Anon in Saddle Arabia's pony prison chapter 11

Jun 11th, 2017
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  1. Be the narrator
  2. >Be hating your job.
  3. >You are haunting the barman pony of the underground bar of the prison of Saddle Arabia because you have nothing better to do but complain about your life thoughts and storytelling.
  4. <I don’t know man, I said to my mom one day that I’ll become a narrator… and here I am. Yet, I feel empty and feel like my life isn't complete…
  5. >The pony barman just keeps on cleaning a jar while staring in front of him.
  6. >”That’s rough buddy. Mom always told me I could do the best of drinks… but here I am too. Life sometimes doesn’t give you what you want unless you give your best and go for it.
  7. >You sigh as you try to grab a drink from the table.
  8. >Then remember you aren’t actually physical to the story and you can’t pick up the drink.
  9. >You don't even know if you have hooves, hands or tentacles.
  10. >Wish you had tentacles, girls like em.
  11. <Like… You ever felt something inside of you telling you to… do stuff? Something like a tiny voice? That voice, that spark… It feels like the spark is gone… it feels I’ve been trying my best like for two whole years! And all for nothing! The spark is gone, dude! It’s gone!
  12. >The barman pony put on a desk the jar he was cleaning and while looking forward with a dead serious stare, he started saying words of courage.
  13. >”Now listen here, voice in my head. You may think you have done your best and not get anything that you wanted, but you might be wrong! Just try harder! Try your best! Be the narrator you want to be! Stop complaining and do something!”
  14. >The words from the barman pony got to you.
  15. >You really should try your best and stop complaining like a whiny bitch.
  16. <Hey, you might be right… man and I wonder why you are here if you give such good tips that literally can change someone in a split second.
  17. >The barman pony shrugged.
  18. >”Must be because I serve warm drinks to ponies.”
  19. <Jesus Christ, I take that back. What a monster!
  20. >”That’s exactly what the judge said. And to think Celestia doesn't likes warm drinks, thinking she likes tea... I was so wrong.”
  21. >It only took you a few sentences to realize that you should just give up your best as narrator.
  22. >And you will no matter what! Until the end!
  23. <Well, if you don’t mind… I have a story to start narrating!
  24. >The barman pony smiled as he goes back to cleaning the same jar.
  25. >”You can do it, random voice echoing in the deepest of my mind!”
  26. >You leave the bar and go back to your hub with different monitors and typewriters. There were lots of monkeys working in a section called 'improved grammar'.
  27. >Good! They're doing some good work while you were gone!
  28. >Meanwhile the barman pony was drinking a warm drink while asking himself if he was talking alone or with someone else.
  29. <Alright, let's do this! This story won't tell itself!
  31. <Previously, on ‘Anon in Saddle Arabia’s prison’!
  33. >”Those two are spies.” Silver Pie finally concluded.
  34. “Why? Is something the matter?”
  35. >He showed you the book and…
  36. >A page is missing! It was ripped off the book.
  37. >Damnit!
  41. >”Well, speaking of scary… you guys ever heard of a, uh… Tatlzwurm?”
  42. >“What? Don’t tell me that the earthquake was caused by one and the prison is in danger… kekeke.”
  43. >”Well… you would be right in that one, tiny bat.”
  45. >”The terrorists are here! And they want to challenge us, again! They want revenge from their previous game!
  47. >They better prepare themselves! Because you will rain
  48. punishments on their flanks!
  49. >Warden promise!
  51. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cymqAVPWuo
  52. <Oh whoops, didn't mean to play that.
  54. Be Anonymous
  55. >Short Fuse just went out of rage to face the terrorists without thinking or discussing it with the rest of the group.
  56. >He might be angry with the terrorists for the kidnapping of Lima’s tiny brother.
  57. >You aren’t going to lie, you are pretty angry too. They fucking have balls to come to the prison and showing up after kidnapping a kid.
  58. >Lima was the first pony to go after Short Fuse; of course, she had her intentions.
  59. >As for you, you went back to the warden’s room as fast as you could to get the camera you were using on Short.
  60. >You need ANY evidence about anyone acting weird around the prison after all.
  61. >Too bad this isn’t a recording camera.
  62. >So, the rest of the ponies that were in the barracks could be already outside the prison, but you ain’t going there right now.
