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Dadonequus Discord Part 290

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  1. >Chrysalis had left your homework on your dresser. in front of the mirror.
  2. >Egh, basic math and english..or rather pony. This would be a cakewalk.
  3. >Sadly, it means you'd have to spend the rest of the day in the house. You could try hanging with Chrysalis after your homework. But considering you just finished dealing with Thorax, you didn't want her asking questions since it would still be fresh in her mind.
  4. >And as you did your homework. Your mind trailed off to Applebloom and Scrappy. That Symbiotic relation was certainly an odd one. But their commitment was pretty strong. You felt there was nothing to worry about since you didn't hear a word from Scrappy when Applejack and Twilight was present. You just heard pretty realistic barking. Which to you meant he knew how to play his part.
  5. >And then there was Luna and Thorax...well mostly Thorax. You wondered what his fate was going to be now that he was in Canterlot.
  6. >And then this other you. Luna knows about him now. And you wondered if she would tell Celestia. Hell, you wondered what she'd think about it.Or maybe she wouldn't care? hrn..
  7. >You had other doors you could try. Surely Discord wouldn't limit you that much right? No one outside Ponyville would notice nor care about the fact you were "sick" since they didn't know.
  8. >But perhaps it wasn't worth the risk.
  9. "Ugh, come on Anon. You can handle one day of doing nothing. Maybe I should explore the house and..........no never mind. Who knows what kinds of death traps Discord has lying around. The crazy fuck."
  10. >You finish your homework and slip it into your saddlebag and bounce up on your bed and land on your back and stare up at our ceiling.
  11. "It's just onnnee day. I've spent plenty of days just staring up at my ceiling back on earth...egh. Then again, I didn't really have any friends back then. I remember it...it sucked"
  12. >You thought about reminiscing on your past. But nah, that's dumb. there wasn't anything worth remembering.
  14. >Minutes felt like hours.
  15. >You couldn't even use the horn to make a game or pass the time. It was spent on Thorax's wings.
  16. >Starlight, you really hoped that when she met up with Sunburst that everything would be ok. You wished she'd let you be at her side. But, this was something she had to do alone. And you had to respect that.
  17. >Hours felt like days. You couldn't really think of a time where you just laid on your bed awake. You didn't feel like sleeping at all.
  18. "Ok, I guess I might as well think of how I'm going to bait Chrysalis to that party. I guess I could just act sneaky, evil, tell her I have a plan or some shit. Nah, she wouldn't buy it. I guess I could just tell her that Twilight invited her to the castle for a special meeting that "she didn't tell me about it. Yeah, that would get her curious enough to go. She wouldn't be able to resist poking her nose in Twilight's business. Just have the party at the castle and BAM! Even if she hates it, she'll have to bask in ponies that honestly care about her whether she likes it or not and..."
  19. >You smack yourself in the forehead
  20. "Talking to myself again! eggghhhh, terrible"
  21. >You look over at the clock. It was getting close to what ponies would consider a bed time. Not your bed time. But A bed time. Perhaps enough for you to finally feel tired enough to sleep.
  22. >But now, you didn't want to sleep. One more thought crossed your mind.
  23. "Those other changelings. I wonder, maybe their all just a certain level of dumb. Just, slightly less dumb than Scrappy. I wonder....wait.."
  24. >You start THINKING your words. "You began to wonder and think if maybe the changelings could be reformed before Chrysalis. Maybe if they were all good. She would consider it. There's no way she could rage and just abandon her children if they all decided to be good. It''s not like some terrible transformation would happen that would make them different or some shit like that.
  25. >Now it was getting a little later. You started to tucker out.
  27. >You wrapped yourself in your blanket. The magical warmth of your bed sending you into a deep slumberland.
  28. >or..it would. If there wasn't a scraping at your window.
  29. "...the fuck? dammit...Finally feeling tired and someone has to bother me. egh, Discord...c'mon dude. I love ya but you can't be doing this."
  30. >You hop out of bed and look out the window.....only to see a giant yellow eye staring back at you. snickering.
  31. >"Helloooooo Anon, How are ya doooooooin'.? I hope you didn't think I was gone..." whatever it was, it was chuckling insanely "...that'd be rude..."
  32. >You step back, startled. scared. HOLY SHIT...WHAT WAS THAT THING?!
  33. >It was a giant ball of black mass, a single yellow eye adorned at the top while it's middle was actually a huge gaping maw with millions of sharp teeth. Out of it's ball body was tendrils and tentacles with holes in them. They too were jet black in color.
  34. >.....holes??...in the tentacles?
  35. "....no way....You're the Ex-captain"
  36. >"NOT ANYMORE! GAZE UPON ME! FOR I AM THE X-CAPTAIN! HAHAHAHAHA!" He laughed maniacally as his tendrils curled and wiggled.
  37. >B-but..you just...what?
  38. "I....yeah. I just called you that."
  39. >"No...you idiot! I am the X-Captain! Not the excaptain!" He growls "I am a being of chaos now. Of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL! The "X" in my name stands for a variable never ending! Now then...on to business" He cackled lowly, seems his transformation still left a few screws loose. "If you open this window for me, I'll squeeze on in and destroy the queen first. You can be desert. Fail to comply and you'll be the FIRST to go! Undddeerrstttaaannnddd?" He gives you a huge teethy cruel grin.
  40. >Wait...why were you scared? Yeah, he was intimidating. Almost piss inducing. But, he just asked you to open the window....that meant.
  41. >You stopped your shivering as you realized...
  42. "Wait....you can't open the window?"
  43. >"I CAN!..I just refuse. Now open the window!" He shouts at you
  46. >You raise an eyebrow at him as you approach the window, tap it, then step back.
  47. "Ahm...no, I don't think so. Because you can't actually open the window"
  48. >"FOOL!" he immediatly gets furious at you "YOU DARE TELL THE FUTURE RULER OF EQUESTRIA WHAT HE CAN AND CANNOT DO?"
  49. >You simply nod
  50. "Yep, that's basically what I'm doing."
  51. >He tenses his tendrils in rage, but then suddenly, calms himself and snickers. "ohohho, ooohhhh. I suppose you might be right. I cannot in fact, open this window...." He starts staring intently at you with his singular eye, waving his tendrils about it to get you to focus "But you CAN open it, don't you feel relaxed? Don't you like me? stare deep into my eye Anon.....I promise, your destruction will be nearly pleasurable if you just do my bidding."
  52. >You get grossed out and just look at him like he was a rapist
  53. "Ewww, geez dude, I'm like....seven..or nine..or something. I dunno, the hell is wrong with you?!"
  54. >He seemed rather astonished "..y-you weren't feeling relaxed? My gaze did not capture your complete attention?"
  55. "no...was it supposed to? You creeper...geez, you're just....bad"
  56. >Like, what the fuuuuuuuck was that all about?
  57. >the "X-Captain's" temper was lost, he started screaming incoherently as a giant laser shot from his eye and hit every which way. It even hit the window and house...doing nothing to it. "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HOW IS IT I'M A ONE EYED GAZING MONSTER WITH NO HYPNOTIZING ABILITIES?! WHAT IS THAT EVEN?! I HATE EVERYYYYYTHHHHIIIINNNGGG!"
