Minty-Roxy bath

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >Evening trying to give Roxy a bath in Equestria
  2. >you are Minty and you’re babysitting Roxy again
  3. >”Get back here Roxy!”
  4. “No!”
  5. >and another light distracts you
  6. >
  7. >oh, how much time passed agai- There she is!
  8. >you zoom after the little satyr girl
  9. >you smirk as Roxy takes a wrong turn and runs into the wall and you finally catch the rascal
  10. “Nooo let me go!”
  11. >Roxy struggles the whole way into the bathroom as you drag her with your teethes by her shirt, the only piece of clothing left on her
  12. >you strip Roxy off the rest of her clothing as she pouts angrily
  13. >”Please just get in the bath already Roxy...”
  14. >the two of you have been at this for a while now
  15. “No”
  16. >you sigh and lift Roxy up and fly her to the bathtub and lower her there
  17. >but Roxy tries to struggle again and you end up falling into the tub with her as well
  18. >great, now the whole bathroom floor is wet
  19. >you grumpily stare at Roxy as she stares at you with equal grumpiness
  20. >and then Roxy splashes some water on you
  21. >you retaliate with the same thing
  22. >and before you even realize it, the two of you are having a splash fight, both of you laughing heartily
  23. >”Take that!”
  24. “Not bad mommy”
  25. >you stop, and so does Roxy
  26. >as Roxys face starts to rabidly blush your smirk starts to grow at equal pace
  27. >”Roxy, you called me you mommy~”
  28. >Roxy looks away from you while blushing so much you can see steam coming off of her head
  29. “N-no I didn’t”
  30. >you scoop Roxy up into a hearty hug and Roxy starts to struggle while being embarrassed
  31. “No let me go!”
  32. >”No~”
  33. >after a while Roxy seems to accept her fate and lets you hug her
  34. >you finish it off with a smooch on her cheek
  35. “Eeeeeww”
  36. >Roxy starts to comically rub her cheek clean
  37. >and you can’t help but to beam
  38. >you’d be lying if you said you would not have been developing motherly feels for the satyr kid
  39. >and lately the two of you have been getting along more and more, in your own special way
  40. >suddenly you hear sounds outside the bathroom door and then the door opens, revealing a very naked Anon
  41. “Hi Roxy, thought I’d come in and help you wash since you never wash your hair by yourse....”
  42. >Anon stops as he spots you
  43. “...Oh right, Minty was giving you a bath...”
  44. >You blush deeply and avert your eyes to the wall from Anons crotch
  45. “Hahaha... Sorry Minty I forgot”
  46. >you do your best to not take another look at it
  47. >”Y-yeah, don’t worry, we all forget things every now and then...hahaha...”
  48. >you do your best but your eyes take a quick glance at Anons member every now and then as he stands there
  49. >”...Cover yourself up...”
  50. >Anon seems to snap back into reality at this and finally take notice of his indecent condition
  51. >he quickly covers his crotch and gets out of the bathroom, answering to you from behind the door
  52. “Ahahaha...ha... sorry about that Minty , I’ll uhhh, get some tea started or something while you help Roxy wash up”
  53. >” do that, yeah”
  54. >Roxy seems oblivious at all of this
  55. “Why did Daddy not join us?”
  56. >”Well..because...just because.”
  57. >you get back to washing Roxy and the two of you are soon finished
  58. “Minty, you can use my towel”
  59. >you look at Anons towel and use it
  60. >it feels sort of...lewd to use his towel
  61. >after helping Roxy get dressed the two of you go to enjoy some tea and treats as Anon washes himself off too
  62. >the rest of the evening was uneventful, and you couldn’t stop stealing glances at Anons crotch
  63. >such an awkward time
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