  63. >First the camera and then you’ll go.
  64. >After some running like a freaking velociraptor (you couldn't miss the opportunity to have your hands next to your chest for speed), you finally arrive at the warden’s room and open the door.
  65. >But you hear a little buzz as if the door hit a fly and it got hurt.
  66. >”Aaaah! W-Watch it du o-obekvam!”
  67. >Or maybe that wasn’t a fly.
  68. “Uh?”
  69. >You turn your head and try to find the source of the voice, it sounded so tiny.
  70. >Then you see it, laying on the floor was a tiny miniature pony.
  71. >The tiny breezie guard that you meet in the mess hall, Water Fall something you think it was.
  72. >He literally... fall.
  73. >Pfft, okay don't be a dick now Anon. Some laugh is good but don't laugh at others. Just go apologize.
  74. “Sorry, didn’t see you there. I’m in a hurry!”
  75. >You help the little guy to get recovered by carefully grabbing him and putting him on the bed of Short Fuse.
  76. >Good thing he didn’t look too hurt, just a bit dizzy.
  77. >As you leave the little guard on the bed, you continue your search for the camera that you used to take photos to Short Fuse with.
  78. >It wasn’t that hard since the camera was on top of some documents on the desk.
  79. >You pick up the camera and with it, you are ready to go your way to the entrance of the prison with Short and the rest.
  80. >But the tiny guard had other plans as he flew just mere inches from your nose to yell at you.
  81. >Or more like prevent for you to get out.
  82. >”Stoppa! Wait!” The breezie guard said a bit exhausted. “ Y-You… know where den warden is? I got something of big emergency to tell him!”
  83. >The breezie guard seemed desperate.
  84. “Be quick then, I’m in a hurry too… terrorists decided to show up randomly with a damn Tatlzwurm. The warden must be outside at this precise moment.”
  85. >The breezie guard seemed stunned for a second as he heard the words ‘terrorists’ and ‘Tatlzwurm’ altogether, but recovered quickly to tell you his important emergency he had to tell Short.
  86. >”Listen to me! Do not eat any cookies! An inmate showed up and gave a few cookies to Light Cloud while we were having a convers- I mean… while we were watching over the prison! She then said something about raisins and suddenly lost her mind! Literally! She was in some sort of mind control by that inmate!”
  87. >Cookies? Mind control? That’s absurd even for pony standards.
  88. >But the breezie guard sounded dead serious about this.
  89. >Fuck it, you can believe it if you’ve seen a damn black red-horned unicorn do some weird shit.
  90. >And let us not forget the big ass worm outside the prison…
  91. “I’ll tell him about it as soon as we’re done with the terrorists. In the meantime, try finding someone to help you finding Light Cloud and her whereabouts.”
  92. >You wish you could help this guard, but your priority right now is the terrorists.
  93. >The breezie guard nodded and with that, you finally prepared to run.
  94. >But before you go, you ask an important question to the breezie guard.
  95. “Before I go… who was the inmate that gave Light Cloud the… ‘Mind control’ cookies?”
  96. >The breezie guard flew next to your ear so you could hear him more precisely.
  97. >”Her name was Jenny! She is a giraffe! I don’t know her intentions but she looked pretty confident as she saw Light Cloud eat that cookie!” The breezie guard then looked down. “She then started singing a weird song about Equestria…”
  98. >Jenny? Damn now that adds up another suspect for this mystery.
  99. “Got it. I’ll look up for her too. I gotta go now, we’ll talk later.”
  100. >And with that, you leave the warden room and start running to the entrance of the prison.
  101. >You run and run as fast as you can to get to the entrance of the prison.
  102. >The halls of the prison didn’t have any inmate, which leaves you with curiosity. Are they outside too? Or are they in their cells, scared from the earthquake and dangers from the terrorists?
  103. >Your mind had various thoughts… starting with the cookies.
  104. >Cookies that cause hypnosis or mind control? Is that a thing in this pony world? In the time you’ve been here you never heard of it.
  105. >Then again back to your cell, there were crumbs on the floor near Pancho.
  106. >Those crumbs from your prison cell… cookie crumbs, someone probably got mind controlled. And if you remember correctly, Silver Pie said there were two ponies or at least one pony and someone else, as the one that left the signature.
  107. >Was it Jenny? Do giraffes have different hoofprints than ponies?