  58. >Christ, what a miserable guy...and annoying. You knew this guy was never gonna make a turn around, and since he was more intent on killing you than Scrappy was. it was probably a good idea to pay him no mind.
  59. >So you just go back to bed, leaving that sad husk of a changeling by himself.
  60. >As he calms down, he shoves his eye on the glass to look around the room. "What are you doing now!? OPEN THIS WINDOW!"
  62. "No, leave me alone..sheesh. You're annoying. You had your chance already, go bother somepony else."
  63. >You turn and put your pillow around your ears. Fuck that guy.
  65. >You just sigh and close your eyes. Luckily for you, you grew up having to deal with loud shouting before. So despite his efforts. You could probably fall asleep eventually. the magical warmth of the bed helped.
  66. >"DON'TIGNOOOREEEEMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" he screeched as he scraped his tentacles across the window.
  68. >Your eyes cracked open the moment you heard the scraping of his tentacles on the window. It was like nails to a chalkboard.
  69. >As the X-captain scraped and tried to slam open the window. His eye darted about. Until finally he noticed from staring at your mirror that you tensed upon every scrape. He tested it a few times, then snickered as he began to do it on purpose "Ohhhhh....hehehehe, I see. You can't ignore this? Can you Anon? cannnn youuuuuhahahaha..."
  70. >You groan in frustration as you get back up and point at him angrily
  71. "Cut it out you bastard! That shit's annoying!"
  72. >"Oh is it? gehehehehe, I hadn't noooootttiiiccceeed" he slurred as he slowly but annoyingly scraped his tentacles about.
  73. "...Seriously? I'm never going to open that window for you...."
  74. >"Ok then....I just wonder how long you can stand this before you go mad. Scrippy scrap scritchy scratch, how soon will Anon open the window so the queen can be mashed? hmm?" He rhymed and snickered a crazed sinister chuckle.
  75. >...Something told you he was capable of keeping this up forever.
  76. >You thought back to Discord's words from earlier today.
  77. >Fuck this...he said you'd be better by evening..well..it was evening.
  80. >"Anooonnnn..oh Annnoonn..how does it f-...what are you doing?" The X-captain went from cruel to worried when he noticed you dabbling on the dial of your portal door.
  81. "I'm going to sleep at my aunt's house...."
  83. "Yeah..whatever..."
  84. >You open the door.
  85. >"HOW DARE YOU GO BOTHER YOUR AUNT LIKE THIS! AS PUNISHMENT, YOU MUST OPEN THIS WINDOW! I COMMAND YO-....you? NOOO! NOOO!" He screeches as you step through the portal.
  86. "Egh, bastard.."
  87. >You rubbed your head as you stood outside the cottage. The sky was dark, with stars lighting up the entire night sky.
  88. "Fucking hell, it's not super late...at least not by my standards.egh, gonna have to have Discord soundproof that fucking window. what an asshole..."
  89. >You look over at the completed statue set. With Nymous's" happy grin.
  90. >You sigh, looking at it. You kinda wished it was like that. You,Discord, Fluttershy, in one house as a family. Chrysalis?..just as a friend. Sister was a little much. You still wondered what really goes through Discord's head when he does this shit because you are damned sure he didn't think this all the way through.
  92. >You raise your hoof to knock on the door. At first, you not only didn't mind bothering Fluttershy for this, but welcomed the sweetness of her voice and the softness of her body.
  93. >But, the asshole did have a point. Even saying you felt better. Even if they made her understand. You were still bothering her.
  94. >....then again....you were sure she'd be happy to know you were ok.
  95. >Yeah, you were sure she was worried.
  96. >You knock on the door a few times, calling for Fluttershy in a way that hopefully didn't sound too annoying.
  97. >It took awhile, but the door finally opened...but Fluttershy wasn't behind it.
  98. >Once again, it was Angel. He was wearing a nightcap, yawning, and looked rather annoyed.
  99. "...erm...hey..."
  100. >He begins to shut the door, but this time, you don't puss out and hold your hoof our ro stop it.
  101. "Wait! hear me out...Look, I sorta need to sleep here tonight. I had a nightmare...and I feel like I just need somepony warm and gentle to sleep with. Sleeping alone, it's kinda scary"
  102. >Ok, that was mostly a lie. But hell, the X-captain did become a fucking nightmare creature.
  103. >Angel started doing some motions, then coughed, then pointed at you. You think you understood that.
  104. "I was sick, I'm feeling better now thanks to dad. But, ugh..it's just...hard to sleep..you know? Please Angel, please don't shut me out?"
  105. >Angel looked at you at first as if you were full of shit. But he just hopped back, and then turned to hop up to Fluttershy's room. He stopped to wave his paw at you so you'd follow.
  106. >You were thankful of this of course.even though you lied. It showed Angel wasn't heartless or cruel. Just a jerk when there's nothing at stake.
  108. >You follow him up to her room to find the sleeping form of Fluttershy, snug in her bed. a smile on her face. Dreaming of pleasant things.
  109. >Angel put his paw to his mouth and let out a soft "shhhhhhh", pointed to a spot on the bed you can sleep on. And hopped up next to Fluttershy and made himself comfortable.
  110. >You were actually hoping to get some cuddles. But, how could you wake up such soft and adorable perfection?
  111. >You carefully get up on the bed where there was room, and get under the blanket and move to Fluttershy's backside. You didn't mind sleeping under the blanket. It was a little stuffy. But worth it. It was as close to her warmth as you were going to get right now. You hoped she wouldn't be startled when she sees you in the morning. You hoped this wasn't a mistake.
  112. >And it worked wonders, as you drifted off to sleep
  113. >Sleep...until the morning came.
  114. >"Annoooonnn.....time for breakfast!" You hear in a soft voice. egghhhhh, fuck the morning. You wrap yourself in the blanket and roll about.
  115. >"Annnnoooonnn..."
  116. >Nooooo...wait.
  117. >You quickly rise up and look about in surprise, remembering how you came to the cottage in the first place. Fluttershy was gone, but you could hear her calling you from downstairs.
  118. >Shit, you better haul ass...but, if she was calling you. Did that mean everything was fine?
  120. >You rush to the main room of the cottage where Fluttershy was setting down a bowl on a low table by her green couch. She then noticed you by the pitter patter of your hooves. turned to you and smiled "Anon! How are you doing this morning? Are you feeling alright?"
  121. >...seriously? She wasn't questioning anything? You answered her question with caution.
  122. "Erm, yeah. Thanks to Dad, I'm feeling pretty great. You're not mad that I came by so late Aunt Fluttershy?"
  123. >She shook her head "Mad? Oh no no Anon, I was just very worried. But Angel told me you had a very terrible nightmare and couldn't sleep. It must have been from being so sick. Your father told me you'd be fine within the day but....well, I wanted to wait until school was about to start to see how you were feeling. And!" She points to the bowl "I thought I'd use a recipe Zecora taught me to help keep your immune system going strong. I'm very glad to see you're well but, I'd rather not take any chances."
  124. >Awww, that's pretty based of the bunny. He kept Fluttershy calm by telling her what was going on. Man, were you glad you weren't really sick. If she caught on to even a bit of illness, she might fall apart.
  125. "Thanks for understanding Aunt Fluttershy. I was kind of worried I'd be bothering you. But, you're not even upset. That's pretty cool."
