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  1. select first_name,last_name,bdate,name from patient,doctor d where (bdate=(select min(bdate) from patient) and name='reem' and d_id=d.id) or (bdate=(select max(bdate) from patient) and name='reem' and  d_id=d.id);
  2. select d_name,price,status from drug,drug_AmountStatus where price=(select min(price)from drug) and status='abundant';
  3. select sum(dr.price) from drug dr,drug_supplier s where dr.supplier_id=s.supplier_id and s.address='Amman'group by price having  sum(price)>40;
  4. select address,count(*) from drug_supplier group by address;
  5. select count(specialty) from doctor;
  6. select s.supplier_name,max(d.price) from drug_supplier s,drug d where d.supplier_id=s.supplier_id  group by s.supplier_name having min(d.price)>12;
  7. select s.supplier_id,avg(d.price) from drug_supplier s,drug d where s.supplier_id=d.supplier_id and price>(select price from drug where d_name='drug4') group by d.supplier_id;
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