  108. >…
  109. >You need to find a way to see her hoofprint, that’s the only way you can find out.
  110. >But how are you going to manage that?
  112. Be Musul Mare
  113. >AYAYAYAYA! Your flanks are safe now that the page of the book was ripped off!
  114. >Now Anonymous won't find out who The Boss is! Wahaha!
  115. >Who would think those two were going to do so good!
  116. >They were sitting on the chairs next to the table, celebrating with you for the good effort they did.
  117. >This time they didn’t just have milk with extra milk. No, no no, no no! They had milk with extra, extra MEGA milk! Just the best for the best of champions!
  118. “Haha! And to think I wanted you two fired and crying as The Boss kicked your pony’s flanks! Wahaha!”
  119. >Well that ruined their mood as they didn’t feel to drink any more milk.
  120. >Good! More milk for you! AYAYAYA!
  121. >Your radio suddenly started to make some static noises.
  122. >You leave your glass of milk and your ears perk up while trying to hear it.
  123. >”Yarn, do you copy?” It was her voice! The Boss was calling us!
  124. >…
  125. >She was calling you! She might need something important!
  126. >You quickly pick up the radio and answer by pressing the pushy button.
  127. “YAYA! Yarn here!”
  128. >Static again.
  129. >”Proceed onto the next step, put the five crystals around the prison and join your team of buffoons while you are at it. Make sure to distract that warden as best as you can.”
  130. >Ohh! Distractions are your forte!
  131. “Roger, Roger! Rogered!”
  132. >You stare at Codename Wing and Codename Rock for a while.
  133. >Stare.
  134. >Staaaaaare.
  135. >And so, Codename Rock decides to be a good Pegasus and ask why you are staring that much.
  136. >”Uhh… why are you-“
  137. >You smash the table and make those two lucky cowards jump from the scare.
  138. “BECAUSE YOU TWO ARE ON A NEW MISSION! YAYAYAYA!” You look to your right, spotting a black cat with blue eyes. “TANTABUS! COME HERE!”
  139. >The cat meows in response and puts his paw on the wall. There is a sound and then the wall starts to open a tiny space only a cat would fit in.
  140. >Tantabus goes in the hole and stays there for a few seconds.
  141. >And finally without lasting longer, he comes out of the hole with a tiny bag that he was grabbing with his teeth.
  142. >Tantabus comes up on the table and knocks over the glass of milk of Codename Wing with his tail.
  143. >Good cat!
  144. “Excellent. Now go away!”
  145. >The black cat named Tantabus obeys and leaves the table with one last meow.
  146. >You drop the contents of the bag onto the table, five red fragments of crystals dropping from the bag while landing on the table with tiny glass noises.
  147. “Now, for your next mission! It's an easy mission! I have marked spots around the prison with X’s you ponies shouldn’t miss! What proceeds now is that you simply place them there, dig a hole and hide them good! Easy as it sounds!”
  148. >It was an easy work, even more since your team of impressive and amazing terrorists were going to distract the guards!
  149. >”So, you just want us to dig these crystals for you? We clearly heard The Boss saying you were the one to do it and then join the terrorists in whatever they’re going to do.” The earth pony, Codename Wing said.
  150. >Ohhh, replying to the leader of the terrorists? This girl sure knows how to speak!
  151. “Yes, she told me to. But I am the leader of the terrorists and as SUPERIOR of YOU TWO, I command you two to go and do the digging for me!”
  152. >You hate digging.
  153. >You are no dog, just part cat by Yarn’s talent.
  154. >”Well… so just dig a hole and put those… things in there?” Codename Rock said while grabbing one crystal and taking a look at it.
  155. “Yes, as simple as that. That way I can go aid my team and make that warden cry some more! Waha!”
  156. >”So… what’s so important of these crystals? They have to do something with that box The Boss wanted days ago?”
  157. >You start chuckling while remembering how you destroyed that box just to get the crystal The Boss must be charging by now.
  158. “We got one crystal which will be placed in the middle of the prison, the shattered parts you are placing will fuel it… and then some big fireworks will happen next!
  159. >By fireworks you meant The Boss’s, Master! The ultimate shadow lord! The pony whose name mustn’t be said! King So-
  160. >So…
  161. >Oh ponyfeathers, you forgot his name again!
