Nichijou BD arguments debunked

ultimatemegax Dec 18th, 2012 1,373 Never
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  1. Nichijou flopped due to a number of circumstances. The obvious one is Kadokawa thinking people would buy a single show for 13 straight months. It's been commonly said that Nichijou was priced expensively per volume, which is incorrect. Here's the prices from the official site (
  2. LE BD: 7,980円
  3. RE BD: 6,930円
  4. LE DVD:6,930円
  5. RE DVD:5,880円
  6. Compare that to the standard 7,140円 or 7,350円, and it's not 1,000円 more (unlike some earlier Kadokawa titles priced at 9,240円 for the LE BD like Gosick). The issue comes when you're spending 8,000円 per month for 13 straight months. This meant you had to pay 7,980円 13 times to buy the show (at MRSP, but we assume most will buy from somewhere like Amazon at a discount). This meant the show cost 103,740円 or 3,990円 per episode. In comparison, Hanasaka Iroha, which aired the next day every week for 26 weeks, had 8 volumes of 8,190円 and one volume of 6,615円 (8x3=24+2=26). It cost 72,135円 to buy in total.
  8. How about extras? I've seen someone say it was barebones and that could not be further from the truth. TMSIDR posted photos of BD volume 1 on one of his blogs (, but I'll go ahead and post the included bonus features for the BDs:
  9. 1. Futoshi Nishiya (anime character designer) drawn cover art with a Keiichi Arawi drawn sleeve
  10. 2. A CD containing BGM, digest of the radio show, and Hyadin's character song
  11. 3. Sliding tray case with sleeve design
  12. 4. 8 pg. color booklet
  13. 5. 2 Keiichi Arawi stickers
  14. 6. Production Material and Nichijou Aphorism post cards
  15. 7. Yuuko paper airplane (or other various physical extras)
  17. Bonus footage:
  18. Audio commentary from cast
  19. Original next episode previews, location scouting footage, BGM recording footage, "Exploring an Ordinary Town" footage with Minoru Shiraishi, TV spots, and store production footage. (V1/V7 had textless OP/EDs)
  21. So if anyone tells you that Nichijou cost 10,000 yen per volume or that it didn't have any extras, they're lying.
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