A Dazzling Pack XII

Mar 12th, 2017
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  1. >It was late
  2. >The moon was at its apex and the Dazzling household was completely silent
  3. >Your girlfriends were all snuggled up with you on your bed
  4. >Adagio had her arms wrapped around your middle with her face buried into the back of your neck
  5. >Sonata was cuddling her, thankfully not hogging the entire blanket to herself
  6. >For now at least...
  7. >You were holding grump, nuzzling the top of her head while you listened to the sound of her breathing
  8. >Your girls were warm and soft; very much so
  9. >It made it very hard to stay awake in any circumstance
  10. >Usually, if you were in a cuddle pile like this, you'd be out like a light in five minutes unless the girls wanted to fuck before bed
  11. >And, nine times out of ten, you slept like a baby until your alarm started ringing
  12. >But, tonight, something had woken you up from your slumber
  13. >You needed to take a piss
  14. >While this usually wouldn't be a problem for a normal person, one had to be thoughtful about getting out of bed when they were in the middle of a cuddle pile
  15. >Your girls might not have been very light sleepers, but if they did wake up they'd be as grouchy as all hell
  16. >Or worse, they'd pull you back into the bed with that super strength of theirs and wouldn't let go, no matter how much you begged or pleaded
  17. >And that was how people pissed the bed
  18. >But you were somewhat of a veteran of getting out of bed without disturbing any of your girls
  19. >A small shift there loosened Adagio's grip on you, a little wiggle there allowed you to sit up without disturbing anyone
  20. >After that the rest was easy
  21. >Carefully crawling over the girls--making sure to give grump a kiss because she looked so fucking cute when she slept--you hopped off the bed and made your way toward the bathroom
  22. >Your bedroom, like always, was fucking FREEZING, so you went about your business as quickly as possible
  25. "Fucking thermometer... I swear to god I'm gonna tear the thing out of the wall... let's see them make it ten degrees in here then..."
  26. >After you drained the sea dragon, you made a quick trip to the thermometer to turn up the temperature
  27. >When it was high enough that you wouldn’t be shaking like a leaf if you had to get up again, you made your way back toward your bed
  28. >In the darkness you could see that Dagy had moved
  29. >Since she had no one to hold when you departed, poof had decided to turn her affections on Sonata, something which the cobalt girl seemed happy with, since she was hugging her right back
  30. >Aria had rolled onto her back, the blanket pulled down her body just enough so that you could see her breasts
  31. >Though you wanted nothing more than to crawl back under your covers, you stopped a moment to appreciate your girlfriends puppies
  32. >Large but not overly so…
  33. >Her skin was flawless...
  34. >Her areolas the size of quarters...
  35. >...
  36. >Nice...
  37. >With a nod, you crawled into your bed as quietly as you could
  38. >You were navigating over grump, staring at the empty space on the bed with longing, when you felt Aria shift
  39. >Her warm, slender hands reached up and brushed against your sides before making their way to the small of your back
  40. >One moment you were about to lay down and go back to sleep, the next you found yourself on your back with your naked girlfriend straddling you
  41. >...Alrighty then
  42. >"And where the fuck did you go?" grump asked
  43. "I was using the pisser, hon," you replied
  44. >With a sigh, Aria flopped herself down on top of you
  45. >One of her hands began playing with your hair while she affectionately nipped at your collarbone
  46. >You shivered, your hands sliding down to her hips and giving them a squeeze
  49. >Aria hummed, pressing more of her weight down onto you
  50. >She rubbed her tits against your chest, letting you feel her hard nips
  51. >"I was having a good dream until you went and woke me up," she said, letting her lovebites wander up to your neck
  52. "If I didn't get up you'd have had a lot more to worry about than waking up when you didn't want to," you said, offering more of your neck
  53. >Aria slowly slid up your body
  54. >She took her time, making sure that no part of your throat was left unkissed
  55. >You occupied yourself with squeezing her legs and butt, enjoying the feeling of her muscles tensing and relaxing at your touch
  56. >Sweet God Almighty did you love grump’s lower body
  57. >You loved all of her, but you especially loved everything below her belly button
  58. >Another shiver ran through you as she began nipping and kissing the space where your neck and jaw met
  59. >A hum escaped her as you spread her cheeks apart and slapped them together
  60. >Your exhaustion was a thing of the past
  61. >You were wide awake now
  62. >Wide awake and getting harder by the second
  63. >Aria, feeling Anon Jr. stirring, started to grind her hips against your lap
  64. >"Do you wanna know what I was dreaming about, Anon?" she asked, her bites and kisses becoming more aggressive the higher she went
  65. >You squirmed, your fingers digging into her flesh
  66. "What were you dreaming about, grump?"
