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  2. [2015-05-07 15:06:04] <Mishie|Johnny> As Johnny starts to pour himself another shot, his phone starts to ring, as such he puts his glass down on the remains of the bar and upon seeing that it's Fox, (or Kitsune or whatever his/her/???'s name is now), decides that he should totally finish that drink, and also that bottle before answering.
  3. [2015-05-07 15:06:07] <Mishie|Johnny> "Helooooooo~"
  4. [2015-05-07 15:07:02] <Kitsune-chan> "I have a really bad idea, I need your advice about"
  5. [2015-05-07 15:08:43] * Mishie|Johnny looks down at the empty bottle of scotch in his hand, then around the remains of his favourite bar at the other bottles he's uh... rescued
  6. [2015-05-07 15:08:50] <Mishie|Johnny> "Now is a perfect time for advice~"
  7. [2015-05-07 15:10:02] <Kitsune-chan> "Remember that thing you ran off and ignored?"
  8. [2015-05-07 15:10:34] <Mishie|Johnny> "..."
  9. [2015-05-07 15:10:42] <Mishie|Johnny> "Narrow it down a bit for me"
  10. [2015-05-07 15:12:00] <Kitsune-chan> "The Excrucian"
  11. [2015-05-07 15:12:35] <Mishie|Johnny> "Ohyeaaaaah, that guy..."
  12. [2015-05-07 15:13:05] <Mishie|Johnny> "Whatever happened to him"
  13. [2015-05-07 15:16:57] -->| Casshan (~chatzilla@ has joined #QQNobilisIC
  14. [2015-05-07 15:17:27] <Kitsune-chan> "I stole his identity, litterally"
  15. [2015-05-07 15:18:36] <Mishie|Johnny> Johnny starts nod along, "Sounds fun, any side effects that I should care about?"
  16. [2015-05-07 15:19:17] <Kitsune-chan> "The whole ending up rebuilding my history and personhood"
  17. [2015-05-07 15:21:56] <Mishie|Johnny> "Bitchin"
  18. [2015-05-07 15:27:00] <Kitsune-chan> "So I'm thinking about trying to regrow her a place in existence and you know bend her towards existing and stuff.. "
  19. [2015-05-07 15:27:21] <Mishie|Johnny> "The Excrucian"
  20. [2015-05-07 15:27:59] <Kitsune-chan> "Yes"
  21. [2015-05-07 15:28:14] <Mishie|Johnny> "Which you want to bring back"
  22. [2015-05-07 15:29:14] <Kitsune-chan> "I am considering"
  23. [2015-05-07 15:29:37] <Kitsune-chan> "I mean she'll probably respawn on her own. I mean dying is a creation thing"
  24. [2015-05-07 15:30:31] <Mishie|Johnny> "Except he didn't really die, you kinda just... ate him I guess"
  25. [2015-05-07 15:30:49] <Mishie|Johnny> "Because yeah, I remember the Excrucian being an old dude before"
  26. [2015-05-07 15:33:59] <Kitsune-chan> "Obviously I'm not going to let her be that old guy"
  27. [2015-05-07 15:34:15] <Mishie|Johnny> "Is this Ai"
  28. [2015-05-07 15:34:39] <Mishie|Johnny> "Because the phone said I'm talking to uh... Kitsune, or whatever your name is now"
  29. [2015-05-07 15:36:51] <Kitsune-chan> "I can make women over 18, as you saw"
  30. [2015-05-07 15:37:21] =-= theweepingman is now known as Ai_Nitami
  31. [2015-05-07 15:37:27] <Mishie|Johnny> "Yeah, but that's usually Ai's default thing"
  32. [2015-05-07 15:38:04] <Mishie|Johnny> "But yeah, I'm guessing you want me to make your plan actually y'know, possible"
  33. [2015-05-07 15:38:08] =-= Ai_Nitami is now known as theweepingman
  34. [2015-05-07 15:39:09] <Kitsune-chan> "no I can do it on myown I'm asking your advice"
  35. [2015-05-07 15:39:53] <Mishie|Johnny> "Mhmmmmmm"
  36. [2015-05-07 15:45:23] <Kitsune-chan> "so should I try to incorporate her into creation or not?"
  37. [2015-05-07 15:45:29] <Mishie|Johnny> "Eh"
  38. [2015-05-07 15:45:46] <Mishie|Johnny> "Is it going to go back to doing it's Excruciany shit again?"
  39. [2015-05-07 15:46:19] <Mishie|Johnny> "Like, if you plan to take care of it and make sure that it doesn't cause any problems for the rest of us, I don't see why not really"
  40. [2015-05-07 15:46:56] <Kitsune-chan> "That's what will happen if I fail. Which feels more likely. But I'm not sure if its ok to just let a person not be. And I'm not sure if he can't just log on another character unless I mess with his account"
  41. [2015-05-07 15:49:21] * Mishie|Johnny shrugs and uses his shoulder to keep his phone next to his head as starts to rummage through the ruins of the bar to find another bottle "Well here's the thing right, in answer to the moral question, it's an Excrucian, so that's reason enough to not have them in reality"
  42. [2015-05-07 15:49:35] <Mishie|Johnny> "Since y'know, fuck those guys."
