FFXII: TZA (PC) - RNG Position Tutorial for Special Items

Feb 28th, 2018
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  1. * = Have Diamond Armlet equipped!
  3. *Seitengrat: You want the "0" on the % tab to be at around RNG State/Position 5-7 when you open the door to Skyferry/Air Deck, but hard to time due to NPCs walking around and changing the RNG. Make absolutely sure Diamond Armlet is equipped on Vaan! Once the chest spawns, you wait there until "80+" approaches RNG State/Position 0 and "95+" aproaches RNG State/Position 1, start menu/pause buffering until it reaches States/Positions 0 and 1, then open the chest immediately after leaving the menu or unpausing to get the Seitengrat.
  5. *Gendarme: Easiest of the bunch to get. If Ultima is defeated and you already obtained Excalibur, hit yourself/use Cure until you get a "0" on the % tab on RNG State/Position 0, then enter The Great Crystal/Crystal Peak to make the chest spawn. When you see the chest, just hit yourself/use Cure like earlier until "20+" is on RNG State/Position 0 and "95+" is on RNG State/Position 1, then open the chest to get the Gendarme.
  6. If Ultima has not been defeated yet, then get the "0" on RNG State/Position 1 before entering The Great Crystal/Crystal Peak to get the Gendarme chest to spawn along with the Excalibur chest. Before going into the Ultima fight, you want to hit yourself/use Cure until "20+" is on RNG State/Position 2 and "95+" is on RNG State/Position 3. Make sure you have the Battle Mode on Wait and the Battle Speed on the slowest setting afterwards before fighting Ultima! Once the fight starts, you want to run and Menu Buffer by pressing X to make sure you open both chests in time, which will give you Excalibur and Gendarme.
  8. *Great Trango: This is a bit tricky to get, but consistent. While in the non-center room of Pharos - Subterra/Abyssal - South, the RNG is constantly moving by +2 at a consistent pace. Before entering through the door to the center room of Abyssal - South, you want either a "0" or a "1" on a Odd Number so that it can reach RNG State/Position 9. Once either a "0" or "1" approaches RNG State/Position 9, you can either time opening the door when it reaches that State/Position at the right time or menu/pause buffer it.
  9. Now you want to kill the 2 Dragon Liches, give a Elixir to the Magick Pot, then kill that before starting RNG Manipulation for the Great Trango. You want to have a "80+" on RNG State/Position 0 and a "95+" on RNG State/Position 1" before opening the chest by hitting yourself/using Cure to get the Great Trango. If the chest doesn't spawn after killing the enemies, leave the room, get a "0" or a "1" on RNG State/Position 9, then re-enter the room to make it spawn.
  10. If you want to get it from stealing from Zodiark, hit yourself/use Cure until "Rare" is on RNG State/Position 2 right before entering Henne Mines/Special Charter Dig, tank Darkja and hope your Steal character doesn't die, then you'll be able to steal the Great Trango.
  12. Zodiac Spear: Before entering Henne Mines/Special Charter Shaft from Phase 2 Shaft if the RNG isn't constantly moving, hit yourself/use Cure until you get a "0" on the % tab on RNG State/Position 13, enter Special Charter Shaft, then it should spawn to the right near while going down the stairs the end of the hallway. This RNG State/Position only applies if you have not gotten any one-time only chests in that room yet, such as Renew and Lordly Robes. For each one-time only chest you've obtained, subtract 1 from the RNG Position. This means if you have gotten all one-time only chests in the room, then Zodiac Spear will be on RNG State/Position 7. See below for RNG States/Position in Special Charter Shaft.
  14. 2 = Addle
  15. 3 = Renew or Lordly Robes
  16. 4 = Renew or Lordly Robes
  17. 5 = Grand Armor
  18. 6 = Ribbon
  19. 8 = Brave Suit
  20. 13 = Zodiac Spear
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