  162. >Well, doesn’t matter.
  163. >You stand up from your chair and while munching another cookie, you’re ready to rock!
  164. “I’ll go now. Just remember to erase the marks on the sand so nobody finds the shattered crystals!”
  165. >You stretch a bit before going, just for good measure.
  166. >You can’t wait to see what everypony is up to outside of the prison!
  167. >”Uhh…” Codename Rock started speaking. “Don’t you mean ‘nopony’? We’re by majority ponies and…”
  168. >Your ears perk up and you angrily turn and look at Codename Rock.
  169. “Don’t you EVER say that in front of The Boss! She DISLIKES that term!” You take a breath and slowly exhale. “You two should get used to using terms such as ‘everyone’, ‘anyone’, ‘someone’ and so on if you don’t want to see The Boss raging… again.”
  170. >Your legs just shake by just imagining The Boss going in another rage about those terms.
  171. >Ugh… that time was something we couldn't ever forget nor ponies in manehattan can't too.
  172. >All that cheese with those twin towers... we'll never forget.
  173. “Okay, just take the bag and get with your work and I’ll be doing mine. YAYA!”
  174. >”Yes ma’am!” Both salute and grab the bag and leave Yarn’s cell.
  175. >Good, because you forgot to change your clothes.
  176. >You can't believe you almost go out with Yarn's inmate clothes and not yours.
  178. Be Short Fuse
  179. >You are outside of the prison of Saddle Arabia, staring at the terrorists that decided to randomly show up with a yellow Tatlzwurm.
  180. >You have a few guards alongside you, they being Lima, Royal Mess, Tactic Star, Royal Spear, the pair of minotaur guards Delta Iron and Omega Iron and Light Cloud.
  181. >Nurse Redheart was watching from a safe spot near the entrance.
  182. >Various inmates were watching from their rooms near the windows of their cells or other rooms in the prison, where they were safer.
  183. >Only the more brave were at the entrance, curious about what the terrorists would bring with them today.
  184. >And in front of you, there were the terrorists. In total, they were ten ponies.
  185. >Ten bad ponies who don't see evil in their consequences!
  186. >Ohh but today, today you're going to change that!
  187. >You don’t know why they’re here, to begin with… maybe they want to give back Nightly Veil and say everything was a mistake.
  188. >You really want to think that’s the reason.
  189. >But they’re already giving us bad goofy faces! Those ponies! Grrr!
  190. >But...
  191. >As much as you want to give them a lesson, you can’t help but feel odd as if somepony was missing.
  192. >Some… annoying pony.
  193. >Oh right, their leader is missing.
  194. >You take a step forward and with the manliest voice you can get, you speak to the terrorist ponies.
  195. “Who’s in charg- ahpff!”
  196. >Oh by Celestia, you bite your tongue! It hurts! It hurts!
  197. >You were too angry to realize you had your tongue out for a bit and accidentally bite it!
  198. >”Nurse! The warden’s hurt! I repeat, the warden’s hurt!” Shout a desperate Tactic Star from behind you.
  199. >”I’ll give him CPR! Back off everypony! I got this!” Said Nurse Redheart who almost jumped at the moment to aid you.
  200. >You don’t know what CPR is, but it sounds scary. Scary as syringes!
  201. “Am fine! Ah just need som timffe!” You barely say with your tongue hurting a bit.
  202. >Uh, you wonder now if farm ponies bite their tongues to speak this way.
  203. >”Nonsense! I will help you out! It’s my pleasu- I mean, my job to do so!”
  204. >As she got close and started to put her face close to yours, a terrorist who was on top of the Tatlzwurm jumped down and landed right in front of you.
  205. >The landing was perfect but so noisy, it startled you two.
  206. “Eep!”
  207. >Whoever landed in front of you looked to wear a heavy armor, its face had been covered with a red helmet, only showing its twisted smirk at you.
  208. >You… never seen this terrorist before.
  209. >This terrorist is so… tiny.
  210. >And that armor? If Papa fuse told you something, is that red and black means bad business!
  211. >Or a bad choice of fashion, which in your very good point of view… looks ugly.
  212. >Like, come on, this tiny terrorist had purple fur that was the only visible part of its body. And that armor? It looks soooo uncomfortable.
  213. >So, like, out of fashion.
