bar, molten glass, runes, some food, 10 empty slots for antipoisons
  442. Pick up super antipoison(1) until log in limit, decant them
  443. Do the Observatory quest
  446. HOME TELE, Lumby
  447. Finish The Restless ghost
  448. Start the Lost tribe
  449. Teleport to Varrock
  452. Varrock
  453. Continue Lost tribe until need to go goblin village
  454. Buy priest robes(keep these after quest), boots, gloves(if you don't have)
  456. Finish abyss miniquest
  457. Get the magic words for Merlin's crystal at the altar
  458. Continue Biohazard
  460. Do the Digsite quest
  461. Start Dragon slayer, mine 5 silver ore near champ guild
  462. Spirit tree to Ardy
  465. Ardy
  466. Finish Biohazard
  467. Finish off Ardy easy tasks, and get the cape
  468.     You won't have 30herb for the lamp so just use it on agility or something.
  469. Trade cat for 200 death runes
  471. Minigame fish trawler
  472. buy sand/soda ash/seaweed until you have 15k GP left OR log in limit
  474. Walk to Ardy
  475. Do Jungle potion
  476. Do Shilo village
  477.     HCIM; Buy a few karambwans and swordfish from brimhaven food store, be very careful in the last multicombat dungeon, it's probably
  478.     the most dangerous area for a long time.
  481. Minigame fish trawler
  482. buy sand/soda ash/seaweed until you have 15k GP left OR log in limit
  484.     inv: pickaxe, lit candle, excalibur, bat bones, black candle, tinderbox, knife
  485. Teleport to Camelot
  486. Finish Merlin's crystal
  487. Start Holy grail
  489. Get boots of lightness
  490. Mine 12 coal near legend's guild(Might already have from wintertodt)
  491. Buy 1 inv of stew from the Seers bar
  492. Do Elemental workshop 1
  493.     inv: Lost tribe brooch and book, blue/orange dyes
  496. Falador teleport
  497. Do Goblin diplomacy
  498. Continue Lost tribe
  501. Minigame fish trawler
  502. buy sand/soda ash/seaweed until you have 10k GP left or log in limit
  505. Home tele, Lumby
  506. Finish Lost tribe
  507. Make 5 soft clay
  508.     inv: gp, 5 silver ore
  509. Go through the gate to Al-Kharid
  514. 1.2 Thieving, fishing and mining
  517. Desert
  518. Start the Feud at Ali Morrisane, buy the desert disguise
  519. Smelt the 5 silver, make a sickle and unstrung holy symbol, keep 3 bars
  520. Talk to Osman to get the key for Prince ali rescue quest
  522. Do the Feud, get maple blackjack
  523.     HCIM; Unlock the rune shop also, it's a much safer option than mage bank before mage guild (Although you won't get as many cosmics)
  525. Blackjack until 80 thieving, you can buy wines from the bar to use as food.
  526.     If you've been raising cats so far, I recommend not to while BJing because it gives you a delay when the kitten says it's hungry or
  527.     wants attention. This could cause the bandit to attack you, or even kill you.
  530. Ardy cloak tele and take the spirit tree to Gnome stronghold
  531.     Inv: GP, 2 bird snares, 5 butterfly jars, butterfly net, axe, knife
  532. Go out of the stronghold and walk by the fence to the west and then go north to Piscatoris
  534. Get 29 hunter
  535.     Put your bird snare right here, http://i.imgur.com/hQutEIn.png
  536.     Catch just the 1 bird until level 15, at that point start catching the ruby harvest butterflies, while hunting birds at the same
  537.     time. You can put another bird snare at level 20. Doing this should get you 29hunt in less than 90 minutes.
  539. If you're planning on doing 3-tick skilling, get a full inv of kebbit claws. My preferred spot, http://i.imgur.com/QebW6Yc.png
  540.     Need 32 craft to make spiked vambs, so just make some molten glass. Kill cows for leather since you need 40 range to buy them.
  543. Spirit tree to gnome stronghold and take the glider to Karamja
  544. Go to Shilo Village
  545. Buy 50-100k feathers for now (Or 250k if you know for sure you're doing 99 fishing eventually at barb fish, ~150k if knife 3t method)
  546. Get 58 fishing with trout and salmon
  548. Minigame tele to Barb assault
  549. Get 70 agility from barb fishing, should be around 94 fishing.
  550.     You can feed caviar and roe to kitten if you want death runes, just saves gp so it's not that important.
  551.     Finish 99 fishing after you unlock kingdom, 70 agi and str is all you really need for now
  553.     Alternate method: If you don't want to fish, do priest in peril now and train 52 agility, go to wildy course for 60 and then get
  554.     full graceful and 70 agi at seers course. You don't have to do this all at once of course but you need at least 70 eventually.
  555.     HCIM; Stick to Canifis course until 60 agility
  556.     That being said I HIGHLY recommend fishing at least 50 agi, since you need the higher str level very soon anyway.