  126. >Fluttershy walks over to you and holds you in for a hug "I'm your Aunt Anon, I have to be strong for you and not fall apart. If I couldn't think straight then I would have never come up with the idea to make this breakfast for you. Your my little Gentlecolt, and that means that whenever you visit me, I will always do my best for you."
  127. >...a-awww...F-fluttershy
  128. >You hug into her tighter. That made you feel so warm. You really had to thank Angel for this, he really was kind of cool taking the time to explain things in what must have been a really amazing manner to keep Flutters calm.
  129. "I love you Aunt Fluttershy"
  131. >"And I love you too Anon." Fluttershy slowly breaks the hug, gives you a smile, and boops your nose. "You'll always have a place here no matter what time it is. Oh!" She realized she nearly forgot something. And have you a gentle pat on the head. "And don't you worry, I won't go telling anypony that you made a mess in your bed. That secret is safe with me and Angel. If you'd like, I can give you a candle to give you a little bit of light to keep those nasty nightmares away. I know the dark can be pretty scary, but a little light always helps."
  133. >"A-Anon? A-are you ok?" She noticed you shaking, and finally began to falter.
  134. >You snap from your hellacious rage. Goddammit, now she thought you were a pussified bed wetter. That wasn't cute, that wasn't nice, Now she was going to treat you like a baby more than usual. You could just feel it. You liked how she treated you, but this could turn ugly real quick.
  135. "Oh nah, I'm fine. I was just getting over just waking up. Y'know me, I like sleeping."
  136. >"Oh" Fluttershy sighed in relief "That's good, but Anon...you really should have better sleeping habits. hrnnnn...oh, I know!" Fluttershy seems to come up with an excellent idea "Why don't you ask your father if you can spend a few nights here? I'd love to spend more time with you AND I can help you develop better habits. It'll be fun!"
  137. >.....oh wait....no, that sounded terrible. No, no..because she'd be treating you like a baby at all times and..
  138. >.....and...as you look into that sweet motherly face......oogghhh. Well, this might not be a bad idea...considering that asshole just came back from literally nowhere and could probably, at this moment, trying to concoct a hundred and one ways to kill you. The thought alone was annoying.
  140. "I guess I could do that. I mean, you are the greatest aunt a colt could ever have..yeah"
  141. >Alllll those cuddles wassss tempting.
  142. >You smile happily at her
  143. "I would love to be able to spend a few nights here. A-and I'm a good learner too. so no worries"
  144. >"Awww, I was never worried." Fluttershy gives a quick nuzzle on your face with her own then leads you to your bowl of food "Now eat up Anon. You'll indefinably feel better after eating this. Oh, by the way. Are you feeling well enough for school?"
  145. >You walk up to the bowl and....woo, it looked awful. a mixture of green and blue slop with leaves sticking out.
  146. "Erm, oh yeah. I'm feeling up for it...ummm...is it supposed to look like this?"
  147. >"Mhmm, it's both a food and a special medicine. At least that is what Zecora said." Fluttershy grabbed a bag from next to her stone stove thing...you forget the name. and she puts it next to you. "It's a good thing I packed your lunch too then. Just in case you felt well enough to go to school, now go ahead and eat Anon. You don't want to be late."
  148. >But, it looked so awful. But, wait. Usually, things like this never taste as bad as they look. You had plenty of shit that looked bad but tasted good so far. Why would this be any different.
  149. >you lean in and take a large yet sloppy bite.
  150. >Then you tense up, turn green, swallow, and then immediately want to kill yourself as you groan and shudder.
  151. >It was that bad...
  152. "Uhm,.."
  153. >you slide it away
  154. >"Is something the matter Anon?" She didn't know what you were thinking, but she did have an idea. And if it was THAT, unfortunately, she felt she would have to press you into it.
  155. "...I'm not feeling very hungry....anymore"
  156. >That had to be the worst tasting thing you ever had. Even Derpy's old ass muffin couldn't compete.
  157. >"Anon...." She slowly slides the bowl back towards you "You need to eat this to keep your strength up, and to make sure that nasty sickness you had doesn't creep back up"
  159. >But it tasted fucking awful. You weren't even sick! but, she didn't know that. So, what could you do? Maybe...
  160. "I mean, yeah it could help but....what if it doesn't? Maybe my sickness was like some weird chaos thing?"
  161. >"Annnonnn..." Fluttershy didn't look amused a first, then she sighed, looking disappointed. "I already asked your father if it was anything you could have caught inside the house and he said no."
  162. >She actually asked him that?...no, of course she would. She would of course want to make sure the house was suitable for your health.
  163. >"So please, eat up. Please? I know it doesn't taste very good but your body will thank you for it. I promise" She urged you to finish this vile breakfast.
  164. >fuuuuuckkkk.....You were out of ideas.
  165. >Fluttershy smiled and tilted her head cutely as she came up with an idea "How about I feed it to you? It always tastes better when you have a little help. In fact!" Fluttershy leans in and takes a bite, she shudders a little, but takes it like a champ. "see? It's not so bad. If I can eat it, then of course the big strong hero colt can!"
  166. >Fluttershy....
  167. >Fuck, she was trying hard. It really looked like she would assert herself until you actually ate it. You didn't want to inconvenience her or disappoint her that much. You also didn't want to be treated like a baby.
  168. >You would bite the bullet...for her.
  169. "Y-yeah, I guess it really...erm..isn't if you can eat it. I-I don't need any help though...see?"
  170. >You dig in, and oh god, you could only wish for sweet release because every bite was pure agony.
  171. >"Yay! I knew you could do it Anon" Fluttershy exclaimed. "And soon,you'll feel really really good! Trust me! Zecora's remedies always work."
  173. >You knew that rabbit was probably looking at you too from somewhere....the fucking fuck.
  174. >You finish Satan's shit and take a moment to compose yourself. Fluttershy taking her time of slipping your lunch bag into your saddle bag. "See, was it really so bad Anon?"
  175. >.......ooooooooooohhhhh that and so much worse.
  176. "I-I guess n-n-n-not."
  177. >"Good, now...ohh, Anon.." Fluttershy gently grabs onto you and hovers upward so she can hug and cradle you. "I was so worried when your father told me you were sick, I wanted to hold you and let you know everything would be ok. Anon, please, whenever you need help or somepony to talk to, please, don't hesitate to come visit. Alright?" She holds you forward so she can look at you eye to eye. She looked like a mix of motherly,worried, and loving. "It doesn't matter if the sun is just coming up or if it's midnight. I'm always here for you. And, your sister too. I can't imagine how things have been for her. But my door will always be open for the both of you, alright?"
  178. >Even though the part with Chrysalis was a bad idea, for her, you would say yes. You would, because as you thought about it. There was sometimes, where you just want someone soft and caring to be close with....that you didn't get the urge to fuck. Speaking of which, you did have to see DT today. You hoped she was ok.
  179. "I will Aunt Fluttershy, I promise. If I ever need you. I'll come visit."
  180. >"Awwww, thanks Anon. It's good to hear that" She cuddles you and rubs her nose on yours before putting you down. "Now you better get going Anon, you don't want to be late for school. If you want, you should come back after school. We could spend the afternoon feeding all the animals. Doesn't that sound fun?"
  181. >not...really?...egh. for her, you would accept it as fun.
