CTGP-7 Launcher Error Codes.

Nov 25th, 2018
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  1. Here is the error list the CTGP-7 Launcher can throw when installing files or performing an update. If you can't find your error, or have no idea how to solve it, please ask for help in the following discord server: (
  3. How to parse XXXXXXXX errors: You can join the following discord server: ( and use the ".err" command in the #bot-cmds channel to parse your error: ".err XXXXXXXX"
  5. Error codes when installing files:
  7. - 00000000 00000000: (Never displayed) Success.
  8. - XXXXXXXX 00000001: FS error, couldn't check free SD space.
  9. - YYYYYYYY 00000002: (Never displayed) Not enough space, YYYYYYYY MB free are needed in the SD.
  10. - XXXXXXXX 00000003: FS error, couldn't create folder "SD:/CTGP-7tmp".
  11. - XXXXXXXX 00000003: FS error, couldn't create folder "SD:/CTGP-7tmp".
  12. - XXXXXXXX 00000004: FS error, couldn't rename folder "SD:/CTGP-7tmp/files/CTGP-7" to "SD:/CTGP-7".
  13. - XXXXXXXX 00000005: AM error, error starting cia installation.
  14. - XXXXXXXX 00000006: AM error, error during cia installation.
  15. - XXXXXXXX 00000007: AM error, error finishing cia installation.
  16. - 00000000 00000008: Missing file "SD:/CTGP-7/cia/CTGP-7.cia".
  17. - 00000000 00000009: Failed to create file "SD:/3ds/CTGP-7/CTGP-7.3dsx".
  18. - 00000000 0000000A: Failed to copy "SD:/CTGP-7/cia/CTGP-7.3dsx" to "SD:/3ds/CTGP-7/CTGP-7.3dsx".
  19. - 00000000 0000000B: Missing file "SD:/CTGP-7/cia/CTGP-7.3dsx".
  20. - 00000000 0000000C: Missing file "SD:/CTGP-7tmp/installerver.bin".
  21. - 00000000 0000000D: (Never displayed) Installer and zip version mismatch, make sure you have downloaded latest versions of both the installer and the zip.
  22. - 00000000 0000000E: (Never displayed) zip file is corrupted or invalid (make sure you didn't repack files manually).
  23. - 00000000 0000000F: (Never displayed) Failed to backup the CTGP-7 save, please manually remove "SD:/CTGP-7savebak".
  25. Error codes when performing an update:
  26. You should ask for help if you get errors other than 3 and 5. For those you can check the CURL error code by converting it first from hexadecimal to decimal here ( and then checking the error here ( Most of the time this errors are caused by a bad or slow internet connection.
  28. - 00000000: (Never displayed) Success.
  29. - 00000001: Internal error, current CTGP-7 version is not in the changelog list.
  30. - 00000002: 3DS not connected to the internet.
  31. - 0000ZZ03: CURL returned ZZ when trying to download update file list.
  32. - 00000004: Internal error, not enough memory.
  33. - 0000ZZ05: CURL returned ZZ when trying to download a file.
  34. - 00000006: Failed to create file "SD:/3ds/CTGP-7/CTGP-7.3dsx".
  35. - 00000007: Failed to copy "SD:/CTGP-7/cia/tooInstall.3dsx" to "SD:/CTGP-7/cia/CTGP-7.3dsx".
  36. - XXXXXXXX: (The first X is not a 0) AM error, couldn't install new version of the CTGP-7 launcher cia.
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