  214. >...You need to stop reading your mom’s fashion magazines… and stop talking like her.
  215. >”Hello… warden! We finally meet!” By the voice, you could notice the terrorist was male.
  216. >He started walking around in a single line, taking a peek to the guards and then the terrorists.
  217. >Or well, that’s what you want to think. You aren’t sure since you don’t know if this pony is blinking… or looking to somepony… or, well, maybe he’s a cyclops! How scary!
  218. “Who... are you?” You slowly say, just in case you bite your tongue again.
  219. >The terrorist chuckles.
  220. >”My name isn’t important, what is important is what we come here to do today. Warden of this prison, you must of know that we are here for our revenge… a revenge for a game these PATHETIC ponies lost a few days ago…” The tone of the terrorist pony was a bit deep as if he was trying to sound evil or serious.
  221. >Your eye twitches as you hear the excuse of this terrorist to come here, in front of you… in front of Lima’s for Celestia’s sake!
  222. “You ponies come here after kidnaping a colt… and want to play a little game of revenge? You ponies have no shame! Kidnaping the little brother of Lima…”
  223. >You take a look back at Lima, who instead of crying or being sad… was angry. Of course, she was, in front where if not the original kidnappers, the ones who started it all.
  224. “You ponies have no right to challenge us to a game… in fact, I asked for reinforcements and they’ll be probably tomorrow’s morning. I hope the name of Captain Shining Armor rings a bell!”
  225. >Hopefully that was his name and you are not messing it with some pony's else. The less you want to do is to speak wrong of the name of royalty!
  226. >”C-Captain Shining A-Armor? The pony who helped the e-entire Crystal Empire?” A terrorist said while his legs were shaking.
  227. >”The o-one who the legends said can only and will defeat the evil that is King S-Sombra?” Another terrorist said, scared as the other one.
  228. >”The pony who married an alicorn beauty that everypony falls in love despite her being married and implied to have a baby in a few moons?” The terrorist took a pause and dramatically sighed. “Did I said how beauty she looks?”
  229. >Every terrorist looked at the terrorist who was just looking around as if he said something horrible to royalty.
  230. >”W-What? If it’s about the baby, it’s on the news…”
  231. >”SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!” The armored terrorist said and, with a strong hit on the sand with his hoof, made everypony hush.
  232. >That’s… pretty strong for a tiny pony like him. Also, how can he make the sand sound like ground? That’s not how is supposed to work!
  233. >”You see warden… I don’t care whoever that pony claims to be. I want to give you an offer you won’t refuse.”
  234. >An offer that you won’t refuse? What could possibly be?
  235. >Because if it’s a dress…
  236. >No! Don’t fall for it!
  237. “There is nothing you ponies can give us that can change the things how they are! You heartless terrorists kidnap a foal! A FOAL! Unless you return him… I won’t choose anything and there won’t be ANY game! I’m calling the princesses on your pony's flanks!”
  238. >You were angry, too much to even care about that last line.
  239. >There is a line that ponies need to cross and these… have crossed it!
  240. >Although they’re not mexicolt ponies, which those aren’t allowed unless they are legally jumpers.
  241. >”Oh, boh, hoh, hoh. And I thought you would accept my offer… since it has that colt as the reward.”
  242. >What?
  243. >”What!?” Lima yelled from behind, quickly flying next to your side. “YOU MEANIES WANNA USE MY TINY MANGO BRO BRO AS A DEAL? HOW LOW CAN YOU TERRORISTS GO!?”
  244. >Oh she was on the edge of screaming and screeching… and Zakon wasn’t close to helping her out.
  245. >You stare back at the terrorists, or well, you stare to the one looks like the current leader or important one; the red and black armored terrorist.
  246. “Lima’s right. What you ponies want makes nonsense. Kidnapping ponies is no game… give him back.” You get your chest fluff out, just for good measures. Then you remember you’re wearing your warden outfit and they won’t see it… Whatever! Just act tough like the warden that you always are! “As the warden of the prison of Saddle Arabia… I command you terrorists to give the colt, Nightly Veil, back to our hooves! Give us back and your sentence won’t be a month long!”
  247. >You should threaten them with having them be Anon’s cell partners… Anon could use some new friends.
  248. >Various terrorists seemed affected by your speech, all except the armored terrorist.