  182. "Sure, if nothing comes up. I'll come straight here"
  183. >"Alright!" Fluttershy leans in and kisses your cheek "You have a good day at school Anon, don't over exert yourself ok?"
  185. >You nuzzle your head under hers.
  186. "I won't, you take care Aunt Fluttershy. I love you"
  187. >"I love you too Anon."
  188. >Fluttershy, a pony with genuine love and care in her heart. You simply couldn't resist that. Even if the food she just made was fucking terrible. As long as you had a heart, you would protect her smile. And be her little gentlecolt. Huh...maybe this was the same kind of hold she had on Discord.
  189. >You headed off to school. with the thought of DT in your mind now. You really did hope she was ok, same with Sweetie Belle. Hell, you hoped DT didn't rip her to shreds with grief. Like, literal shreds. She had enough money to get away with it. You swear she did.
  190. >You could see all the other colts and fillies rushing off to school. hrn, something else entered your mind. something long past.
  191. >Good News and Quick Press. Or mostly just Good News. It took some careful maneuvers to get her to go away. But it surprised you that she never came back. Perhaps you were just flavor of the month. Yeah, that was probably it. That was probably a good thing. If any news of your more recent exploits got out, you were sure you'd see those two again.
  193. >"ANOOOOOOON!" You hear the shrill voice of a certain pink filly behind you
  194. >It was only a matter of time really.
  195. "DiamoOMPH!"
  196. >Right as you turn around. Diamond jumps right on you and starts nuzzling. Any sense of public dignity flying right out the window. Damn, that love poison, that night, that dance. It really cemented the relationship...didn't it?
  197. >"Anon! Anon! You're ok! My Prince is ok! Look everypony! He's ok!" D'awww. You actually appreciated her attention. You felt loved. You even reach out to give her a hug, which of course, makes her blush and calm down.
  198. "Of course I'm ok. Are you ok Diamond?"
  199. >"Y-yeah...wait!" Diamond Tiara hopped up, and then looked at you with a puffed up and angry face "Why didn't you tell me you were sick?! Why did Sweetie Belle have to tell me! ooohhh! You're not supposed to do that Anon! I was so worried!" She shouted at you.
  200. >Yikes, her switch got flipped.
  201. "S-sorry, it just sorta happened...um...y'know, I didn't feel well enough to move and...stuff."
  202. >Diamond Tiara let out a "harumph" as she looked up with her eyes closed, visible disgust on her face. "You're lucky we're together or I'd walk away right now. I'm super mad at you"
  203. >Yeah right. She was totally into you. Heh, and you know? You'd prove it.
  204. "Oh really?"
  205. >You get up, and start gently rubbing your hoof along under her neck. Her ears go down as she blushes deep, her head instinctively raising so you could rub the entirely of the bottom of her head.
  206. "Are you really mad at me?"
  207. >"Y-y....no..." She looks at you dreamily "I guess not"
  208. >You kiss her on the nose, which makes her squee in delight.
  209. "You're so sweet...my....oh geez"
  210. >you happen a glance at Silver Spoon, and funnily enough, Sweetie Belle slowly tailing from behind. Their manes ragged, bags under their eyes.She..oh geez, She kept them up all night....didn't she?
  213. >You point over to the tired fillies.
  214. "What happened to them?"
  215. >Diamond looks over to them, then back to you with an ignorant but cheerful smile "No idea actually, I think they didn't get much sleep for some reason. Couldn't tell you why, but they look fine to me"
  216. >While Silver Spoon presses on. Sweetie Belle groans and falls on her face. Snoring on the ground.
  217. >"Ooook...maybe their not that fine. Silver Spoon" Diamond walked over to her tired friend "What happened last night, really, why are you both so tired?"
  218. >Silver Spoon wiped her right eye then yawned as she tried to focus "....U-ummm, well...you were kinda having nightmares all night, and making a lot of noise. We couldn't sleep"
  219. >"Well that's ridiculous, I remember having a sweet sweet dream about Anon" Diamond Tiara was acting pretty confident and even stuck up about this.
  220. >Silver Spoon adjusted her glasses and sighed, she seemed a little annoyed with her response, but didn't want to argue with her for the usual reasons. She wouldn't even be annoyed if she wasn't so tired. "Ummm, that's because Sweetie Belle kept whispering in your ear things Anon would say whenever you started to talk in your sleep....Just saying"
  221. >"W-what?" Diamond Tiara was shocked, she looked down at the sleeping filly as she frowned, guilt building up within her "...S-she did that for me?"
  222. >Silver spoon nodded "yeah, like, she was really into it for some reason. It was kinda weird."
  223. >...or it was Sweetie Belle herself feeling guilt over what Scootaloo must have told her. That was it, right? She didn't need to go that far. cripes.
  224. "Sweetie Belle..."
  225. >You say in a quiet voice. Just....the poor filly.
  227. >"....." Diamond Tiara just spent a moment staring at Sweetie Belle, her face slowly showing determination as she looked towards you and pointed towards Sweetie Belle "Anon, you will take Sweetie Belle to school. We will take the slowest way there since we still have some time before school starts. Understand?"
  228. >heh, there was the Diamond Tiara you remembered. Demanding. though, it was kind of cute. Yeah, you had no problem following that command.
  229. "Yes ma'am"
  230. >You salute and get close to Sweetie Belle, but as you draw near. Diamond let's out a "WAAAAAIIIITTT!"
  231. "U-uh wha? What's wrong?"
  232. >"Just one thing..." Diamond Tiara takes off her tiara and carefully places it on Sweetie Belle's head. "Also, you'll pretend she is me and that you are giving your princess a ride so I do not tire my hooves. Got it? Under no circumstance are you to think you're actually carrying around Sweetie Belle"
  233. >Geez, she was so damn cute.
  234. >you could feel a fuzzy feeling in your heart. This was definitely love. You loved the fact that she was caring yet adorably demanding in a way to hide it. You loved the fact she loved you so much to dream about you.You found it just adorable that a kiss would be enough to melt her like butter. And you could tell that the love she had for you would last forever. Sure, there was some cheating using love poison. But with the feelings you have in your heart? You no longer cared about it. You would be her prince, and you would protect her smile until the day you died. Man, this way of thinking would never work in the human world. It really was like a dream.
  235. "Yes my princess,..heh...c'mon my princess, time for a ride"
  236. >You lower yourself to get Sweetie Belle onto your back, but Diamond Tiara had to make sure of one more thing. "And when you say "c'mon princess, time for a ride"..you meaaannn?"
  238. >You give her an arrogant smirk as you get Sweetie Belle on your back.
  239. "I mean the beautiful and wonderful princess Diamond Tiara of course"
  240. >Diamond blushed, but kept her commanding composure "Right...that's exactly right. Now c'mon let's go. You're ok to go, right Silver Spoon?"
  241. >"Mhmmm, I got a little sleep. I just need to like, really really focus. That's all." Silver Spoon assured her
  242. >"Alright, then let's go this way!" Diamond Tiara pointed towards a path that was a little tiny ways off from the path to school. And the three of you began your trek.
  243. >Diamond Tiara stuck to your side as Silver Spoon intentionally stayed behind. focusing on her own pace as to not make herself too tired.
