derpy cosplayer (>nohooves, uninspired quickie)

Jun 3rd, 2018
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  1. >>
  3. >cosplaying as derpy
  4. >she, for some reason, is walking backwards
  5. >her plump butt rams into you with enough force to make you fall down
  6. >butt so plump you could actually feel the flesh give as it pressed against your own
  7. >"oh, woopsies!"
  8. >you stay down for a few seconds, completely stunned, and kinda charmed
  9. >she realizes this, and you can see a smirk appearing for a fraction of a second
  10. >she bends down to help you back up, and now you realize she's also rather well endowed in the tiddies department, her cleavage keeps going and going and going...
  11. >"Hey, my eyes are up here!"
  12. >you look up, trying your best not to show all the spagoots spilling everywhere, and you're met with her cute face and her silly crosseyed expression
  13. "S-sorry,"
  14. >"It's okay, let me help you up, here,"
  15. >you take hold of her hand, her skin is as warm and soft as you would've expected
  16. >you go and use it to pull yourself up, but to your surprise she yelps and stumbles forward, feet and hands flying wildly to try and regain her balance but to no avail as she crashes down onto you
  17. >you open your eyes and all you see is gray
  18. >all you feel is softness and warmth against your face
  19. >and there's this faint, musky smell coming from somewhere close to your nose
  20. >your hands reach up and you grab onto more warmth and softness
  21. >the moan that followed was more than enough you needed to understand what it was
  22. >as if fate would have it, her fall ended with her butt completely engulfing your face
  23. >just like in your chinese cartoons
  24. >arigato kami-sama
  25. >she wiggles a bit, her butt pressing harder onto your face as she takes hold of your hands to place one of them onto what you assume is her thigh, and the other slightly north and onto one of the huge mounds you had the pleasure to catch a glimpse of earlier
  26. >"Nnh~, I just don't know what went wrong~!"
  28. "And that's how I met your mother,"
  29. >"Ew, dad!"
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