Statistics about Christians

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  1. I don't like statistics, but if you want to talk statistics, then let us talk statistics.
  3. Statistically, Christians:
  5. - are happier
  6. - have greater understanding
  7. - are more loving
  8. - are more patient
  9. - are smarter
  10. - do more work to improve the lives of others, do more help for others, and give more of themselves and what they have
  11. - are more innovative and creative
  12. - succeed more
  13. - have fewer mistakes
  14. - know more
  15. - live longer
  16. - have more surviving and healthier children
  17. - do more good
  18. - are more humble
  19. - experience more miracles
  20. - have more fulfilling lives
  21. - are more blessed
  22. - better persevere among difficulty or hardship
  23. - inherit more
  24. - are more pure in heart
  25. - are persecuted more
  26. - are kinder, more just, and more righteous
  27. - are more faithful
  28. - are more honest
  29. - are more compassionate, merciful, and generous
  30. - have better and more definitive hope
  31. - better do what God does
  32. - bring more peace to Earth
  33. - make more people genuinely happy
  34. - are better leaders
  35. - work better in teams
  36. - are less susceptible to manipulation
  37. - experience more problems that miraculously benefit themselves and everyone else
  38. - are more faithful to, and do more help for, their family members
  39. - say and do more of that which supports other people's families
  40. - better reinforce and build up others to succeed, and delight more in seeing other people genuinely succeed
  41. - see and hear more; perceive more
  42. - have a healthier body, mind, heart, and soul
  43. - are more resistant to corruption, and have better integrity
  44. - are more trustworthy
  45. - keep their word more
  46. - retaliate less
  47. - have more love for their enemies
  48. - know God better
  49. - are more disciplined and have better guidance
  50. - are more free and experience actual freedom more
  51. - improve the entire world more
  52. - experience more insightful revelations
  53. - hurt themselves and others less
  54. - are more genuine and legitimate
  55. - perceive larger perspective and make better conclusions
  56. - are more curious and insightful
  57. - better understand that they are not the star of the show, but are instructed and guided to serve
  59. ...than non-Christians.
  61. If you ask a Christian to what they attribute all these things and what makes all these things happen, they will unanimously give the same answer: Jesus Christ and God.
  63. Remember those statistics the next time you hear someone say "persecute the Christians", because then you will realize that to persecute a Christian is to hurt yourself, all those you care about, your society, your friends and family, your neighborhood or community, the person standing next to you, your country and your nation, other nations, the world, and your God and Creator who holds in his hand your life and all your ways.
  65. "Do not my words do good to him whose way is upright?" "I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and righteousness rather than burnt offerings."
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