Voxian Milk

Dec 9th, 2020
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  1. Voxian Milk Massage
  4. “Sorry rookie, but we’re short on staff aboard this ship, and you’re the new kid.” The senior steward pats his hand on your shoulder and leans over in a display of comradery, trying to share his grin with you. “This is just how things are on small trade ships like the Rokh. Everybody’s gotta fill in for each other sometimes.”
  6. Tom was not going to get you to be happy about this sudden and strange job, but he was right. That was one of the big benefits and drawbacks to working on a starship of this size. “Fine, fine, I’ll go be your helpful volunteer for the important passengers. What’s this whole thing entail, anyway?”
  8. Your boss shrugs his shoulders and chuckles. “Dunno! The high-passage guests requested *a personal assistant* to handle some of their affairs while on board. I’m guessing that they normally have some kind of man-servant while planetside, or maybe in their case fox-servant.”
  10. “Great. Well, as long as they don’t expect me to act like a space-fox this probably won’t be too bad. Probably.”
  12. “That’s the spirit!” Tom ruffles your hair before sending going back to the comms to let the passengers know that you were on your way. “Remember, the ship does need the high-passengers to be happy and get what they pay for, aliens or not. Just do whatever they ask, but not if it’ll endanger the ship, crew, or whatnot. You know, the usual stuff.”
  14. With a roll of your eyes you walk down the corridor and take the lift to the upper deck. One final steeling of nerves, and then you buzz the door to let the guests know that you are there. It takes a moment for them to answer, doing little to help the dread building in the back of your stomach over just how unprepared you feel for whatever is ahead.
  16. When at last the door finally slides open you try your hardest to put on a helpful-looking grin, but it quickly turns into an expression of confusion and awe at the sight of the occupant, who did not at all meet the expectation of high class you had for them. The loosely-robed fox gently grabs you by your hand and pulls you inside without speaking. She, as it very quickly becomes evident when you fail to resist looking down her silken robe, sets a hand on the closed door behind you to lean in almost close enough to touch her nose to yours, and giggles as you struggle to avert your eyes.
  18. “Oho! I am so glad that the captain sent such a cute little thing up here to help me!” The fox withdraws and struts back to her bed, exaggeratedly flicking her silver and white tail back and forth as she walks. “I already know it is going to be so much fun to play with you!”
  20. You try to regain some composure lost to the very effective flirtation, and clear your throat before responding. “Err, yes, speaking of helping you, I was wondering what you might have in mind for me. I’m not too familiar with v-vox..”
  22. “Voxians, my dear? There is much to know, but fortunately for you I am here to help teach what you need!” The fox beckons you to sit next to her on the bed, never letting her smirk fade for a moment. “Don’t be shy! I am going to need you to get very close to help with soothing me.”
  24. One voice in your mind says to leap onto the bed with the teasing fox, while the other says that this is highly suspicious. You compromise, and follow her instructions while trying to not act too eager or hesitant. “Yes mam?”
  26. “Good! Good! Now just sit there and let Ellie get ready for you here.” Getting ready consisted of the voxian slipping her robe down off of her shoulders, standing up with her back to you, and allowing the garment to slowly glide down the rest of her silver furred body to reveal a complete lack of other clothing save for a single pair of black panties.
  28. “M-mam?” You nearly stand up again, but her fluffy tail flops onto your lap as if to say remain seated.
  30. “Please do call me Ellie, my little human friend! There is no need to be so formal here.” Ellie sits back down on the bed, still facing away from you, and wiggles her rump in-between your legs to spread them apart. The same devious smile can be seen in the side of her face as she glances at you while you continue to struggle internally over what is going on. Soon enough, her fuzzy back bumps into your chest, but the fox presses her body against yours tighter still. Her tail tickles at your skin once it slips underneath your shirt playfully.
  32. “Ellie, what are you doing? I don’t know what it is you want me to do here?”
  34. Again it takes an uncomfortably long time for the voxian to answer, as she places her hands on top of yours. “Oh! Silly me! I never did explain what I need of you yet, but do not worry! I will show you!”
  36. Lifting your hands with hers, Ellie picks them up from the bed and sets them on her thighs. Her tail twitches against you from the sensation, the tip practically poking up through the neck of your shirt. Slowly, teasingly slowly, her hands guide yours up to her soft supple belly fur, eliciting a little squeak from the fox as she forces your fingers to brush against the grain. She does not linger there for long, however, and it is only when something wet touches the back of your thumb that you snap back to reality.
