Guild sheet

Jan 10th, 2016
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  1. SHEET - fill this sheet:
  3. Members: [Create 4 sheets for members as explained in here: ]
  4. Guild's name: [choose name]
  5. Political status: Council member (default start)
  6. Guild type: [scroll down to the bottom of this pastebin and choose 1 of the 8 options]
  7. Location: Choose your place in the game map. You start with a ring of 7 tiles, the center of that ring must be an empty tile.
  8. Fame: 6 (default start)
  9. Influence: 20 (default start)
  10. Gold: 200 (default start)
  11. Resources: 15 Ore, 15 Meat, 15 Crops. (default start)
  12. Might: 0 (default start)
  13. Fluff: write a small backstory about your guild (optional yet recommended, helps defining the personality of your members which affects the game. No fluff = randomized personalities)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. Race: There are 5 races in the game: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Elf, Halfling.
  23. Class: There are 5 classes in the game: Paladin, Warrior, Wizard, Ranger, Rogue.
  27. Choose your guild type from the following options:
  28. >1) Merchants company: you can always sell resources for the same value the city market is selling no matter what the current laws are.
  29. Special ability:'Haggling': for 10 influence you can choose a resource (crops/ore/meat) and swap any amount of that resource for the same amount of a different resource from the city stock.
  30. --
  31. >2) Workers union: You never have to pay the resources you have gathered at a labor mission as a tax to the city, no matter what the current laws are..
  32. Special ability: 'Stretching limits': Every member will gain +1 resource each phase at a labor mission for this turn. However all members will lose 2 morale for working too hard
  33. --
  34. >3) Racial party: Choose a race that defines your guild (Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Halflings or Gnomes). All your guild members of that race will gain +1 morale each turn.
  35. Special ability:'Incite a racial revolt' for 15 influence you can incite a revolt in a territory influenced by another guild if that guild's dominant race isn't the same as your guild's dominant race(dominant=>50% members).
  36. Inciting a revolt causes all the commoners from the neighborhoods on the affected guild's territory to join the side that is attacking that guild(instead of defending that guild) until the end of the turn.
  37. --
  38. >4) Noble house: You gain additional +1 influence each turn for every 3 tiles in your territory.
  39. Special ability: 'Noble cause': for the cost of 10 influence you can double the amount of the commoners who come to aid you in battle from the neighborhoods under your control.
  40. --
  41. >5) Shadow organization: you never get punished when caught commiting crimes, no matter what the current laws are.
  42. Special ability:'Eyeless tower' for 10 influence you can deactivate the watch towers effect in a territory of a guild you choose, lasts until the end of the game turn.
  43. --
  44. >6) Diplomatic agency: You can have up to 5 allies(instead of 3). The influence penalty for breaking an alliance is halved.
  45. Special ability: 'Aggresive diplomacy': you can force another guild to become your ally for 20 influence as a free action.
  46. --
  47. >7) Religious order: You gain additional +1 might each turn for every 3 tiles in your territory.
  48. Special ability:'Religious influence' when expanding territory you can spend your might points instead of spending your influence points.
  49. --
  50. >8) Mercenary band: You never have to pay the resources you have looted when completing a threat mission as a tax to the city, no matter what the current laws are.
  51. Special ability:'Claim contract' You can claim a threat mission from the list, the mission will become yours and no other guild would be able to attempt it. You can only have 1 claimed mission at a time.
  52. --
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