  244. >You gently and affectionatly rub the side of your face with hers, she blushes as she looks towards you. Confused. "What was that for?"
  245. "Just showing my princess a little more affection.And well, I wanted to tell you, that as the hero colt, I would give it my all just to protect your smile. Because your smile? It makes me feel warm every time I see it."
  246. >Diamond Tiara nearly tumbled forward. She was beet red as she caught herself and slowly began to steady her step. She looked away from you. She suddenly felt...embarrassed. "W-where did that come from? This..you know this isn't a date right?"
  247. >You giggle at that. Seems she didn't expect such a compliment in a casual setting.
  248. "Does it need to be?"
  249. >"N-no....I g-guess not.Erm, Anon..are you ok? Really? You're not pushing yourself right?" Diamond Tiara turned her head just a bit to look at you. Still blushing.
  250. "I'm ok, especially when I'm with you. I love you Diamond Tiara, there doesn't need to be a sleepover or a date for me to show some affection. Right?"
  251. >You try to steer the conversation back on track.
  254. >"No..." Diamond Tiara didn't know what to say after that. So instead. She had a question. "Anon..erm...did you dream about me last night?"
  255. >If it made her happy, you'd say yes. You were sure those kinds of dreams would come soon.
  256. "I did, I was a prince and a knight protecting his princess from a dragon."
  257. >Diamond Tiara gasped, her eyes going wide, she even had to stop for a moment. "That.....that's what I was dreaming! Anon...d-do you know what this means?"
  258. "What?"
  259. >She seemed really surprised. Of course she would be, seemed you guessed a good match.
  260. >"It means we were sharing a dream! E-even if Sweetie Belle sorta maybe helped...it was really you. You came into my dream somehow and protected me. Or...not even somehow. It was our love! Our love is what let you come into my dream to save me and.....a-and" She just looked upon your form, she was awestruck, she fell even deeper in love with you than ever before over something as silly as a notion as a shared dream. "...we we're meant to be together. I'm..sure of it..and..Anon..erm" She blushes, and starts to feel shy. "I know I said to protect Sweetie Belle is me, but um..I'm kind of a little tired too. Would you mind if I...just leaned against you the rest of the way? Please?" She lied of course, she wasn't tired, she was just looking for an excuse to do it. God, it was so easy now.
  261. "Anytime, my love"
  262. >She kept herself from squeeing in delight. She faked a yawn and began to lean against you as you all began to walk again "mmmmm, I'm sooo tired Anon. Thank you..."
  263. >She was also quick to skip the subject from the dream to leaning against you. Perhaps she thought you were going to say how silly it sounded. Even though, you'd have never said something like that.
  265. >There wasn't much else to say after that. The three of you walked along the longest path to school. Sweetie Belle, the fourth in the little party, riding along your back as she snoozes and snores.
  266. >Silver Spoon just slogged along, so you kept at an even slower pace than normal. But not just for her sake. Diamond Tiara was leaning against you, nuzzling every so often. You had to keep a slow pace or you might go so fast that she would slip up and fall on her side.
  267. >When you all do finally reach the school however, it seemed there was a little more time to waste before the bell rang. Silver Spoon immediately went to get some rest at her desk. You could see Applebloom and Scootaloo already inside, talking to one another. So it was probably best to wake up Sweetie Belle.
  268. "Welp, we're here.Are you feeling better Diamond?"
  269. >"Mhmmm, I feel....great. Did you enjoy my company Anon?" She looks at you dreamily as she bats her eyes at you. Grinning near drunkenly.
  270. "Of course, my princess. Oh...umm"
  271. >Waking up Sweetie Belle, right.
  272. "How should we wake up your doppleganger?"
  273. >"...Doopa..what?" Seems she had never heard of that term, of course she wouldn't have, she was a kid.
  274. "erm..how should we wake up Sweetie Belle?"
  275. >"Simple..." Diamond looked to Sweetie Belle's sleeping form and yelled out "WE'RE AT SCHOOL!, WAKE UP ALREADY!"
  276. >"Wahh!" Sweetie Belle jumped up from your back and fell on her side with a thud, she quickly got back up and looked around frantically. She didn't even notice that she had fallen.. "W-what happened?! Where are we?! Did somepony explode?!"
  277. >Explode?..sheesh..what was she dreaming about?!
  278. >It also seemed like she didn't notice the rather rude way Diamond had awakened her. Well, that was fine with you in all actuality.
  279. "Woah woah, calm down Sweetie Belle. We're at school. It's about to start. Nopony exploded."
  281. >"...huh?...oh" Sweetie Belle blinked as she looked around, then yawned "O-ok, erm. Wait...so is everypony ok? Diamond Tiara, are you ok?"
  282. >Diamond Tiara nuzzles under your chin as she looks at Sweetie Belle, that dreamy look still plastered on her face. "Better than ever before"
  283. >"...eggghh..ok" Sweetie Belle must have felt that was a little too corny. It may have been. But for you? Well, you were getting nuzzled on. Who the fuck cares?
  284. >She stretched out like a cat and yawned. "Anyway...Anon, can I talk to you in priva-EEP!"
  285. >The bell starts to ring. Sweetie Belle jumps up in surprise, and starts stepping back "Oh, no no no. I'm not gonna be late. Look, Anon, when you get the chance, during recess, I wanna talk to you., got it? got it!" She zips away into the schoolhouse.
  286. "It'd probably be a good idea if we followed her Diamond, we don't want to be late either."
  287. >"I guess, darn, I got so caught up with things that I didn't even get to tell you the neat thing I was doing with my parents today. Oh well, I guess I'll tell you during recess. Now.." She starts stepping forward into the schoolhouse "Let's get inside, I will not be labled as tardy, and neither will you. Royalty shouldn't have to deal with it really. I can't WAIT to grow up. That way we don't have to go to school anymore...and..well...other things" She let out a cute giggle as she thought of marriage.
  288. >You just followed along, smiling, happy that she was happy. But...wondering what Sweetie Belle could want as well. It couldn't be anything bad right? She probably just wanted to talk to you about what went on. She was so tired she probably didn't fullly remember what happened yesterday.
  290. >You take your seat along with the rest of the class as Miss Cheerilee had just prepared herself for her regular morning teaching regimen. Seems like you made it just in time.
  291. >"Good morning everypony!" Cheerilee says, smiling, as she greets the class.
  292. >And of course, you all let out a "Good morning, Miss Cheerilee"
  293. >"And what a good morning it is, another great day for learning and fun! But first, if you all can take out your homework so I can...hrn? Oh" Cheerilee notices you, you thought you noticed a cringe, but it was just for a second as she looked to you with a cheerful grin. "Anon, welcome back, how are you feeling today?"
  294. "Oh, I'm feeling pretty peachy Miss Cheerilee, I'm ready to learn a whole bunch of great things!"
  295. >You say with forced enthusiasm
  296. >"That's good, we we're all worried when your sister came by yesterday to tell us you were sick. But, it's good to see you now, healthy and smiling." Cheerilee's smile began to break to one of worry.
  297. "Oh yeah, I'm feeling great! Strong as ever!"
  298. >"Hurrah for the hero colt!" Snips and Snails yells out, of course, those dumbasses just couldn't drop it. You were sure the love THEY had for you had died some...apparently not. Because it got the rest of the class to cheer for you too. Forcing Cheerilee to politely ask them to quiet down, that it was schooltime.