  559. After 70 agility
  560. Minigame tele to Burthrope
  561. Do the rogue's den minigame for full rogue outfit. Guide by Lelador, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5tQewEZPe4
  562.     You can cook the trout and salmon while you regen run energy for maximum efficiency
  563.     Buy 50 lockpicks while you're here
  565. Equip the set and go back to thieving until around 2.5m GP
  566. Carpet back to Shantay pass
  567.     Inv: teleport runes, all the golem quest items
  569. Start the Golem
  571. Finish The Golem, get the gems with chisel and hammer
  573. Do Shadow of the storm(should have priest gown and black wizard hat in bank as your black items)
  575.         If you didn't do fishing for str lvls, this boss fight will take you like +30mins of flinching. In that case probably worth
  576.         leaving this quest for later, or think of some way you can get your melee stats up.
  579. Go to Edgeville and talk to Oziach to continue Dragon slayer
  580. Go to mage bank and buy 6k nats, all of the cosmics you can get and 10 law runes each world
  581.     This might take more than 1 trip. HCIM can buy them from ali morrisane if you don't wanna risk mage bank, although they're more
  582.     expensive.
  584. Teleport to Falador
  585. Finish pirate's treasure quest
  586. Get 2 buckets of sap from this tree near falador east bank, http://i.imgur.com/YoH5z70.png
  587. Buy addy and rune picks from the pickaxe shop in the mines.
  589. Mine 3400 iron ore at ardy monastery, superheat them while walking to Ardy bank and tele back with ardy cloak.
  590.     While mining, you can tele to Khazard every now and then to buy craft supplies
  591.     Do medium clues if you get them from mining, might get a yew bow from reward (Comp bow works too, it's for temple of ikov)
  592. Don't smith them into anything yet
  597. 1.3 Fairy rings, 43 prayer, kingdom and first 99
  600. Varrock
  601. Smith 3 bronze wire
  602. Buy oak longbow
  604. Mine 51 pure ess(Probably already have from wintertodt)
  605. Start Priest in peril
  606. Buy a saw, 400 steel nails, 250 iron nails at the sawmill
  607.     Just smith them if bots are buying out every world, but it's worth checking the sawmill
  609. Do priest in peril, start Rag and bone man while you run past
  611. Do Nature spirit
  612. Buy 1 raw shark
  613. Do Creature of Fenkenstrain
  614.     Use port Phasmatys furnace, you should have slime in bank, use it to get 5 ecto-tokens
  617. Minigame fish trawler
  618. Buy sand/soda ash/seaweed until log in limit
  620.     Inv: Tele runes, gp
  621. Use Chronicle tele
  623. South of Varrock
  624. Go champ guild and continue Dragon slayer, ask every question
  625.     Buy a rune sword, coif, green dhide chaps and vambs
  626. Kill the nearby bears and rams for their bones (Rag and bone man)
  627. Camelot tele
  629. Camelot
  630. Kill a unicorn for its bone, giant bat wing(both for Rag and bone man) south west of Catherby
  631. Do Elemental workshop 2
  633. Ardy cloak tele
  634. Kill monkeys in Ardy zoo, telegrab monkey bones(for Monkey Madness) and monkey paw(rag and bone man)
  636. Lumby
  637.     Inv: axe, rope, lit candle
  638. Get anti-dragon shield
  639. Kill a goblin for the bone for rag and bone man
  642. Lumby swamp
  643. Get big frog leg(you need to go to the caves), giant rat bone(both rag and bone man)
  644. Start Lost city
  645. Go to Draynor manor
  646. Do Ernest the chicken, finish vampire slayer
  647.     Dig up the skull for fairytale part 1 while you're in the area to save some time later
  650. Entrana
  651. Talk to the high priest for Holy grail
  652. Get at least 5 Dramen branches, make 2 staffs
  653. Finish Lost city
  655. Draynor
  656. Start Fairytale part 1.
  657. Pray for easy to get items, the quest guide on the 2007wiki lists where to get them.
  658.     If you get nature tally req, go to abyss with inv of food and kill leeches. Make sure you trap them so only 1 attacks