  38. “Miss Ellie?”
  40. She too, becomes more serious, and cups your hands directly on her breasts. You instantly figure out where the wetness came from, and cannot find words for how you feel about that. “Mmmm, there we go! That is where my body aches and requires your hands to help!”
  42. You... what? “You want me to milk you? That’s what you wanted this whole time?”
  44. Ellie nods her head, brushing it against your cheek. “Mmmhmm! I am sure that you feel just how heavy and full my bosom is, or else you would not be gripping me so gently! Please work out all the milk you can, my cute little human!”
  46. “Okay then, Miss Ellie…” How the hell do you milk a voxian? How do you milk livestock for that matter? Would there even be any similarities? You weren’t from an agricultural world, and you definitely never had a human woman ask you for this kind of thing. Worryingly, your only option was to grope around in the dark, both figuratively and literally.
  48. Just simply squeezing the fox’s breasts got you a firm smack on the hands along with a commanding “No!” Ellie took your hands again and started the tips of the fingers at the base of her chest. “Massage it out, gently. Knead at the tissue under the fur, and work the milk to the nipple.”
  50. Truth be told, you felt like a complete amature even with the directions and advice. How Ellie seemed like she was having a good time is a mystery to you, but at least your handiwork was not getting you reprimanded again. Eventually, you manage to get into a comfortable rhythm of squeezing with just your fingertips, and then moving on.
  52. “So, Miss Ellie, do voxians normally need milking like this, or…?”
  54. “Just Ellie is fine! But no, not all of us need milking. Normally we only produce milk for offspring, similar to humans I believe, but sometimes it can be induced intentionally for one reason or another.”
  56. “Ah, I see!” You nod your head to the revelation, pinching the fox’s nipple to release a solid stream of milk across the bed. “Do you have children to be making the milk for?”
  58. Your hand is once again smacked. “That is not an appropriate question for you to ask! But no, I do not have any.”
  60. “May I ask why you are so full of milk, then?”
  62. Ellie shifts and squirms uncomfortably in your lap, causing your wet hand to slip. “I do not require a reason for such a thing, do I? If I wish to express milk enough to require aid in its release, then that is fine is it not?”
  64. “I suppose not.”
  66. “What then, supposing that I still wish to provide my milk to others? And what if those others are the ones who draw it out? Would that be fine?”
  68. “Are… are you asking if I want your milk?”
  71. She leans her head back, looking you in the eye. “Are you offering to accept some?”
  73. You freeze, unsure what to say. This whole thing has been incredibly weird from the start, but now drinking fox milk? Alien fox milk, at that! Is it even safe? “Ellie, I
  74. The fox giggles and takes one of your hands again. She leads the palm to your mouth, and traces a dull claw along the digits. “Give it a try! I have never had a human to give my milk to before, but I am sure that you will like it.”
  76. Reluctantly, you stick out your tongue and lick at the dampness stuck to your hand. It is not what you were expecting. The flavor is much sweeter and mildly more salty than the ordinary milk you normally buy in the store. An odd aftertaste lingers in your mouth, almost like a mixture of earth and spices.
  78. “How about some more then? Hold one of your palms under my nipple to catch the milk like a bowl.”
  80. Angling and twisting your hands to collect the voxian’s milk is awkward and difficult. You try asking if you can sit in front of her to do this, but she firmly insists that you must reach from behind. Eventually, a technique is developed and you stop spilling handfuls of the creamy white liquid on Ellie’s shoulders and down your shirt.
  82. The session goes on for nearly an hour, until the fox tells you that she is feeling very relieved and drained. Dark, wet spots in the blanket and sheets give testament to how much of a mess the two of you made, both intentionally and unintentionally. Like before, Ellie beckons you to stay seated while she dons her robe again.
  84. “Mmmm, thank you so very much for your help, sweetie!” She leans in to lick your lips and nose, teasing you with the same obscured view down her clothes that you cannot resist looking at. “I will let the captain know when I need your assistance again tomorrow, and during the rest of the jump.”
  86. You nod, and brush yourself off as she opens the door. “Ah, very good then, Miss Ellie. I will let Tom know to expect another call some time later. I, uh, do hope that I did okay. This was my first time doing, well, this.”
  88. The tight hug Ellie gives you before you leave probably meant that you did fine. Now standing outside of the high-passenger stateroom, damply wet, you scratch your head and wonder just what the hell happened. The database software had better contain information on voxians, or else the rest of the week in jumpspace is going to drive you mad with curiosity!
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