  249. >”And if we refuse?” The armored terrorist says with a smirk, looking at Lima and you.
  250. “Well… then we… have no choice but-”
  251. >Before you could finish, Lima went ahead and spoke to you.
  252. >”Then we’ll have to accept the game and not only take back my tiny brother… but you ponies will be in jail for more than a month! Heck, maybe I can convince Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to take your flanks to Tartarus! You monsters!”
  253. >The armored terrorist chuckled while the other terrorists were rethinking their life choices.
  254. >”Hah! Then it’s a deal, sis!” The armored terrorist came closer to Lima, took a jump and booped her muzzle.
  255. >...HE WHAT!?
  256. >Lima was speechless! This dirty… vulgar terrorist is the worst!
  257. “Whatever was that for!?”
  258. >But the armored terrorist wouldn’t reply, instead he would chuckle at how Lima was holding her hoof and deep thinking about the sudden boop.
  259. >”So we have a deal? If you guards win, then we’ll give you the colt back.”
  260. >Wait, what do they win by this besides the victory as revenge?
  261. “And if we lose?”
  262. >The armored terrorist once again chuckled, this time evilly and slowly.
  263. >You are getting tired of this pony’s sense of humor.
  264. >”Then you warden will join our team of terrorists!”
  265. >You gasped.
  266. >The guards and everypony who could hear did too.
  267. >Lima took some time to recover but gasped with us.
  268. >”So? We have a deal...?” He extended his hoof.
  269. >This must be the hardest decision of your entire life, second by accepting the job of warden when your parents didn’t want to.
  270. >But, like that time back at your parent’s house… you have a duty to do.
  271. >You are a warden.
  272. >You must protect those who require aid.
  273. >You will be their lightning in the dark!
  274. >You are Short Fuse, warden of the prison of Saddle Arabia.
  275. >You stare deep into the red helmet of the armored terrorist and hold your hoof with his cold iron hoof.
  276. “Deal.”
  277. >And you promise to take care and help everypony of this entire prison.
  278. >Right from your first day to your last day as a warden.
  280. Be The Boss
  281. >Be finally arriving at the entrance of the prison.
  282. >Seems like the ‘duel’ between the guards and terrorists had already begun.
  283. >They might be doing the classical two out of three games winning system.
  284. >You have watched many games the terrorists have played against the guards, mostly in victories.
  285. >This one was hoofball, and of course, the terrorists were winning six to zero, not giving any chances to the guards.
  286. >Some curious inmates were watching from the entrance how the team terrorists and guards were playing against each other.
  287. >The cowards and playing it safe were watching from inside the prison, near the windows.
  288. >You just walk and take a good seat near the spectacle.
  289. >Well… you can’t sit on the sand, so you just stand still like the others inmates.
  290. >Ugh, you always hated the sand… it leaves remains of it in your hoof, is hard to wash off.
  291. >But whatever, let’s see what spectacle the new recruit can do.
  292. >Even if you missed almost the entire match.
  293. >”Excuse me, miss… could you move a bit, please? You don't let us watch how our brave guards and warden are defending the prison! The warden just said a speech that made everypony cheer up!” The inmate started to look below him at the sand and move his hoof on the sand. “Despite… losing the first game… but anything can happen!”
  294. >…Ugh.
  295. >This pony had to use the… ‘everypony’ word.
  296. >You hate that word.
  297. >Makes the rest of the creatures look... less appreciated.
  298. >But you are acting kind and behaving like anyone else.
  299. >So, you’ll play until tomorrow.
  300. “Sure, my fault! I should have been on the back of the crowd! Sorry, sorry!”
  301. >As you move, you take a peek at the entrance of the door; the minotaur-like green masked inmate appeared running along with a camera around his neck.
  302. >Anonymous.
  303. >Maybe he has come with a camera to record how the terrorists make fun of the guards? Or perhaps he has something in mind.
  304. >Hmn. He better be out of this confrontation.
  305. >He is an inmate after all, not a guard.
  306. >You calmly stare as the show continues.
  307. >The end of the second time is almost over.
  308. >You are so excited, even your tiny tail knew it.
  309. >Not for the showdown of course, but for what tomorrow your emperor and Savior would do! The gifts he will give you!
  310. >You chuckle silently to yourself.