  299. >...cripes. If Rainbow Dash was an element when she was a filly. She'd probably be heralded as a hero just like this...and she'd eat it all up. For you? Yeah, it was super great. But after recent events, being overly arrogant about it is probably not a good idea since it seems to just cause you more trouble....Well, maybe just a small wave to the class wouldn't hurt. And you did, and they cheered, and Miss Cheerilee had to quiet them again. With a little more authority this time.
  301. >"Now class, please. School has just started, let's not cause a commotion until AFTER class. Speaking of commotions...Anon" And here it came. The main source of her worry. "Anon, there's not going to be any surprises are there?" She tried to sound as nice as possible about it. but after the sister reveal, the chaos lesson, and the kind of show Chrysalis must have put on yesterday. She wasn't ready for any more surprises.
  302. >You couldn't blame her attitude, you were barely at school due to some sort of shenanigan. Or when you were at school. There was usually some other shenanigan going on. So, you'd just take it in stride.
  303. "Nope, I'm going surprise free for the rest of the year."
  304. >You said it with confidence, but you weren't even sure you could keep your word on that.
  305. >"Good" Cheerilee let out a sigh of relief, letting herself relax. She took your word for it, she had no reason to believe you'd lie. Even after the fuckery that's happened, she's never known you to just lie. Not so far anyway. "Ok...moving on" She looked upon the class, regaining her friendly demeanor. "As I was saying before, if you all can bring out your homework. I'll pick it up and we can begin."
  307. >From this point, school went on about as anyone would expect The order of the day was history,math, some learning of advanced words you already knew. Nothing out of the ordinary as usual. Though, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing either. the atmosphere was pleasant and nolstalgic. Miss Cheerilee was being nice and helpful, hell, you thought you'd see if she was ticked at you at all by asking her for some help with your history. It was some unknown ground for you of course, The Wonderbolts history for one, like stuff with General Firefly. was only really grazed upon in season 4. But Miss Cheerilee was more than eager to help you personally understand some of the harder stuff. It put your mind at ease when it came to thinking she'd be walking on eggshells just to communicate with you. Yeah, things would be fine.
  308. >And then the recess bell rang. Time to find out what Diamond Tiara was going to do today. And what Sweetie Belle wanted.
  309. >Some of the other classmates seemed to want to talk to you though. But as you approached Diamond and a tired Silver Spoon outside. They all started to back off as DT herself gave them all a stink eye.
  310. >You could see the CMC just a few yards away. They looked over to you, but seemed to be waiting patiently as they discussed a few things. Looks like they were filling Sweetie Belle in on what happened yesterday when you and Scrappy got back.
  311. >"Sooo, Anon. I bet you've been wondering alllll morning the super great thing I'll be doing today" DT seemed pretty excited about it.
  312. "Oh yeah, anything that makes you happy makes me happy too. But, will it be just you? As far as I know, I don't really have anything planned for the day"
  313. >And really? You kind of wanted to spend more time with her. Y'know, to see how things would go casually.
  314. >"well....yeah, it will be...Sorry" Her enthusiasm goes down, now she didn't seem so happy anymore. Goddammit...why did you say something so stupid?!
  316. "Woah woah..hey. I'm not upset, I was...erm.."
  317. >You give her a snarky grin and kiss her nose. immediatly calming her down. Hah, it was like a get out of jail free card....oh god...that wouldn't work if you ever made her jealous you'd bet. Gotttaaaaa be careful with that little landmine.
  318. "Just wondering if I could just weasel my way into it. I do like spending time with you, y'know. but it's no big deal, there's a few things I have to check on too. This just gives me more time to do some checks. So trust me, no problem at all."
  319. >"Really? it's really not a problem?" Diamond needed reassurance, she already looked pretty upset about it.
  320. "Yep, no problem at all. Now come on, tell me what it is. Ya got me super curious and I'm gonna just die if I don't hear what's got you so excited."
  321. >....god, that was..corny as fuck.
  322. >"Oh..well" Diamond quickly regained her composure and brushed her mane back as she stood with pride "Mother came home this morning. And she'll be staying for awhile so she thought me,her, and Daddy should go get a few new maids since one or two are little too old to be working with us now. Annndddd....ahrm," Diamond clears her throat as she looks over to Silver Spoon.
  323. >"..oh...r-right" She said with a yawn as she started clapping her hooves on the ground as quickly as possible.Like some sort of drumroll. Then stopped a moment later.
  324. >"I get to choose the maids! Mother and Daddy thinks I'm mature enough to make the right decision and ask the proper questions. And their right of course, I am mature enough. Right?"
  325. >"mhmm, like...there's nopony more mature than you Diamond." Silver Spoon says with a yawn
  326. >Diamond then looked to you, fuck, you knew that was your cue.
  327. "Well, I certainly don't know anypony more mature."
  328. >You grinned sheepishly.
  330. >"That's right. That's because there isn't any. In fact, I know Sweetie Belle wanted to talk to you about something. And since I'm soooo mature. I'll let you go talk to her and I won't get the least bit jealous....but first. What do you think. Super cool right?" She awaited your shower of praise.
  331. >Choosing maids huh? Sounded like a luxury only the rich could afford. You wondered if Celestia and Luna ever did something like that. Still, you wanted to be on her good side. Especially since she was being so "generous".
  332. "Wayyy past cool"
  333. >You almost slipped up by saying you wish you could afford something like that. But nope, that would just make her feel guilty. Yes! You were getting better at normal social interaction that didn't involve fucking lunatics.
  334. >She squeed in delight "I knnnow right! And I like that, "Way past cool". I think I'll use that too, that's pretty...way past cool...right Silver Spoon?" She looked to her for her approval.
  335. >Silver Spoon straightened up, and did her best to sound energetic. It was a good try. "I like it. I mean, we always needed a phrase for something that was more than cool right? That sounds pretyy...way past cool" She giggles.
  336. "Heh, I'm glad you both like it. It was a saying back at the,er, orphanage."
  337. >"Well, it sounds great to me. Y'know Anon...you can come by later after I pick the new maids" She gives you a dreamy, bedroomy eye'd look."We could spend time doing whatever homework Miss Cheerilee might give us. As a prince and princess, we'd have to be able to work together" She walks passed you, sliding her tail along under your neck as she looks back at you with a smile. ooh lord, was that a trick Chrysalis taught her? Because it worked. "Don't you think so?"
  338. >...oh yeah...all sorts of "working" together. You were feeling those tingly feelings. Especially when you looked back at her face and saw that sultry look. She had no idea the feelings that welled up inside you.
  339. "S-sure"
  341. >"Good, because I expect nothing less but your best. We both deserve the best grades too after all. Ok, you can go now." She felt confident that she had you. Not int he way she'd expect. but she had you nonetheless.
  342. >You do a cute little bow, and thank her, feeling a kiss might be overdoing it just due to oversaturation, it should be saved for more special moments..and not in public..so far anyway, at least not at school. But as you walk to meet with the CMC, Diamond stops you for one more thing. "Oh, and just because I said I won't be jealous doesn't mean you can act princely towards them, got it? friendly is ok...but you're MY prince, nopony elses."