  43. [2015-05-07 15:50:00] <Mishie|Johnny> "Buuuuuut, if it's something that you actually do care about, the other reason is the one you should tell people"
  44. [2015-05-07 15:50:38] <Mishie|Johnny> "Just spin it off as some grand plan to help fight against them, either by permanently removing one of them from the fight, or even just as a way to safely gather more information"
  45. [2015-05-07 15:52:05] <Mishie|Johnny> Upon locating what appears to be a very nice bottle of whiskey, Johnny decides that no, he isn't too classy to drink from the bottle, and begins to do so in between talking to Kitsune
  46. [2015-05-07 15:52:30] <Mishie|Johnny> "But well, if you're worried about shit going bad, just give me a call or whatever when you're doing it kay?"
  47. [2015-05-07 15:52:57] <Mishie|Johnny> "This kind of stupid shit is kiiiiinda my thing, and if you're going to do it anyway, might as well make sure that it actually works"
  48. [2015-05-07 15:53:24] <Kitsune-chan> "I don't imagine the making her someone not workiing just the whole not a threat to creation part"
  49. [2015-05-07 15:53:59] <Mishie|Johnny> "Yeah, and I can try to help with that"
  50. [2015-05-07 15:54:17] <Mishie|Johnny> "Just gotta lay down the rules and make sure that they can't be broken"
  51. [2015-05-07 15:56:10] <Kitsune-chan> "ALright then"
  52. [2015-05-07 16:01:19] <Kitsune-chan> "is there anything you need?"
  53. [2015-05-07 16:04:13] <Mishie|Johnny> "Weeeeell"
  54. [2015-05-07 16:04:37] <Mishie|Johnny> "I can think of a few things that you could help me out with~"
  55. [2015-05-07 16:07:00] <Kitsune-chan> "Such as?"
  56. [2015-05-07 16:07:56] <Mishie|Johnny> "So yeah, not sure if you noticed, but I have a new pet"
  57. [2015-05-07 16:08:26] <Mishie|Johnny> "Long story short, picked it up in my travels outside of reality, it's a totally Adorable Super Mega Awesome Sandworm"
  58. [2015-05-07 16:08:46] * Mishie|Johnny makes sure to stress the capitals so that Kitsune-chan understands how amazing the sandworm is
  59. [2015-05-07 16:09:53] <Kitsune-chan> "So you don't want it to die if it gets wet"
  60. [2015-05-07 16:10:29] <Mishie|Johnny> "Pfft, it'll take waaaaay more than that to take her out"
  61. [2015-05-07 16:10:53] <Mishie|Johnny> "But see, I'm not sure if you noticed but there's a few minor issues with having something that amazing around"
  62. [2015-05-07 16:11:22] <Mishie|Johnny> "I'm not sure if you noticed, but there's a gigantic crater where most of the Chancel used to be, and some would blame that on my sandworm"
  63. [2015-05-07 16:11:46] <Mishie|Johnny> "Mainly because most of the damage was caused by said sandworm and it's clone fighting, but that's not important"
  64. [2015-05-07 16:14:11] <Kitsune-chan> "I am pretty sure it was the folding"
  65. [2015-05-07 16:14:33] <Mishie|Johnny> "Yeah that too, that didn't help much"
  66. [2015-05-07 16:14:44] <Mishie|Johnny> "But either way, sandworm fight didn't really help much"
  67. [2015-05-07 16:15:10] <Mishie|Johnny> "As such, and also for other reason, I've decided that Glorious Sandworm needs an alternate form, one that's more... city friendly"
  68. [2015-05-07 16:15:21] <Mishie|Johnny> "In that y'know, it can actually fit inside a city"
  69. [2015-05-07 16:16:15] |<-- Casshan has left freenode (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  70. [2015-05-07 16:17:55] -->| Casshan (~chatzilla@ has joined #QQNobilisIC
  71. [2015-05-07 16:18:38] <Kitsune-chan> "You've already tamed it, right?"
  72. [2015-05-07 16:20:57] <Mishie|Johnny> "Obviously"
  73. [2015-05-07 16:30:16] <Kitsune-chan> "ok I have something for that"
  74. [2015-05-07 16:32:26] <Mishie|Johnny> "Oh reaaaaally?"
  75. [2015-05-07 16:36:23] <Kitsune-chan> "Yeah is that it?"
  76. [2015-05-07 16:37:33] <Mishie|Johnny> "Yeah, that's basically it really, seems fair to trade a favor for a favor, keeps shit nice and simple"
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