  67. >You twitched as she bit you a little harder than you would have liked
  68. >Your cock throbbed, slapping against her cheeks
  69. >That one was going to leave a mark in the morning...
  70. >Aria grinned, her purple eyes peering down at you
  71. >"Do you really want to know?" she asked, before planting her lips on yours
  72. >Without hesitation, you returned the kiss
  73. >Like always, grump’s mouth tasted sweet
  74. >Her tongue was an aggressive little thing, trying to beat yours around so that she could have her way with your mouth
  75. >Of course you resisted, fighting with her until she broke the kiss with a gasp
  76. "What the hell's gotten into you?" you asked, giving her ass a squeeze. "Sonata's usually the playful one in the bedroom."
  77. >Your question earned you another bite, causing your hardening cock to throb
  78. >"Sonata can't get you screaming like I can," Aria replied with her usual confidence
  79. >That had you chuckling
  80. "We both know that Sonata can get you, me, and Dagy screaming anyway she wants."
  81. >Aria sat up fully in your lap, the blanket falling away to reveal her perfect, beautiful body
  82. >You bit your lip as you felt your cock slide in the crack of her ass
  86. >"Her ass isn't as big as mine though, is it?" grump purred, wiggling her hips in a way that had you curling your toes
  87. >Don't moan...
  88. >Don't moan...
  89. >If you moan it'll wake the other girls up...
  90. "N-not, it isn’t."
  91. >Aria's grin widened
  92. >She flexed her glutes, enveloping your length with warmth and flesh
  93. >You bit your lip, your hips jerking
  94. >Anon Jr. throbbed, coating Aria’s crack with your pre
  95. >Grump, feeling this, let out a triumph giggle
  96. >Leaning, down, she gave you another kiss
  97. >"I had a dream about you putting that big cock of yours inside of me until your nuts were empty," she whispered
  98. >...
  99. >Wew...
  100. >Lifting her hips, she reached down and grabbed your cock
  101. >Giving it a few loving strokes, she traced your cockhead against her pussy
  102. >You could feel the heat coming off of her mound, feel how slick she had become
  103. >It had you throbbing even harder, your hips rolling in your eagerness
  104. >"And look at I have here. You're all hard and I'm nice and wet. It's a dream come true, huh?"
  105. >Your hips bucked
  106. >Wew...
  107. >It looked like you weren't getting any more sleep tonight...
  108. >Grinning from ear to ear, grump covered your mouth with a hand as she lowered herself down onto you
  109. >No more foreplay was required
  110. >She was ready, and your dick was hard enough to beat a medium-sized midget to death with
  111. >Tightness, wetness, and warmth greeted your member as it slid inside of your girlfriend
  112. >You groaned into her hand, your eyes slipping closed
  113. >Right off the bat, this felt different from when the two of you usually fucked
  114. >She felt wetter, her walls had a texture that you had never felt before
  115. >It felt great, amazing
  116. >This didn’t feel like anything you had ever experienced with the other girls
  117. >It wasn't until she had taken you down to the hilt that you realized why
  118. >You weren't wearing a condom
  119. >You were fucking your girlfriend bareback
  120. >...
  121. >Oh shit...
  122. >Your eyes snapped open to see grump playing with a tit
  125. "Aria," you hissed, after pulled her hand away. "Let me grab a--"
  126. >Before you could finish your sentence, the hand was once again pressed against your mouth
  127. >"Shush, just enjoy the feeling," Aria said, giving your cheek a kiss. "Just let your Aria ride your cock until you cum."
  128. >Slowly, she raised herself up
  129. >Though you were still squirming, you couldn't help but groan again as her cunny squeezed your bare length
  130. >You had never gone bareback with any of the girls
  131. >Adagio had always insisted that you used condoms
  132. >Never in your life would you have expected that a thin layer of rubber made sex feel that different
  133. >Aria chuckled
  134. >"Doesn't it feel nice not to wear those silly condoms?" she asked, lifting herself up until just your tip was inside of her before lowering herself back down. "I know it feels good for me. I can feel every bump and vein on you now~"
  135. >Your hips bucked as her inner walls squeezed your length
  136. >It felt good
  137. >It felt so good, in fact, that you were having a hard time controlling yourself, even though, in the back of your mind, your more sensible self was screaming to get this crazy girl off of you
  138. >There was a reason that you always wore condoms when you fucked
  139. >You could get these girls pregnant
  140. >Even though you had a hard time believing it, sirens had little problem having children with most races
  141. >Pony, diamond dog, gryphon; it didn't matter
  142. >As long as it had a hole or pole to breed they could, and would, get pregnant from it
  143. >In fact, if what Adagio said was true, the sirens were so fertile that birth control didn't work on them
  144. >Even though you weren’t a pony or a diamond dog or anything else from Equestria, you had no desire to tempt fate, and neither did the other girls
  145. >Until now it seemed
  146. "A-Aria..."
