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Jun 30th, 2018
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  1. DEAR ENTERTAINMENT: for specifications and question please see ‘DEBUT FORM’ on wattpad.
  2. Wattpad: @Lynxxius
  4. USERNAME: DreamyTeapot
  6. TRAINEE NAME: Song Vaelyn
  8. STAGE NAME: Vaelyn
  10. PERSONALITY: Vaelyn would look like she's a very quiet and shy girl, well nope. she's a very hyperactive person that just can't stay still for 3 seconds. she's a loud girl that loves annoying people. she can be cold at times. she may look like she's a weak person, but nope again. when you piss her off she would either make a savage comeback or just stare at your soul for probably 15 minutes . despite her cheerful personality, she couldn't start conversations with others. she also couldn't say her real feelings, so it's very hard to know if she's in a bad mood. she does very crazy stuff that makes everyone speechless.
  12. BACKGROUND: Vaelyn was born in Surabaya. she has one older sister who is 3 years older than her. her parents are very caring and responsible, they would try to spend some times with her and her sister. they would be very happy when they bring their friends over, they would bake cookies for them, they would make some hot chocolate, and other kind things. her sister moved to Korea when Vaelyn became 11 years old, her sister did that because she wanted to be a singer she was sad, but also happy for her. she also had the same dream. when she turned 13, she moved to Korea and went to her grandparents's house, her sister was there aswell. she found out that her sister auditioned for 5 different entertainments but didn't got in any of them, they decided to start auditioning together.
  15. - Marshmallows
  16. - Bread
  17. - Cats
  18. - Dancing crazily
  19. - Wearing glasses
  22. - Dogs
  23. - Fireworks
  24. - Needles
  25. - Blood
  26. - High heels
  28. TRIVIA:
  29. - She's scared of needles, dogs, and fireworks
  30. - She can't eat potatoes
  31. - She's allergic to pork
  32. - She can't go on many rollercoasters
  33. - She can touch her nose with her tongue
  34. - She's good at crazy dances
  35. - She was supposed to debut before TWICE
  36. - She's good at high notes
  37. - She was a trainee at 4 different companies; Maroo, Brand New Music, Starship, and PLEDIS
  39. GROUP OR SOLO: Group | X-Y
  41. POSITION: Main Vocal
  43. BACKUP POSITION: Lead Vocal
  45. REQUEST RUMORS: [ok I'm bad at these but I'm still going to list them anyways lmao]
  47. - A rumor that she's actually supposed to debut before TWICE but it got cancelled [True]
  48. - A rumor that she has actually joined 4 other companies and two of them are Brand New Music and Maroo [True]
  49. - A rumor that she was a victim of cyber-bullying when she was in Middle school [Fake]
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