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  1. Monday, July 24, 2017
  2. NCSGeek: Hi! You added me, what can I do for you?
  3. ShOoTeR: hey mate
  4. NCSGeek: hey
  5. NCSGeek: what can I do for you?
  6. ShOoTeR: i have a deal
  7. ShOoTeR: can we discuss?
  8. NCSGeek: Yes
  9. NCSGeek: Watcha got?
  10. ShOoTeR: i work on 1 dota site and need some help with its promotion
  11. ShOoTeR: could u help me with that for some weekly payment?
  12. NCSGeek: Which site?
  13. ShOoTeR:
  14. ShOoTeR: u should just keep our site in your name or profile description
  15. ShOoTeR: can u do that?
  16. ShOoTeR: I will pay you
  17. NCSGeek: Yeah im gonna check out the site, 1 second please
  18. ShOoTeR: 50$ a week in skins
  19. ShOoTeR: ok
  20. NCSGeek: How are you in comune with this site, you know the owners?
  21. NCSGeek: Just wondering where you fit in
  22. ShOoTeR: yes
  23. ShOoTeR: Russia
  24. NCSGeek: Yeah I see that it's RU based
  25. NCSGeek: But im asking, how are you affiliated?
  26. NCSGeek: If your English is poor, sorry, but I dont know Russian
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