USA Loses WW3/4

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  1. One day, when your children are asking for their herbicide laced watered down soup in Russian at the local concentration camp, you'll realize that profiting for soul-less corporations wasn't the right way to live. When, in the Iron Mines that you'll be slaving in, you aren't allowed to hear anyone do any more than whisper in English because Russian and Chinese will be the predominate languages of the world. You'll realize that, maybe you should of been a more wholesome, decent person that fought for their nation instead of underhanded it or worked for the enemy, or are the enemy. Maybe if you had honor, you wouldn't be a sleazebag destroying our precious world for meaningless pieces of debt note paper that have no hard value. You'd have to be a mental deficient to destroy a beautiful world in exchange for nothing in return! It is sad that these words won't reach you and won't make the impact they should and that -- all that I have said -- you must feel your own firsthand experience to understand why it is so abhorrent. You must watch your spouse and children work until they can no longer move, chained to your side until they drop and then they vanish and you don't get to know anything more! I hope you understand what kind of awful world you are creating for YOUR future generations, for we -- the poor, aren't going to be making any more for you. YOUR children will be the ones to suffer the future you are spitefully creating for us poor, whom you have/are destroying. I just want you to know ruin this world and all life on it ...and you are not exempt from the consequences of those atrocious actions... you will be ruined by this world back, because that is merely the Pendulum swinging the other way! Nope, you can't simply step out of the way and put us in your place, you will be the one to pay the toll and that is all there is to it. I hope you enjoy your extinction, this world is a nightmare and it will be ended -- and you are merely one of the monsters in it. Glad I wake up/woke up from you. That's the one positive thing about nightmares: They End.
  3. Life in the USA and on Earth are a nightmare, made that way by your inferiority and your poor decision making ability...and we are in the act of awakening! You are on the wrong side of history and of life itself. Your downfall is inevitable and it will carry thru to all of the culprits of this menacing tyranny and oppression/downpression. All bad actors in this world will be facing repercussions for their bad actions. There is no where you can hide that will keep you safe from your own hands.
  5. BLM, much like all of the other unordained, unconstitutional alphabet agencies are nothing more than Nazi War Criminal embedded Fascist operations to destroy America from the inside with poison, deceit, policy and deficit! And apparently it worked because capitalism only cares about greed and nothing else. Not National Sovereignty, Not National Defense, just selling and profiting at any cost -- even all life (which means all of their profits are then invalidated because you'll all be dead, DUH! Get it into your heads already) and THAT is why you are dreadful. You are Nazi's, plain and simple. You are inferior and to make your petty selves feel/look better you had to attempt to ruin your enemy that defeated you. You inbred german, inferior garbage are lucky the braindead oafs who adopted you and your bad ideas were the ones calling the shots after WW2; because, if it were up to me, I would of continued to carpet bomb you and hunt germans til the ends of the Earth and eradicated every single last one of you hiding in every last catholic church (and probably burned those to the ground in the process, as well as killed the pope and the queen, all the corrupt bastards need to get off of this world and go back to the annals of history in the medieval ages where treacherous, backstabbing, poison and lying scumbags belong!) and laughed about it while I did so. Why? Because: It's the Right Thing To Do!
  7. ESAD! CAPITALISM SUCKS, AMERICA IS CORRUPT AND A BAD NATION TO BE BORN IN AND ATTEMPT TO LIVE IN! YOU ARE WHY. Now go back to circle jerking your family members in Germany, you inbred piece of feces mongering filth trash. You are a miserable failure, you drink herbicide just like the americans you hate so much because germans are TOO STUPID to accomplish anything they desire except dying while they cower in fear, hiding from STRONG WARRIORS they wish they were! HAH, in your face, NAZI SCUM! Talk about Red, White and Blue? NO Star Spangled Banner, pricks -- the True Red, White and Blue is RUSSIA! Where all the real americans went after WW2 because they realized how strong Russia is and that it is worth protecting. Unlike america, which gleefully adopted Nazi's and Fascist and then proceeded to poison and ruin all life on the planet earth, commit ethnic cleansing against the Anglo-Saxon population so corporations could replace the high-wage white worker with cheap brown slaves from south and central america. Because your greed won't allow you to pay a living wage to honest hard workers, you just want more to yourself, and that is why America is doomed and you have no future. You mentally crippled, heartless, brainless old fools never went to preschool (since you are so old you went to the single-room church out in the woods, haha!) to learn that SHARING IS CARING. You're selfish little slobs and you want all the worlds wealth to yourself and you want to ruin everybody's elses fun by kicking over their sandcastles. You are petulant garbage children, you love eugenics and kill innocent people who are just trying to live their life granted to them -- when it is YOU who should of been aborted (And I don't even support your nazi eugenics abortion but when a-holes like you support it, I advocate you prove your support by aborting yourself like your mother should have you piece of rubbish.).
  9. I will never support this corrupt nation ran by its enemies, which is probably your desire, but little did you know, I'm not going to ignorantly support your atrocity, nope, I'm going to Fight the Reich and DEFEAT THE NAZI MENACE ONCE AGAIN for the good of the world and there is NOTHING you can do to stop me, even if you murder me, I'll just explode the ring of fire and laugh while the sky blacks out and you all perish like the subhuman, subvermin garbage that you are. You do not deserve to enjoy the things you are ungrateful for, you wretched scum. You do not deserve to inhale oxygen, you do not deserve to eat food, you do not deserve to drink water, you do not deserve to live in a lush environment while making others live in the dirt, YOU DESERVE TO LIVE IN THE DIRT! Radioactive, oozing, toxic, chemical laden dirt of your OWN making.
  11. I will never get a job, I will never take a wife and have a family (I AM NOT JDP, I AM NOT IN MY 60's MORONS!), I will never buy a big truck or a house or support the awful USA EVER AND ITS BECAUSE OF NAZI PLAGUE SCUM LIKE YOU! Just waiting to die or join the ranks of those who fight your evil-doing. That's it! No wonder you murder all of the babies in this country, you're doing them a favor -- as dying is better than living under your awful tyranny of inferiority and unfairness you brutish piles of hitler's diarrhea! Haha. You suck; Go Extinct!
  12. (You don't get a choice, you are going extinct and its only because of how UNBELIEVABLY STUPID YOU ALL ARE! ESAD!).
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