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  1. Hatred, fear, death and the unknown, all are things that one in a prison cell has to deal with daily; San Moreno Prison is a bit more difficult to define however. What makes San Moreno Prison so special? The prisoners disappear; are taken by the guards to never be seen or heard from again. At least there is a pattern to it, even if it is sick and twisted. The pattern gives me something to work with, to manipulate. You ever see the shows Survivor or Weakest Link? Our lovely little prison has taken cues from those shows, the guards make us vote and whoever gets voted for the most is dragged off to never be seen again.
  3. How do they get away with it? Most of the time it's as simple as the disappearees having no one in their lives to question their disappearances. There have been a few times where the prison came under investigation, but each investigation came to an end when it was decided that the prisoners had been released on parole and simply went off the grid to start new lives or some such bunk.
  5. I'd been in San Moreno Prison the longest without being voted away and let me tell you, it wasn't easy. I had to be smart, decisive and on top of things at all time; I sealed people's fates the moment that I figured out they had it in for me. I had managed to secure the vote by running a smuggling operation, most of the time I'd be able to bring people what they wanted and they'd agree to vote for whom I wanted gone. Smuggling was doable thanks in part to a young corrupt guard, Alec Briney, who I'd give all the cigarettes/money/whatever materials I gained upon delivery. As long as I was able to stay relevant I was safe.
  7. Shortly after my thirteenth year in San Moreno rolled around Alec Briney was caught aiding my smuggling operation and fired, maybe even sentenced to another prison. Although I had known that Briney wouldn't always be there to support my smuggling operation, I hadn't anticipated on his departure so soon. Any power that I had was suddenly gone, kaput, nil and my fate uncertain. I'm wasn't stupid you know. I could see the other inmates for what they were, glorified sharks in orange jumpsuits, and I- I was the feeder who had fallen in the tank without chum. I acted in the only sensible manner, I enacted my long thought out escape plan.
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