  660. Finish Fairytale1
  661. Talk to martin to start Fairytale2
  662. Buy 35 jugs of vinegar
  663.     Put all 8 bones you have now into pots of vinegar
  664. Buy 1 marigold seed, 3 cabbage seeds, 3 onion seeds from Draynor seed market
  665. Rescue prince ali from the jail
  668. Minigame fish trawler
  669. buy sand/soda ash/seaweed until log in limit
  671. While you wait for Martin's crops for FT2
  673. Tele to Lumby
  674. Start Evil Dave subquest for RFD
  675.     If you don't have a cat then raise one now.
  676.     inv: pickaxe, gp
  677. Kill 2 cows and make 1 soft, 1 hard leather
  678. Mine 1 inv of gold and smelt it
  679.     Make any sort of teleport jewellery you need
  681. Draynor
  682. Speak to Martin for Fairytale 2
  683. Go unlock fairy rings at Zanaris
  684. Get mithril and rune axe from tree spirits
  687. Bring gp, 90steel nails, 3 planks, hammer, food, runes
  688. Tele to POH and do Melzar's maze (Dragon slayer quest)
  689. Walk to port Sarim jail and telegrab 2nd map piece
  690. Buy and repair the ship
  691. Tele to Fally
  694. Falador
  695. Make a ring of recoil
  696.     Bring gp, runes, soft clay, wizard mind bomb, lobster pot, silk
  697. Make unfired bowl at barb village
  699. Talk to the oracle
  700. Get the 3rd map piece for dragon slayer
  701. Tele to Lumby
  704. Lumby
  705. get Ned as your captain for dragon slayer
  707. Go to Crandor and open the shortcut to Karamja volcano
  708. Go kill Elvarg, use ring of recoil, you can do as many trips as you want, if needed restock food at Tzhaar bank
  709. Finish dragon slayer and buy a green d'hide top
  711. Wear gloves and pick up 5 nettles at the yews
  712. Continue Evil dave subquest
  713. Get a slayer task from Vannaka
  716. Tele to Lumby
  717. Do Death to the Dorgeshuun. While getting the robes, keep buttons(If you didn't get them while getting the rusty swords)
  718. Finish Evil Dave subquest
  719. Thieve Bullseye lantern from dorg chests
  720.     Need a lockpick for the chests
  722. Get 10 construction with wooden chairs
  723. Do Tears of Guthix, do this weekly it's very worth it
  724.     Have RC as your lowest skill when you do this, since you won't have ess to train with for a while.
  727. Finish Holy grail
  728. Do Horror from the deep quest
  729.     Just mage the dagannoth and hide when it's weak to melee and range. Also hide when you need to eat, it's not difficult with blast
  730.     spells. Use proper food like swordfish and karambwans.
  731. Train slayer until 37 range with a bone crossbow
  732. Do Animal magnetism
  733. Do Spirits of the Elid quest
  736. Do the Underground pass quest
  737.     You can trap the paladins behind each other same way as the captain from the tourist trap quest.
  738.     For the spider, there are 2 skeletons on the east wall, stand between them and then mage the big one with fire blast. Sometimes
  739.     the little ones attack you but just run a bit north and then back to the same spot, they'll get stuck.
  740. Upgrade the iban staff
  741. Kill sand crabs for 50 attack to wield the iban's staff, shouldn't take more than one hour.
  742.     If you have a slayer task which doesn't require melee prot then you can do that instead too.
  745. Kill 85 blue dragons with iban's blast, don't bother banking the hides other than maybe 6 to make full set later
  747. Minigame tele to khazard
  748. Buy 90 buckets of slime, and all sand/soda ash you can get
  749. Equip Ghostspeak amulet
  750. Prepare the nettle water for ghost ahoy
  752. Make sure you have all ghosts ahoy items
  753. bring GP stack, 9 d bones, 9 pot, 9 slime, general store sells pots if you dont have
  754. Charter to port Phasmatys
  757. Phasmatys/Canifis
  758. Start ghosts ahoy
  759. Grind 9 d bones and offer them, get ecto tokens
  760. Finish ghosts ahoy
  761. Grind the rest of your bones, should get 43 prayer
  762.     pls tweet me if this doesn't get 43, haven't actually tested this guide this far myself.
  765. Get 40 slayer
  766.     Train range to 40 first and then just start training attack with a rune sword
  767.     If you get a shade task then do the next step during that task
  769. Do Shades of morton quest
  770.     Take the book to the apothecary in Varrock for some free herb xp
  771. Go talk to Historian Minas in the 2nd floor of varrock museum, use lamps on herblore
  773. Get 25 herblore if you don't have yet
  774. Do Heroes' quest
  776. Do Fremennik trials
  777. Do Throne of miscellania
  778. Do Royal Trouble
  780. Put at least 1m gp to kingdom, set it on 10 herbs and 5 maples
  781.     Get 100% favor back everyday
  783. Finish 99 thieving
  784. Buy a thieving cape
  785. Thieve master farmers for a few hours to get a decent amount of seeds for farming.
  786.     Don't forget to wear rogues whenever you do master farmers
  787.     Never farm guams, marrentill or tarromins. Even if you've got no other seeds left it's better to do more master farmer for better
  788.     seeds.
  789.     Guide by Lelador, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMCM-tOxCJ0
  794. 1.4 Skilling, lots of it
  797. Camelot tele
  798. Plant barley seeds at the hops patch north of Seers, pay the farmer 3 normal compost to look after them
  800. Do;
  801. The Giant dwarf
  802. Buy emeralds from gem store until log in limit
  804.     These next 2 quests have times where you have to wait for stuff to happen, smith iron dart tips while you wait
  806. Forgettable tale of a drunken dwarf
  807.     There's an anvil near the bank in keldagrim
  808.     Your barley should be grown when you need it, use it on a range to get the barley malt
  810. Garden of tranquility
  812. Enlightened journey
  813.     While waiting for the willow tree to grow
  815.         Do Eyes of glouphrie and Tower of life (Should get you 15 construction, which allows you to make oak stuff in the workshop)
  816.         Smith the rest of your iron dart tips, leave 20 bars for quests
  818. Go to Shilo village
  819. Mine and cut 5 opals/jade/red topaz, doesn't matter which gems as long as you get 5
  820.     Don't mine any more than that since it's slow without a charged glory
  822. Talk to Murcaily to start Tai bwo wannai cleanup minigame and repair 1 part of the fence to be able to cut teaks
  823. Sell the gems to Gabooty in tai bwo wannai for trading sticks
  824. Cut teaks in the grove until 60 woodcutting
  826. Finish Enlightened journey if you didn't already
  827.     Unlock whichever balloon routes you might want to use, I use castle wars -> taverly for tree runs
  830. Finish 99 fishing
  831.     Do farm runs while you fish, at least tree runs if you have seeds from kingdom and the harralander seeds from master farmer.