  311. >As you continue to watch the game, a tiny pony wearing some metal suit with a red helmet looked at the side of the crowd you were in.
  312. >Probably spotted you.
  313. >You can’t see it, but he is smirking.
  314. >Smirking at the realization that you just came here to watch everyone.
  315. >A terrorist pony with the number 34 on his purple shirt passed the ball towards him as he was in mid air.
  316. >He jumped backward, only to hit the ball with his hind hoof towards the goal.
  317. >The guard goalkeeper couldn’t react in time, not even for his big size it being a minotaur.
  318. >And that was the last goal of the match, in the last minute of the game as the referee whistled the end of the match.
  319. >7-0 in their own home.
  320. >This is a good humiliation, but you know they will do better.
  321. >Every inmate started murmuring and beginning to whine about the loss of the guards. Some guards that weren’t playing were cringing at how the game ended.
  322. >And you just clapped your hooves on the sand.
  323. >They couldn’t hear you because of how the sand makes less noise, but you know that new recruit… Doctor Karma’s new ‘Project’ could hear it.
  324. >You don’t know what kind of crazy device he has or is wearing, but you know is strong.
  325. >Only two games remain.
  326. >And you have only something to ask to yourself.
  327. >Where is Musul Mare?
  329. Be Musul Mare
  330. Be Yarn Feather
  331. Be Musul Mare
  332. Be Yarn
  333. Be Musul
  334. Yarn
  335. Mu
  336. “AAAhhhhhh! Stop it! Stop it! Whoever is doing it! Whatever is doing it! Stop! I can’t hold too much!”
  337. >You are Musul Mare
  338. >No! You are Yarn Feather!
  339. >You are trying to gain the control of your body back!
  340. >You don’t know how or why, but maybe the curse or whatever those terrorists had in you, is wearing off!
  341. >You can do it!
  342. >You can do it!!
  343. >You’ll tell Short Fuse about the plans of the terrorists!
  344. >About how they plan to bring an evil King Sombra to this world!
  345. >The identity of the one moving the threads in this prison!
  346. >The spies, the terrorists, the boss!
  347. “Oh no, you won’t! I just need… cookies! Potions! AYAYA!”
  348. >You are fighting to get the hang of your body back.
  349. >The cats in your room are pretty confused… they must be with the curse too! The poor, poor, little things!
  350. “Y-You have been using my body… faking everything… messing with my best friend…! All this time! I won’t… give up!”
  351. >Musul Mare, or whoever wants to be called that wants to use your body whenever it wants… tried to fly where the fridge was.
  352. >It was trying to get more cookies!
  353. >But for some reason, something is giving you the strength to fight the urge of Musul Mare to get the cookies!
  354. >It’s as if… there was somepony else in here.
  355. >You feel… two presences.
  356. >But you can’t see them!
  357. >After some struggle, Musul Mare gives up.
  358. >But you still can’t move your entire body, nor you can’t speak.
  359. “Alright… you want your body back, eh?”
  360. >You don’t speak, you just let it speak.
  361. “And what are you going to do next? You know, it was you after all who was Musul Mare… all this time, messing with the guards, messing with your best friend, Short Fuse… how would he feel if he discovered the truth? That you… are a troublemaker who knew his plans against the terrorists?”
  362. >You felt your heart shatter for a moment.
  363. >Musul Mare is right.
  364. >Can Short Fuse forgive you?
  365. >It… it wasn’t your fault.
  366. >You were forced into this.
  367. >And it started with a cookie…
  368. >The presence that was here… is gone now.
  369. >Maybe is not the moment to fight back.
  370. >Not yet.
  371. >But you’ll wait for the perfect moment to defeat it!
  372. >Whoever was here… thank you!
  373. >Thank you…
  374. >Now you know you can break the curse anytime you try... but you won't do it yet.
  375. “Okay… now I’m tardy to the first match, probably. I’ll have to ask The Boss for a powerful potion after this. Hopefully, that weirdo doctor has something on his stock.”
  376. >If only… you knew who tried to help you…
  378. Be Blue Candle
  379. >And you two… just got your memories back.
  380. >But not only that, now you two have a yellow heart floating near your chests.
  381. >You two have been recovering memories for the last hours.
  382. “..Did that just happen?”
  383. >Your sister eagerly nods her head.
  384. >”…Yup!”
