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  1. VistaPOWA's adapted goon method of disabling BYOND ads, the easy way! (at the moment works all the way from 499 to 501.1216).
  3. You'll need a hex editor (for our purposes, HxD ( http://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php ) will perfectly do).
  4. Close BYOND.
  5. After downloading (and installing) it, open the hex editor and open dreamseeker.exe (/installdirectory/bin/dreamseeker.exe) in it, or just drag the executable into the hex editor.
  6. Go to Search -> Replace, or just press Ctrl+R and enter the following:
  8. Search for 00 75 68 8B
  9. Replace with 00 EB 68 8B
  11. Make sure that you are searching for hex values (in HxD, it's in the dropdown menu just below the field)!
  12. After that, go ahead and try it out. If it doesn't work, delete dreamseeker.exe and rename the automatically backed up file from dreamseeker.exe.bak to dreamseeker.exe (also, contact me on #coderbus if you really don't want to upgrade/downgrade to a compatible version, we'll figure something out).
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