  832.     If you need a break then feel free to do the construction and hunter parts that are next in the guide.
  833.     Buy the cape, unlimited teles close to a bank
  836. Buy 6 compost packs and get 45% hosidius favor
  837. Finish 100% favor at the mess hall, lock favour by talking to Hosa in the center of Kourend (Need to talk to him twice to lock AFAIK)
  838.     This is also where you can get 80 cooking at any point you want to, it's up to 210k xp/h with pizzas
  839.     Put your house to kourend for herb runs
  841. Go to the woodcutting guild
  842. Cut and make 1700 oak planks
  843. Get 50 construction
  844.     lvl 15, repair bench in the workshop
  845.     lvl 16, crafting table 1 in the workshop
  846.     lvl 22, oak dining table in the dining room
  847.     lvl 33, oak larder in the kitchen
  848. Build oak altar
  851. Get 83 hunter
  852.     29-43 swamp lizards
  853.     43-59 falconry (feel free to do orange sallies if you don't like this, falconry is faster)
  854.     59-67 red salamanders
  855.     67-80 black salamanders
  856.         HCIM; stay at red sallies until 80
  857.     80-83 red chinchompas, surround 1 red chin with your traps and just range it if it wanders off
  858.         If you want to rush a fire cape before any more slayer then stay here until you have around 4500 red chins for 70 range, or
  859.         you could start doing chins at 77 hunter if you want to stop at 83.
  862. Puro-puro
  863. Bring snare and alch runes
  864. Get Magic butterfly net and Jar generator
  865. Find an eclectic impling spawn, do medium clues until you get any kind of yew bow for temple of ikov
  867. Go south east corner, catch nature/magpie/ninja/dragon impling, hop and do the same in another world
  868.     Hold 3 worlds and catch the rare implings as they spawn
  869.     You can add a 4th world when you get better at it
  870. Do this until 12 magic logs from the nature implings
  871.     Don't bother getting a glory from dragons, you'll be doing 80 craft soon anyway. The 83 hunter is mainly for those random D imps.
  872.     If you do happen to get lucky then mount a glory in your house, don't bother using charged glories if you only have 2.
  875. Do Temple of Ikov quest
  876.     Start fletching iron darts while you run around doing quests
  877. Do the Regicide quest
  878.     Pick up a few whiteberries just north of the elf tracker
  880. If you have enough sand and soda ash, make molten glass until 46 crafting and then blow them into orbs for 49 craft
  881.     If you don't have enough then go buy them now at Catherby (most likely more in stock than khazard)
  882. Do Hand in the sand quest, get daily sand every day
  884. Do these quests while fletching darts:
  885.     Big chompy bird hunt
  886.     Rag and bone man (first part)
  887.     Family crest
  888.     Start Legend's quest (for RFD. You can finish this whenever you want, I probably won't give it a special mention later)
  889.     Death plateau
  890.     Troll Stronghold
  893. I'll assume you have fletched everything now and have 53 fletching
  894.     It depends how many days have passed since you unlocked kingdom, but I'd guess you have around 8k maples now
  895. Fletch maple shortbows (u) until 55 fletching
  896. Fletch all of your maple logs into maple longbows (u)
  897.     If you want to be as efficient as possible, buy craft supplies and fletch to regen run energy
  899. Buy same amount of nats (from mage bank, get cosmics too) as maple longs(u) and alch them while doing agility
  900.     HCIM; don't buy too many at once if you're buying from Ali since you can go buy them from mage guild for cheaper at 63 mage.
  901. Do agility until full graceful, switch to Rellekka at 80 agility
  902.     Loot kingdom and fletch more longbows to alch if you run out. Finish graceful even if you don't have enough alchs.
  904. Guessing you have 81 agility and around 70 mage now, the goal is 77 for superglass make.
  905. Keep alching maple (u)'s while you do farm runs and quests
  907. Do all of the RFD subquests, except the awowogei part
  908. Buy a bunch of chocolate dust from the chest and make energy pots
  909. Do Monkey madness, focus reward on attack and defense
  910. Awowogei sub quest (70 cooking at the Hosidius mess hall if you forgot where to get it)
  913. Get crafting supplies for 61 crafting
  914.     From 49 you need 2920 buckets of sand and soda ash (58.4k from making molten glass and 153.3k from blowing orbs)
  915.     You can save the seaweed for later and just buy the supplies until 2.9k buckets and ash, or you can cook the seaweed and fill sand
  916.     manually. If you fill sand, put your house to yanille and bank with fishing cape. Set house tele to outside.
