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  2. This is a new series I am going to make based on the products collectively known as Automatic License Plate Readers (aka ALPRs). There is a lot of mystery and myth surrounding this technology as well as methods of effectively evading it, if any exist at all. Collectively I am confident we can find a solution to the Automated threat
  4. >inb4 if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear
  5. Fuck you.
  7. >What is it?
  8. "Typically, ALPR systems are comprised of high-speed cameras connected to computers that photograph every license plate that passes. The photo is converted to letters and numbers, which are attached to a time and location stamp, then uploaded to a central server.  This allows police to identify and record the locations of vehicles in real time and also identify where those vehicles have been in the past. Using this information, police could establish driving patterns for individual cars. The type of data ALPRs collect, analyze, and access often depends on what kind of systems they use and how they combine the data."
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  13. >Why the concern?
  14. Much like Stringrays (cell towerspoofing MITM devices used by LEO) a few years back, these devices are essentially unregulated. When used by private parties have been they have been able to scan up to 8k license plates in a single day, according to only one study. These databases are up for sale, much like cell location data. The data recorded includes GPS location, scan coordinates, and timestamp. When factoring in this information and without even the consideration of data breaches this clearly becomes an issue to everyone's privacy.
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  19. >Okay faggot, what can we do about it?
  20. I'm not sure yet, that's what I'm hoping our collective effort can discover. Below I will list some of the methods tried, there viability, cost, and feasibility.
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