  343. >ok, in other words. She'd get jealous if you acted at all princely towards them. Cute, and something to remember. But nothing to worry about as you doubted you'd act like that at all with them.
  344. >Ok Sweetie Belle, let's see what you have to say.
  346. >You walk over to the girls and give them a wave.
  347. "Heya girls, how are all of you doin'?"
  348. >"Heya Anon, we were just gettin' Sweetie Belle up to speed" Applebloom was cheery and smiling. Nothing to worry about there.
  349. >"We we're just finishing the part with Princess Luna and that Thorax guy" Scootaloo informed you
  350. >"And...that's the part I don't get. Princess Luna was really ok with taking in a changeling? I thought she didn't trust any of them" Of this Sweetie Belle was sure of.
  351. >"Well, we trust Scrappy don't we? Ah guess Thorax must have been ah pretty nice changeling to change her mind. Ah know Scrappy helped, he said he got to have "Hug Times" with her. I guess she saw how cute and nice he was and just sorta gave in" Applebloom shrugged "Ah mean, he is pretty nice"
  352. >"Wow, so it really went ok, huh? Anon..." Sweetie Belle sighed as she looked at you, disappointed with herself "I'm sorry about how I treated you before, I really mean it. I didn't know dealing with that dumb queen was really that rough. I guess our plan in confronting her isn't going to happen." Sweetie Belle's ears drooped as she looked down, sad that she couldn't be as of much help as she thought she could be.
  353. "Hey, it's no problem Swe-.....wait?...what plan to what now?"
  354. >...no really. WHAT?!
  355. >"Erm, we kinda wanted to meet her somewhere where she'd be alone and talk her down to make her realize what she was doin' was wrong. But after what she did to Scootaloo? Without even carin'?....yeah, we sorta just gave up on that one. For sure." They all seemed disappointed. They felt they couldn't win against her, even on a 3 on 1.
  356. >But of course, you were planning on more than just a three versus one already. Damn these girls. You cared about them, but you really wish they'd tell you about dangerous stuff like this. Even if you yourself sorta...screw up too.
  357. >You give them all a confident look as you tell them your plan.
  359. "Well, that's not a bad idea actually. But instead of three. or even four.....what about..say....the entire town?"
  360. >"......." They all looked at you as if you were suddenly nuts.
  361. >"....uhhh, Anon...you do know that would be like...really bad. Right? I think the entire town kinda wants her squished rather than, y'know, fixed?" Scootaloo reminded you, she could not grasp what you meant.
  362. >"Yeah, that's crazy. U-unless we're just gonna squish her. I wouldn't mind that, she's so mean. Like, really mean, when she wants to be" Sweetie Belle, damn, that was pretty vicious.
  363. "Yeah..no, that's not it. Look, Pinkie Pie wants to throw her a "Welcome to Ponyville" party, so she'd still be disguised as my sister, not like she could change into anything else anyway. The plan is simple....All that has to be done is to get her to that party and make sure she can't leave. And then? Show her a good, friendly, and fun time. That would show her what's what. And by that I mean that should help her understand the magic of friendship. Pretty good, huh?"
  364. >they started thinking on it.
  365. >"So...It'd be kinda like uhhh..." Applebloom couldn't quite grasp it
  366. >"I dunno, wouldn't it be kinda dangerous sticking her in a room of ponies who just want to be her friend?" Sweetie Belle pondered
  367. >".....WAIT!" Scootaloo raises her hoof as she realizes what you mean "it's like what happened to me! but instead of one me and a ton of bugs, it's one bugs in a room full of ponies! And instead of draining love, we're going to give her so much of it that she can't help but see the good in friendship and caring! That's it! Right Anon?"
  368. >You nod with a grin as you hold out your hoof
  369. "That's exactly it, Way to go Scoots!"
  370. >"Right on! That sounds like a pretty awesome plan to me!" Scootaloo claps your hoof with her own. Yeeeahhh!
  372. >"Yeah it does...nice job Anon. But, how are you going to get her to the party? She doesn't seem like she'd just go to a party like the one Pinkie throws" Sweetie Belle wondered as she spots a hole in your plan.
  373. "One word...Dad"
  374. >You grin smugly
  375. >"Well....," Applebloom could see you were pretty serious about that, she thought it was scary to use Discord but...." sounds like ya got it figured out. Hey! This could actually work. If Twilight can fix Luna from bein' Nightmare Moon, then everypony should be able to fix Chrysalis. Ah think it's pretty airtight"
  376. >The other two agreed.
  377. "Great, then all we gotta do is make sure she doesn't abandon ship before the party is over."
  378. >"That'll be easy. We're the Cutie Mark Crusaders remember? If we just work together, there's nothing we can't do!" Scootaloo was pretty confident about this.
  379. >Applebloom and Sweetie Belle shout in agreeance.
  380. "Good, then we got a plan. Oh...fmmnn, Almost forgot. Applebloom, how did that whole thing with your sister and Twilight go?"
  381. >This you wanted, no needed, to know.
  382. >"Oh, it went great!...too great..." Applebloom didn't seem so happy about it despite it going "great"
  383. "If it went great then why do you look like it's not?"
  385. >"Because, ahm..well..." Applebloom started to circle her hoof along the ground as she hesitated for a moment "Ya see, Mah sister was really impressed with what Scrappy can do. Ah mean, Twilight was too. But Applejack? She wants to see how he can do at an old fashioned dog show. And ah don't think that's a good idea. Scrappy doesn't like Winona because she barks at him, ah'd hate to see what would happen if he was around all them other dogs. Ah know he could probably bring home the blue ribbon and all, but ah don't want anypony to get hurt."
  386. >Did she even agree to it?
  387. "Applebloom, you didn't agree to it did you?"
  388. >"N-not yet, but, erm...Applejack might forget about it if ah don't say nothin'" Applebloom didn't sound like she was sure of it.
  389. >"Woah, you didn't tell me that Applebloom. Why don't we all do it? With all three of us at the show. We could make sure those other dogs don't bother Scrappy." Scootaloo however, was pretty confident about it.
  390. >"Wait....what does Scrappy think about all this?" Sweetie Belle asked
  391. >"....He REAAALLLYY wants to do it. He said somethin' about showing up them other dogs" Applebloom felt very unsure of Scootaloo's words and the fact she seemed outnumbered in not wanting to do it.
  392. >Figured he'd want to do it if it meant showing that the one he serves is the best.
  393. >...and, well..maybe you could help. You just had to ask one last question.
  394. "Applebloom, what about you. If you knew nothing would go wrong, would you go through with it?"
  395. >She slowly nodded "Mhmm, it would make mah sister and Scrappy happy. And me too, ah wanna show what a great team Scrappy and me are."
  396. >You shrugged as you smirked
  397. "Welp, looks like I have no choice but to help with it. I'm sure my horn can make sure nothing bad really happens."
  398. >"...your horn? Wait...Anon" A glow started to appear on Applebloom's expression. a glowing smile of hope. "You would do that for me?"