  917. Get 61 craft
  918.     If you bought your nats at mage bank and got some cosmics, you can charge fire orbs for later while you craft orbs. House to
  919.     Taverly and bank with dueling rings or fish cape. Rune pouch is extremely helpful for this.
  925. 1.5 Diaries and finishing RFD
  930. Buy 2.2k gold ore from Blast furnace shop and get 60 smithing
  931.     You need to pay the foreman 10k every now and then when below 60
  932. Make a mithril grapple
  934. Do Watchtower quest
  935. Do Ardy medium diaries, start getting daily ess.
  936.     100 might not seem like much but it adds up, always buy sapphires and emeralds and thieve stall while you go get it daily.
  939. Do these quests for QP and diaries:
  940. Icthlarin's little helper
  941. Eagles' peak
  942. Enakhra's lament
  943. Rat catchers
  944. Olaf's quest
  945. Between a rock
  946. Tai bwo wannai trio
  947. Rum deal & Cabin fever (Req 42 slayer, if you got a wild pie from eclectics then do this, if not then leave morytania medium for later)
  948. A soul's bane
  949. One small favour
  951. Do all easy and medium diaries
  952.     Wildy requires 50slayer, leave that for when you go back to slayer.
  953.     Buy cosmics from mage bank for now to charge orbs for daily staffs
  954.         4k cosmics is enough to last until you can get 59 rc
  957. Do Eadgar's ruse
  958. Do My arm's big adventure
  959. Do Desert Treasure
  961. Finish RFD, buy B gloves
  962.     Here's a video of me killing the bosses with low stats if you've never done it before, not too difficult:
  963.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07I5GnMcVTc
  969. 2. Goals after Barrows gloves
  972. Buy a dragon battleaxe and dragon scimitar
  973. Thieve master farmers every time you're out of seeds, helps so much later on to unlock staminas faster
  975. Get 60 mining and do Lunar's diplomacy
  976. Do Magic training arena for bones to peaches (diary req) and infinity boots. Should get you 77 magic if you've been alching maples
  977. Get 80 crafting
  978.     Go to any charter boat, buy 10 sand and 10 seaweed, use superglass make, craft them into lantern lenses and sell them back.
  979.     Iron DVS shows this on video, https://youtu.be/-Y-AJkcoEEg?t=209
  980.     As for orbs to make battlestaffs, just get daily sand, buy seaweed/soda ash and that should cover it
  981. Make at least 2 glories, put one in your house. Make a ring of wealth to use during slayer
  982.     HCIM might wanna use ring of life, although wealth makes shield left half a lot more common.
  984. Do Pest control for full range void in the intermediate boat, train at least 55 range with a bone crossbow at PC
  985. Use your chins at monkey madness 1 tunnels on the skeletons
  986.     Some people like to wait until MM2, but I don't think that's worth since your DBA spec boosts str more when your other combat stats
  987.     are higher. Get the holy wrench before you chin
  989. Get a fire cape as soon as you think you can do it
  990.     At 70 range you use 8 charges of crystal bow without range pots, flicking eagle eye
  991. Get a fighter torso from BA
  992. Get a dragon defender
  993.     Finish 60 attack first if you didn't get from 40 slayer, then straight to 60 defense
  995. Read the rest of the guide so you'll know what's coming
  998. Start slaying. Plenty of garbage tasks early on, but just gotta deal with them.
  1000. Train 70 attack -> 70 defence -> 80 strength -> 75 attack -> 99 strength -> 90 attack and then controlled for the rest of your life. Don't train defence with a whip since you'll get a lot of xp with defensive cast when maging.
  1001. Pray flick everything, except maybe aberrant spectres
  1004. Prioritize slayer points on;
  1005. Blocks* > Superior slayer > Slayer ring unlock > Blocks* > Herb sack/Slayer helm > Broads/Garg finisher > Extensions
  1006.     *Read the block list
  1009. Use Nieve until 87 Slayer
  1010. Nieve Block/Skip list
  1012. Block:
  1013. Suqah           (Block these asap, you don't want to do these ever, skip if you can't block)
  1014. Black demon     (Same as above, not a good task on ironman no matter what anyone might tell you, skip if no points to block)
  1015. Kalphite        (Block after superiors and rings, you can kill the low lvls for fast points)
  1016. Hellhound       (Block after superiors and rings, do them if you don't have 100pts, not worth skipping)
  1017. Fire giant      (If you like these then block spiritual creatures instead, need 250QP for 5th block)
  1019. You shouldn't be using Nieve anymore when you've done lumby elite for the 6th block
  1020.     However if you want to stick with Nieve then block trolls(or spiritual creature if you didn't block fire giant)
  1022. Skip:
  1023. Cave Kraken
  1024. Trolls (do these until you've got a few hundred points to work with)
  1025. Cave horror (until blowpipe, I personally do them even with melee but most people seem to not like them)
  1026. Iron dragon
  1027. Steel dragon
  1028. Scabarites
  1029. Brine rats
  1030. Turoth (Do these until you get a whip, the leaf sword isn't THAT bad compared to dscim, worth losing a few max hits for the herbs)
  1031. Mutated zygomites (you can do these for points if you want, i cba)
  1032. Waterfiends
  1034. Tasks you should do:
  1035. Abyssal demon   (preference whether you mage or melee them, after morytania elite I'd recommend melee at slay tower)
  1036. Bloodveld*      (Melee in catacombs, really nice xp/h for a melee task)
  1037. Dagannoth       (Catacombs. After Zulrah you can do them at lighthouse like this: https://youtu.be/IIHCAZ7v4Lw?t=201 )
  1038. Greater demons  (Melee at catacombs for shards and heads)
  1039. Fire giant      (Catacombs. Before you get a 5th block, not that great but not the worst task)
  1040. Nechryael*      (Best task on ironman right now IMO, melee with arclight in nieve's cave and tower after morytania elite)
  1041.         The only reason you'd mage nechs is to rush 99 magic, other than that the slay xp/h doesn't even get close to being worth doing
  1042.         and losing so much herblore xp from normal nechs.