  385. “..Did we discover out of the blue who we are and tried to help a random pony who we knew was under Emperor Sombra’s mind control spell?”
  386. >She nods hear head once again.
  387. >”…Yup!”
  388. >You scratch your top hat with your hoof as you think for more things that happened in just mere hours.
  389. >…
  390. “..What more, we were unicorns or pegasi in the previous world or something…? I can’t quite remember…”
  391. >Your sister shakes her head this time.
  392. >“…Nope, but you still got a horn below there!"
  393. >You don’t know why, but you saw that one coming…
  394. “..Will you ever change?”
  395. >She just pulls out her tongue at you and giggles a bit.
  396. >You’ll take that as a no.
  397. >So, big story short, you two are from other world and lost your memories by entering to this world.
  398. >How? Emperor Sombra.
  399. >That evil tyrant who dislikes earth ponies so much... your veins fill with anger just by thinking of him.
  400. “..We should tell Anon about what happened, who took the crystal from the box and what we know about that mean Emperor.”
  401. >Your sister floats around you.
  402. >”…You’re right. Time’s running out… neither you or I know how we lost our memory and how we got it back… but since we do now and Anon seems like the best candidate to help us… we should ask for his help.”
  403. >You nod to her as you stare back at the pony who you both tried to help.
  404. >Maybe she isn’t the only one under Emperor Sombra’s mind control spell.
  405. “..We should be going and tell Anon about who we are… or were. I hope our bodies are safe back at that… horrible world.”
  406. >...It hurts to remember how you two were used in such experiment to travel across dimensions.
  407. >”…I mean, everything is lost back there… but here we have each other. Do you really want to go back there?”
  408. >She stared at you with such deep eyes…
  409. >You want the best to your sister.
  410. >But that world, despite being under the reign of a tyrant… is your home world. That, you cannot change.
  411. >There is hope if you two somehow got your memory back.
  412. >...We need to believe.
  413. “..Red, sister of mine… if we don’t do anything, then that monster will be here. We don’t know what kind of dirty tricks he has, but we can’t stand here, waiting… we must do something! This world is nothing compared to that one! We need to-“
  414. >Your sister went right in front of you and gave you a quick peek on the lips.
  415. >It quickly made you stop talking and begin blushing.
  416. >”…You are so cute when you get serious… I’m kidding! I want to help Anon! And… kind of want to try him out too, but that comes later! (So do I)!”
  417. >When did she learn to speak in parenthesis?
  418. >You two stare at each other with a winning smile wearing on your faces.
  419. “..Alright, let’s do this, sister!”
  420. >”…Yes! Let’s taste Anon!”
  421. “..Ye- NO! We tell him about us and then we-“
  422. >”…Taste him? Pleeeeease!”
  423. >…Maybe she is hungry or just playing silly…
  424. >You scratch your head while staring at the ceiling, that was a bit near of you two by the way.
  425. “..Y-You know, if you are… feeling like that, we kinda can try out a quick-“
  426. >Without hesitating, Red Candle went directly to your hooves and kissed you for quite the minute.
  427. >The taste of your sister… hnng… her tongue was so sweet.
  428. >She stops the kiss and stares at you with a lustful grin.
  429. >”…And to think you want to do it in front of so many eyes!”
  430. >You stare down where you two were floating.
  431. >You two were still in the room filled with cats.
  432. ”..Cats doesn’t couuuu- auhh~.”
  433. >She gave your ear a tiny bite! That cheater!
  434. “..Okay! Th-That’s it!”
  435. >You grab her by the belly and start blowing a raspberry on her belly.
  436. >She started laughing and moaning.
  437. >She likes that.
  438. >And you like to hear her moan like that.
  439. >”…B-Brother~!”
  440. >Ohh, and you are just beginning with!
  443. Be Musul Mare
  444. >Be hearing noises.
  445. >Spooky noises.
  446. >As if someone was being… tortured with tickles.
  447. >Your ears perk up and you feel a chill on your back.
  448. “Larson and the fourth one… how scary… I better change clothes quick before- EEK!”
  449. >Something just hit your head! And it was cold!
  450. >You touch your head with your hoof and… it was something… sticky?
  451. >Is the ceiling leaking?
  452. >Ugh, you’ll tell that warden as Yarn Feather to fix that ceiling later…
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