Ponies for Pet Services

Jun 8th, 2021
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  1. >an alarm wakes me up
  2. >I sit up in my bunk and read the reminder on the screen
  3. > [Breakfast with Elsa Casey at 8, please be prepared]
  4. >I climb out of my bunk and head over to the dormitory bathroom
  5. >The dormitory is largely empty, only ten other ponies slept here last night
  6. >One of them had been adopted and was picked up first thing this morning
  7. >I step into the bath room and head directly into a shower stall
  8. >I adjust the temperature and start to wash my self
  9. >I have been a Pony for less than A week, but I already had most of it down
  10. >I had been a Brony for years
  11. >I was so excited when they announced that someone had come up with a procedure to turn people into pone
  12. >I was even more excited when I found out that I could BE paid to take the procedure
  13. >People wanted pet Ponies, and they were willing to pay people to become them
  14. >I signed up as soon as I could
  15. >now I was a blue Pegasus
  16. >Once I finish getting ready I will meet someone who wants to take me home and take care of me
  17. >I dry off and start to brush my mane
  18. >I check myself in the mirror
  19. >perfect
  20. >I brush my teeth and head to the cafeteria
  22. >I run into Mike, the adoption advisor
  23. >” good morning Blue Spark, I was just coming to check on you. Ms. Casey arrived early, are you ready to meet her?”
  24. >”Yes, I was heading that way”
  25. >”Good, I think you two will really hit it off.”
  26. >”I hope so” I smile “how do I look?”
  27. >”adorable, I’ll be a table over if you need me”
  28. >we walk into the cafeteria, Mike points me to a woman sitting by the window
  29. >she was in her mid-thirties, with shoulder length red hair
  30. >she wore a blue green shirt, blue jeans, and a warm smile
  31. >I sat down across from her
  32. >”Good morning Ms. Carey” I said extending a hoof
  34. >”good morning Lightning Spark, how are you doing today” she shakes my hoof
  35. >”I’m doing well, how about you?” I reach for a muffin
  36. >”I’m fine. If I may ask, what made you want to be a pony?” she inquires with a sip of her tea
  37. >”I’ve always wanted to be a pony, not much else to it” I shrug and take a bite of my muffin
  38. >”so how are you with children?” she askes
  39. >”I work well with children, I have taught high school math for a year. How many children do you have?”
  40. >”I have two of my own, and I also teach a class of twenty”
  41. >”What grade do you teach?”
  42. >”First grade at Benjamin Elementary”
  43. >”What can you tell me about your kids?”
  44. >”Oh, my oldest is Andrew, he’s twelve. It was his idea that I look into adopting a pony. Once Lucy, my seven-year-old, heard about it I didn’t have much of a choice”
  45. >I nod and chew my muffin
  46. >She pulls out her phone and shows me her back drop
  47. >”there’s my family”
  48. >It has her, Andrew and Lucy
  49. >Andrew has a bat, and Lucy is holding a base ball
  50. >”They look nice. So, what about your husband?”
  51. >”I left him shortly after Lucy was born, he wasn’t a good influence on them”
  52. >”I’m sorry to hear that, they seem like good kids”
  53. >she smiles at me ”I’m glad to hear that, I would like you to meet them”
  54. >”I’d be happy to” I grin at her
  55. >Mike walks over
  56. >”Ms. Casey, if you’d like I could arrange for blue to go home with you after Breakfast”
  57. >I smile ”I would be ok with that”
  58. >”I would like that, but there is something I would like you to know first Blue”
  59. >”what is it?”
  60. >”I’d like to make you my class pet. you would come home with me but I would like you spend the day in my class”
  61. >”that sounds great” I grin enthusiastically
  62. >”I’ll go get the papers” Mike says as he walks away
  64. >after Elsa fills out the release forms Mike shows us out
  65. >”All right, if you two decide that you like this arrangement, just be back here by six and we can finalize the adoption today. If not just get him back in time for the eight o’clock curfew.”
  66. >”understand, thank you Mike”
  67. >we head out to Elsa’s car
  68. >”so, does Andrew have any hobbies?”
  69. >”He plays video games and baseball with his friends, he’s also a Brony”
  70. >”and what about Lucy?”
  71. >”she likes to draw, she’s starting to get pretty good at it”
  72. >we continue making light conversation until we get to Elsa’s house
  73. >it’s a nice little home in the suburbs, going by the architecture It appears to have been built in the fifties
  74. >Elsa pulls the car into the garage
  75. >I fallow her in though a utility room
  76. >”Lucy! Andrew! I have someone I’d like you to meet!” she shouts
  77. >A young girl with red curly hair bursts out of the hall way
  78. >”You got a pony!”
  79. >She runs up and gives her mom a hug
  80. >”what’s his name?”
  81. >”this is Blue Spark, he wanted to meet you.”
  82. >”can I hug him?”
  83. >I answer before Elsa can repeat the question “yes”
  84. >”He can talk!” as she throws her arms around me
  85. >did she not know ponies can talk?
  86. >Andrew came in
  87. >”we’re actually getting a pony?” he hugs Elsa “thanks mom”
  88. >He turns to me ”so what’s your name?”
  89. >”I’m Blue Spark, pleasure to meet you”
  90. >I offer him my hoof
  91. >He shakes with me
  92. >”can I pet you” he asks
  93. >”sure” I incline my head slightly to give him a better angle
  94. >He runs his hand down the back of my head
  95. >”your so soft”
  96. >”Blue is super soft” Lucy agrees
  97. >after a moment Elsa speaks “why don’t you two show Blue around the house?”
  98. >Andrew nods “sure mom, follow me Blue”
  99. >He turns and heads into the dining room
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