  1043. Smoke devil     (Shouldn't be using Nieve still but I'll list this anyway, barrage them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn98NVrna0U )
  1044. Spectres*       (Melee at tower after you get slay rings, faster to get to than Nieves cave. Kill with BP after Zulrah)
  1045. Black dragon    (kill babies for points, bank bones)
  1046. Dust devil*     (Burst/barrage in catacombs)
  1047. Gargoyle*       (Melee in nieve's cave. Tower is most likely crowded so might be worth doing at nieve's even after morytania elite)
  1048. Ankou           (Skip these if you want to. Melee in catacombs, can burst these but idk if it's even worth. Fast task anyway)
  1049. Dark beast      (Fast points)
  1050. Wyvern**        (Can 1 trip, chance of visage and some decent supplies)
  1051. Blue dragons    (Melee. For overall efficiency blue drags on task are better than green drags off task)
  1052. Elves           (Melee at elf camp, run from Lletya. Honestly you can skip these if you don't like them, decent seeds/heads tho)
  1053. Kurask          (Good supplies. Think they're worth doing even if they're a bit lower xp/h since you're using leaf sword)
  1055. *Extended
  1056. ** If you want you can extend wyverns, but do it only after 90+ attack and str
  1060. If you want, get mages' book now. I doubt it saves more time that actually getting it but if you plan on doing any post max stuff with it, then it's better to get it early rather than later. You do get a decent chunk of mage xp so you'll be able to farm with lunars earlier if you do get it.
  1062. Get 58 slayer and camp for a black mask, do clues for black dhide
  1063. Do Slayer until level 70
  1065. If you're fletching maples for some afk time, stop making longbows at around 75 fletching and make arrow shafts instead
  1066.     Need around 1.1m arrow shafts(18.3k maple logs) to finish 99fletching
  1067.     The whole process of making headless arrows is roughly 180k xp/h even if you just bankstand, so a lot better than maple longs
  1069. Regular ironman:
  1070. Get 67 construction (or higher if you don't want to +5) with this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFH6-oJrJ0o
  1071. Make a gilded altar
  1072. Kill green dragons for 70 prayer, ~2k bones including the ensouled heads you've got so far from slayer
  1073.     Use loot bag and bank hides also, make dhide bodies
  1074. Unlock piety
  1076. HCIM:
  1077. Get 67 construction (or higher if you don't want to +5) with this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFH6-oJrJ0o
  1078. Use the ensouled heads and dragon bones from blue dragons to get 60 prayer
  1079. Unlock chivalry
  1080. You'll get piety from slaying at around 82 slayer, not worth risking green drags IMO
  1083. Get a quest cape
  1084. Go back to slayer
  1085. Do hard diaries as soon as you can do them, should have all of them done at 80 slayer
  1086.     Ardy hard RC req might take until around 85 slayer
  1087.     Get 59 rc at either ZMI or lavas and from there just get 65 with cosmics
  1088.         Lavas are slightly more efficient at lower levels, and even at higher if you're good at lava rcing
  1090. Get 85 slayer
  1091. Abby demons are the most common task from Nieve, I'd recommend getting a whip on task but that's up to you. Use arclight
  1092. Get 73 herblore and make at least 1 inv of staminas with botanical pie
  1093. Make a pool of revitalisation in your house, good for herb runs so you don't need any energy pots
  1095. Get 87 slayer
  1096. Switch your kingdom to teaks or mahogany instead of maples if you have enough logs for the 1.1m arrow shafts, which I mentioned earlier
  1097.     Teaks are a bit slower construction xp/h but cheaper, completely your preference on which one you want
  1103. 3. Zulrah, slayer and diary cape
  1106. Switch to Duradel, use karamja gloves 3 or npc contact for new task
  1108. Duradel Block/Skip list
  1110. Block:
  1111. Suqah          
  1112. Black demon    
  1113. Kalphite       
  1114. Hellhound      
  1115. Cave kraken     (Keep fire giants blocked until you get a trident and tentacle)
  1116. Greater demon   (6th block after lumby elite)  
  1119. Skip:
  1120. Spiritual creatures
  1121. Fire giant
  1122. Steel dragon
  1123. Trolls
  1124. Ankou
  1125. Iron dragon
  1126. Scabarites
  1127. Brine rats
  1128. Turoth
  1129. Mutated zygomites
  1130. Waterfiends
  1131. Kurask          (xp/h starting to fall off way too hard compared to the other tasks)
  1133. Tasks you should do:
  1134. Abyssal demon
  1135. Dark beast      (Fast points)
  1136. Tzhaar          (Jad, unlock the task when you get a blowpipe)  
  1137. Black dragon
  1138. Dagannoth       ( Serp helm and BP, https://youtu.be/IIHCAZ7v4Lw?t=201 )
