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Anonymous fake shop from Scientology

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  1. http://anonymous-berlin.spreadshirt.de
  2. This wannabe anonymous clothing online shop is made by Scientology. They will collect user data, maybe they think anons will register and buy shirts there!? WTF is wrong with you Scientology?
  4. Online shop:
  5. Anonymous Berlin        http://anonymous-berlin.spreadshirt.de/shop/imprint
  6. Otto-Suhr-Alle 33-34
  7. 10585 Berlin
  8. Deutschland
  10. German Scientology website
  11. Scientology Kirche Berlin e.V. http://www.berlin.scientology.de/impressum/impressum.de.html?locale=de
  12. Otto-Suhr-Allee 30-34
  13. D - 10585 Berlin
  14. As you can see it is the same address.
  15. These guys are responsible for the shop: Philip Rooke (CEO), Matthias SpieƟ, Tobias Schaugg
  17. We are Anonymous!
  18. We are legion!
  19. We do not Forgive!
  20. We do not forget!
  21. Expect Us!
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