A non-tsundere day

Jan 13th, 2014
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  1. >Day visiting your favorite tsundere friend in Equestria
  2. >you are on your merry way to annoy Hexferry more for cute squeaks and reactions until she’s so tsundere she can’t fly straight
  3. >and you arrive to her door, and ready your act as you barge in unannounced
  4. >”Wheeeere is my favorite cutest moth ever? Come here and squeak at me with that honey voice of yours”
  5. >and instead of a roused Hexferry, you get silence and slight pitter patter of hoofs lazily making their way towards you
  6. >And then you see Hexferry
  7. >gone is her usual energetic angry at you, and in place is one sickly looking Hexferry
  8. >she has a blanket around herself and her ears and antennae droop off to the sides as she slouches towards you
  9. “Oh, it’s you. You have to beg my pardon but I am in no shape to entertain you today..”
  10. >Hexferry coughs into her hoof a few times
  11. >”Hexferry, you feeling all right?”
  12. >Hexferry shakes her head and retracts into her wearable fort of blanket
  13. “I’ve got a cold Anon”
  14. >her voice sounds stuffy and ill all right
  15. >”Want me to embrace you into my arms and cradle you with all my love until you feel better?”
  16. >no matter how sick, that should active the inner Tsunferry
  17. “Actually, that would be nice...”
  18. >wat
  19. >you are a bit taken back at this, but get to it, albeit a bit more embarrassed yourself now as you coyly scoop her into your arms and sit with her on the couch
  20. >”What if I get sick?”
  21. >Hexferry just nuzzles against you
  22. “That would serve you right, you’re always giving me a headache...”
  23. >you are not used to this sort of affection from Hexferry and honestly it is a bit frightening, please tsun tsun it up soon Hexie
  24. >”Anon”
  25. >Oh, could it be? You sure hope it is
  26. >”Yes my little Sexferry?”
  27. >no way she’s going to let that one slide
  28. “Pat my head”
  29. >if you would be drinking something this would be the part where you would spit your drink
  30. >baffled, you just do as you are told as Hexferry starts to purr against you
  31. >what in the name of all seven hells is going on here?
  32. >you pat her for a while
  33. >”Umm Hexie...”
  34. >no response
  35. >you take a glance at her
  36. >she’s fast asleep
  37. >you gently get up and set her to sleep on the couch and fetch her some honey from the kitchen and leave it near her
  38. >today was not a tsundere day, better luck when she’s well you think to yourself as you leave the house
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