  147. >Aria began to pick up the pace, licking and biting and kissing as she rode you
  148. >"Yeah. Say my name, Anon," she said, nuzzling the side of your neck. "Say my name while you give me a baby~"
  149. >Your cock throbbed again
  152. >Even though she really wasn't moving that fast you could feel that familiar ticklish sensation building up
  153. >This was bad...
  154. >This was really, really bad...
  155. >Still squirming, you watched as your girlfriend sat up
  156. >Grabbing your thighs, Aria rode you a little harder, her breast bouncing each time she hilted you
  157. >It was a lovely sight, and for a second you couldn't help but forget why you were being so fussy
  158. >Aria, seeing you faltering, grabbed your hands and guided them to her breasts
  159. >"Don't hold anything back, Nonny," she purred. "Fill me up~"
  160. >You throbbed again as you played with her boobs
  161. >In the middle of you rolling her nipples in between your pointer finger and thumb your more rational side woke back up
  162. >Come on man!
  163. >Get ahold of yourself!
  164. >You tried to pull your hands away, but Aria simply placed her hands on top of yours and gave her tits a squeeze
  165. >She moved quicker, wet, meaty sounds filling the air
  166. >You could see the pleasure on Aria's red face
  167. >Her breathing was becoming ragged, and her movement were becoming jerkier and more needy
  168. >She might have been enjoying riding bareback as much as you...
  169. >"I can feel you throbbing, Nonny. Are you going to cum already?" she asked. "Does it feel that good?"
  170. >You gritted your teeth and shut your eyes
  171. "A-Aria... we really shouldn't--"
  172. >Grump silenced you with a kiss, cupping your face with her hands and looking at you with those pretty purple eyes of hers
  175. >That ticklish sensation began to build
  176. >With some alarm, you realized that you weren’t going to last much longer
  177. >You were fucked...
  178. >In more ways than one...
  179. >"Just a little more, Nonny," Aria said, as something began moving on the edge of your vision. "Just a little--"
  180. >An inhuman scream filled the air, shaking the windows and the walls
  181. >Two glowing red orbs flashed to life in the darkness
  182. >"ARIA!"
  183. >You and grump yelped
  184. >Your cock twitched hard in terror, which almost made you blow your load
  185. >Fucking shit!
  186. >Poof was awake!
  187. >Your alpha, snarling like some kind of demon, grabbed grump by the hair
  188. >You and Aria screamed in terror as she lifted her bodily into the air
  189. >Somehow, by the grace of god, she managed to do this without breaking your dick in the process
  190. >"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ARIA?!" poof demanded as grump kicked and thrashed, panic as clear as day on her face
  194. >"DON'T YOU LIE TO ME!"
  195. >Since you weren't a stupid man, you rolled toward the edge of the bed where Sonata, wide-eyed and confused, was cowering
  196. >Nope…
  197. >Nopenopenopenope…
  198. >You weren’t dying today...
  201. >...
  202. >Well fuck you too, grump...
  203. >Snarling, Dagy tossed Aria through the air like a rag doll
  206. >You and lil blue grimaced as she hit the wall with a solid thud and slumped to the ground
  208. >In the blink of an eye, Aria hopped to her feet and ran out of the room
  210. >Roaring, Adagio leapt after her
  212. >She disappeared out of the room
  213. >Several seconds after she did so you could hear the sounds of things breaking and Aria screaming
  214. >...
  215. >Welp...
  216. >You tried to tell her...
  217. >Sonata, shaking, wrapped her arms around you
  218. >"Nonny what happened?" she asked
  219. >The wall shook as something slammed against it
  220. >Your couch if you had to guess
  221. "Aria was fucking me bareback."
  225. >Sonata nodded as Aria screamed again, quickly calming down
  226. >This wasn’t the first time that Aria and Adagio had fought
  227. >This WAS the first time that grump had tried this shit though...
  228. >"Oh... okay..."
  229. >One of her hands slid down to your still hard cock
  230. >Apparently, the threat of death didn't dissuade your little soldier
  231. >"Do you want me to jerk you off?" lil blue offered, wrapping her fingers around your length
  232. >You watched with some irritation as a chair was thrown past your open bedroom door
  233. >The mess those two made was going to take forever to fucking clean up...
  234. >Covering your face with a hand, you nodded
  235. "...Yeah, sure. I was almost done anyway. After I finish I can go out there and stop them from killing each other..."
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