  1139. Greater demons  (Do until 6th block)
  1140. Nechryael*
  1141. Smoke devil     ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn98NVrna0U )        
  1142. Bloodveld*
  1143. Gargoyle*
  1144. Spectres*       (Kill with BP) 
  1145. Wyvern**           
  1146. Dust devil*     (Burst/barrage in catacombs)   
  1147. Blue dragons    (Melee. For overall efficiency blue drags on task are better than green drags off task)
  1148. Cave horror     (Do with blowpipe, worth it for heads and seeds. That said, you profit a lot of slay pts so you can skip if want to)
  1149. Elves           (Melee at elf camp, run from Lletya. Honestly you can skip these if you don't like them, decent seeds/heads tho)
  1151. *Extended
  1152. ** If you want you can extend wyverns, but do it only after 90+ attack and str
  1156. Continue with slayer until you get a trident, kill the small ones
  1158. After trident:
  1159.     Get 85 crafting and make a fury, 29k chaos runes for the tokkul, don't forget karamja gloves for cheaper onyx
  1160.     Get 99 hunter at the private red chin area
  1161.     Chin 99 range at MM2 tunnels
  1164. Kill Zulrah until you get a blowpipe (HCIM might want to wait until 93 slayer for the revive)
  1165.     Use mystic and void range
  1166.     Recommend using cure-me spell rather than antipoisons, doubt you can get antivenoms yet.
  1167.         If you get a serp helm, you can switch to using it with black dhide
  1170. Do barrows until full set for morytania elite
  1171. Firemake all of the magic logs from zulrah
  1172.     If you didn't get quite enough for 80 then just boost it
  1173. Do morytania elite diary
  1175. Get 77 herblore
  1176. Do some agility for marks of grace
  1177. Make staminas
  1180. Get at least 83 smithing for lumby elite
  1181. Get at least 71 RC, should have it banked unless you got really lucky on blowpipe
  1182. Do Lumby elite diary
  1186. Back to Slayer
  1188. Unlock Jad tasks
  1189. All of this PVM stuff can be skipped if you don't feel like getting those items. If you just want to rush max total then I wouldn't get these items, they're more for post 99 stuff and to look fancy.
  1191.     Unblock black demon and get at least 3 zenytes to make anguish, tormented bracelet and ring of suffering
  1193. Before you block greater demons, I recommend getting a hasta from Zammy GWD for
  1194.     KQ (KQ head for desert diary)
  1195.     Cerb (primordials and eternals) Unblock hellhound after hasta if you want to do Cerb
  1196.     Vetion (D pick, could do other bosses, but I think this is the fastest unless you got veracs)
  1198. Do DKS on task for B ring, archers ring, seers ring, mud battlestaff and D axe
  1199.     If you're close to banking 77 rc for fremennik elite diary, then you may want to get that before DKS
  1201. Do slayer until 93
  1202.     Remember to keep farming at least fruit trees, should have a decent amount of seeds from zulrah
  1203.     You can save your magic seeds to plant them at fally after elite diary, but farming shouldn't be a problem even if some of them die
  1205. After 93 slayer and occult necklace
  1206.     Do barrows for full dharoks, kill 3-4k mole
  1207.         You can leave some of them for later if you don't want to kill that many at once
  1208.     Get 87 herblore for antivenoms
  1209.     Get 2k zulrah kc
  1210.     Do all elite diaries
  1211.         If you can't afford both fletching and smithing yet, then just do smithing and do desert diary later
  1214. Get 99 slayer
  1219. 4. Finishing max total
  1222. If you've been slacking on herb runs, now is really when you have to start doing as many of them as possible, or you'll have nothing to do while you farm herbs
  1224. At the time of writing this guide, I don't know exactly how much herblore xp you get from 99 slayer nowadays, but I'd guess you need to do a total of 3m thieving xp at master farmers for seeds
  1225.     Instead of master farmers you can do another 3-4k zulrah if you want to, which would be slightly more efficient. I went with 4k in
  1226.     this guide because not everyone has the patience to kill 8k zulrah, so these methods are more for the majority
  1228. Start collecting 4k poison ivy berries and 4k nightshades to make weapon poison++ with all of your coconuts
  1229.     For nightshade, put house in yanille, go out from west gates, go south and it's the first cave you see
  1230.     Pick up 14 and then do something else for at least 5 minutes
  1231.         Need skavid map and lightsource
  1232.     Poison ivy berries you can collect every herb run
  1234. Finish 4k zulrah kc
  1235.     Should be enough supplies for 99fm, farming and cooking
  1236.     You can decide yourself if you want to use addy bars to make darts or plates