  399. "We're friends right? Of course, I'd need some back up and a council"
  401. >You look towards Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo
  402. >"Council huh? Well, somepony has to be the voice of reason in case you get in over your head" Sweetie Belle smirked back, then sat as she pointed to herself with pride "Considering I have Princess Cadence's commendation...that I left at home...I think I'm pretty good for the job"
  403. >"I'm in too, I just don't want to leave Anypony hanging. Rainbow Dash wouldn't do it, and neither will I!" Scootaloo already looked ready to go
  404. >Applebloom started to tear up at all the support she was getting "T-thanks fellas...a-ah don't know what to say"
  405. >Scootaloo moves in and hugs Applebloom "Then don't say anything, we're here for you Applebloom!"
  406. >Then Sweetie Belle "That's right! if we didn't stick together, who knows if we would have ever even gotten our cutie marks?"
  407. >And finally you
  408. "That's right, and hey. What kind of hero colt would I be if I didn't do any actual heroing? We all got your back Applebloom"
  409. >It was a nice great big group hug.
  410. >"Thanks..Really, ah'll let ya'll know a few days before it happens. It won't be awhile until the next show anyhow. And it'll probably take place in Appeloosa too, so, ah hope you'd all be ready for another trip there"
  411. >They seemed pretty excited to go to Appeloosa again, even mentioning being able to see Troubleshoes. For you? It'd be a new experience. Yeah, you could finally see if Braeburn was as "makes you go gay" in person as he was in the show.
  413. >The bell rang soon after. And everyone started heading back to class. Sweetie Belle's walking was a little off. But that was probably because she was still tired.
  414. >So that was the plan. For you? Try to crack Chrysalis's shell...even by a little. By having that party thrown and luring her to it. You needed to see if Pinkie was back from doing whatever she was doing.
  415. >For Applebloom? Make sure you had a fucking horn charge when that dog show happens. hrn, you wonder what kind of dog show Applejack attends, you don't remember her going to one.But it definitely was probably geared towards farming and wrangling in steer or some shit rather than being prim and proper. And if it was something she usually never does, she probably wants to do it for Applebloom just because her and Scrappy are an amazing team.
  416. >And school resumed. As boring ever. Nothing out of the usual. But hey, at least you actually got through a day of it. You've done it before but...let's try to go for a record.
  417. >Miss Cheerilee then assigned the homework. More Math, more reading and writing...ehhh..fine.
  418. >Cheerilee looked relieved nothing bad happened. again, you wanted to try to keep that up.
  419. >As you went outside with the rest of the class. Diamond approached you from behind and walked up to your side. "Well Anon, looks like it's time for me to make an important decision." She rubs her head gently on the side of yours keeps it there as she leans against you. "You're gonna cheer for me right? Deep inside your heart?"
  420. >You blush from her sudden approach, you didn't even notice her come close until she touched you. She was so affectionate now. Like a puppy. You gave her a warm smile as you reached your hoof to give her head a gentle rub.
  421. "I know, with absolute certainty, that you'll pick the best maids for the job."
  423. >She giggled as she moved up and forwards, then turned to face you as she kissed you on the cheek, blushed, felt a little flushed, and gave you a peck on the mouth before looking away shyly. "You always know just what to say....When we get married." She stops as she giggles, then stops to clear her throat "Ahrm..hmm..well, let's just say we'll put all those other snooty couples to shame.I'll see you soon, my prince. Oh!" Suddenly, she goes back to her usual attitude and focus as she remembers something "And Anon, don't forget to call me your princess a little more. Remember, we're going to be royalty sooner or later. I want you to already be used to calling me by my proper title."
  424. >ha! that's cute. It makes you chuckle.
  425. "Sure thing. Considering, in my mind, you're already best princess"
  426. >She giggles again and boops your nose "And don't you forget it. See you soon, my prince" As Diamond turned, she called for Silver Spoon. Seems Silver Spoon was invited to this thing and yet you weren't. Maybe it was because you were just too distracting.
  427. >Sweetie Belle stepped up alone from behind you, having witnessed the whole thing, she couldn't believe just how close you two became. "I'm telling you Anon, I don't know how you did it. But she's so in to you I could swear love poison was involved somehow."
  429. "U-uhhmm..w-what makes you say that?"
  430. >Sweetie Belle realized what she just said and started shifting her eyes in a dishonest fashion. "Oh...nothing. I don't even know what that actually is...haha, just uhhh..thought I heard it somewhere"
  431. >It was clear she didn't want to bring up that embarrassing moment.
  432. >you pretend like she was telling the truth. But heh, woo..were you relieved she didn't figure things out.
  433. "We just became close, that's all. It's what happens when two ponies love eachother. wait..speaking of love..."
  434. >You noticed Applebloom looking for Scrappy, but he was nowhere to be seen.
  436. "Huh...looks like Scrappy might be doing something. ugh, Chrysalis probably needed him for something again."
  437. >You wondered what it could be this time...
  438. >"mngh, I hate when she needs him for anything. I wish Scrappy didn't like her so much..." Sweetie Belle groaned
  439. "I know, I wish the same thing. But, it can't be helped. That's why I gotta do my best on reforming Chrysalis."
  440. >"Yeah...whenever that happens." Sweetie Belle was willing to try, but she didn't really have that much hope for her.
  441. >"...so, going back to Diamond Tiara. Just, Anon, wow....I have to admit. I don't know what you did, but, you've become a real casanova. She's so totally into you. I guess you really didn't need my help after all, huh?" Sweetie Belle felt a little down about that. Considering she worked hard to get Cadence's approval.
  442. "I wouldn't say that. That pose thing really helped. Thanks Sweetie Belle, I feel that without you...from before..and last night. Things would have turned sour."
  443. >"...Thanks Anon. Well, I better get going. I'm gonna help Applebloom find Scrappy. What are you going to do? Do you have time to help us or do you have...oh right. Pinkie" Sweetie Belle remembered you wanted to go see her
  444. "Yep, can't put the plan in motion until I see the party planning pony herself. It shouldn't take too long. But if it does, I'll see you tomorrow."
  445. >"Gotcha, good luck Anon" Sweetie Belle nods and gives you a quick hug
  446. "And good luck to you too, to all of you and...wait. She went with Rarity. Did your sister ever come back?"
  447. >Sweetie Belle shrugged "I dunno, I was at Diamond's, remember?"
  448. >Riiiight
  449. "Yeah..ok, sorry. I'll get going."
  450. >And with that, you went your separate ways as you headed off to Sugar Cube Corner.
  451. >That is...until you heard a familiar voice from a bench a few ways into town.
  453. >"We meet again kid, and this time. I'm gonna focus entirely on you." A scaringly vague yet familiar voice in fact....
  454. >You could feel your hair stand on end as your pupils shrink from the thought of pure horror.
  455. >You looked back. And saw a pony laying bench in a rather provocative position. An Earth Pony with a familiar coat color, eyes, but that mane. It was a different color and style. A blue swan. It looks kind of ridiculous. But it had a beak...a pencil that tied it all together. It was....without a doubt...
  456. "...You..."
  457. >"Yep, me. Good News here to sniff out, well....the good news" she chuckled as she rolled and hopped off the bench with finesse "Been awhile kid, but the odyssey of the hero colt seems to go on and on and on. And like every good journalist. I'm here to follow up on it. So..." She smirked as she reached for her pencil and pulled it out. her mane flowed down in a beautiful fashion as she also trudged up her notepad. "Are we going to do this the hard way? Or the easy way?"
  458. >....Maybe you could just escape in general. You noticed her other half, Quick Press, wasn't with her.
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