  1237.     Use the rune bars at 98 smithing to make rune legs, buy like 100 dwarven stouts from burthorpe bar
  1240. Do these 99's in any order you want to
  1241.     Fletching
  1242.     Firemaking
  1243.     Farming
  1244.     Cooking
  1245.     Mining
  1246.     Smithing
  1247.     Prayer
  1248.     Runecrafting (Finish 99 with souls after you've used all of your ess)
  1249.         Do RC after crafting cape if you want to do lavas instead of ZMI
  1251. After those I would finish the rest in this order
  1252.     Crafting (spin flax from zulrah if you can afford to buy the runes)
  1253.     Herblore
  1254.     Agility
  1255.     Woodcutting (Bank enough teaks for 99 construct, use ape atoll tele on arceus spellbook and crafting cape)
  1256.     Construction
  1261. 5. Training methods for all skills
  1264. Range
  1265.     1-32        Quests
  1266.     32-55       Bone cbow during slayer and pest control
  1267.     55-99       Chins
  1268.     99-200m     BP slayer, zulrah, finish with chins if need to
  1270. Prayer
  1271.     1-36        Quests
  1272.     36-43       Blue drags
  1273.     43-60       Ensouled heads and blue dragon tasks
  1274.     60-200m     Green drags, ensouled heads, zulrah
  1276. Magic
  1277.     1-43        Fire strike and quests
  1278.     43-55       Superheat
  1279.     55-200m     Alchs, charging orbs, burst/barrage slayer, zulrah
  1281. RC
  1282.     1-50        Quests and tears of guthix
  1283.     50-200m     Cosmics for daily bstaffs, ZMI/Lavas, finish with souls
  1285. Construct
  1286.     1-15        Quests, regular planks
  1287.     15-67       Oak planks
  1288.     67-200m     Teak benches (superior garden)
  1290. Agility
  1291.     1-34        Quests
  1292.     34-74       Fishing
  1293.     74-200m     Rooftops (or brimhaven if you don't need marks)
  1295. Herblore
  1296.     Can't really put specific levels for this
  1297.     1-45ish     Quests, diaries, energy pots
  1298.     45-65       Diaries, random pots
  1299.     65-200m     Just use every herb you get
  1301. Thieving
  1302.     1-6         Men
  1303.     6-25        Cake and silk
  1304.     25-45       Fruit stall, quests
  1305.     45-99       Blackjacking
  1306.     99-200m     Mostly blackjack, some master farmers
  1308. Crafting
  1309.     1-46        Mostly quests, molten glass
  1310.     46-61       Molten glass at furnace, blow into orbs
  1311.     61-200m     Make orbs with daily sand, make daily bstaffs. Spin flax lunar spell. Finish with superglassmake at charters
  1313. Fletching
  1314.     1-10        Bronze arrows
  1315.     10-22       Temple of ikov
  1316.     22-53       Iron darts
  1317.     53-55       Maple short (u)
  1318.     55-75       Maple long (u)
  1319.     75-200m     Broad arrows, some darts to use with BP
  1321. Slayer
  1322.     Kill things, I wrote how to do every task in the Nieve/Duradel lists
  1324. Hunter
  1325.     9-29        Piscatoris hunter area
  1326.     29-43       Swamp lizards
  1327.     43-59       Falconry
  1328.     59-67       Red salamanders
  1329.     67-80       Black salamanders
  1330.     80-200m     Red/black chins, preference
  1332. Mining
  1333.     1-35        Quests
  1334.     35-75       Iron, get prospector somewhere around 70
  1335.     75-200m     Quarry
  1337. Smithing
  1338.     1-36        Quests
  1339.     36-54       Superheat iron and make them into dart tips
  1340.     54-200m     Smelt gold at blast furnace, some random stuff like addy bars from zulrah
  1342. Fishing
  1343.     1-27        Quests
  1344.     27-58       Trout/salmon
  1345.     58-200m     Barb fishing
  1347. Cooking
  1348.     1-15        Quests
  1349.     15-60       Trout/salmon
  1350.     60-80       Knife method barb fishing or Mess hall
  1351.     80-200m     Sharks and wines from zulrah
  1353. Firemaking
  1354.     1-15        Logs on top of Lumby castle
  1355.     15-39       Oaks
  1356.     39-50       Teaks
  1357.     50-75       Wintertodt
  1358.     75-200m     Magic logs
  1360. Woodcutting
  1361.     1-15        Monks friend, few normal logs
  1362.     15-35       Oaks
  1363.     35-60       Teaks (and some from wintertodt)
  1364.     60-68       Oaks for 67 construction
  1365.     68-200m     Teaks, bank enough for construction and drop the rest
  1367. Farming
  1368.     1-33        Quests
  1369.     33-200m     Herbs and trees, mostly from slayer and zulrah
  1374. 6. Helpful videos
  1377. Playlist with videos that might be worth watching
  1378. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_dFbUzGSs7uEmrwxLDspMS0GwBwBr8my
  1380. They're not in any particular order
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