Akibaranger E08 TL Notes

Apr 13th, 2016
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  1. Akibaranger E08 TL Notes
  2. ***Original Over-Time TL Notes are denoted with a dash (-). Additional notes/changes by OZC-Live are denoted with a tilde (~)***
  4. - Tsuka-P is voiced by 高戸靖広 (Yasuhiro Takato) (Meemy in Magiranger, Smilodon Dopant in Kamen Rider W)
  6. - This is the diary that Akagi is talking about:
  8. - (05:54) Cameo by Tomokazu Seki, a prolific voice actor who also voices this week's MOTW, and is also known for voicing the Mobirates on Gokaiger.
  10. - (06:47) "A special offer from the show... thank you for watching! We've got some rare and lovely merchandise that we'll be giving away to ten viewers! Check the official website for the details! Entriees accepted from 5/26/2012 at 2PM through 6/4/2012 12AM!"
  11. This is actually a legit promo, you can check it out at the Akibaranger website. (Obviously, it's also exclusive to japanese citizens)
  13. - Tsukishima Alpaca: or Tsukishima Vicugnapacos, whichever you prefer!
  14. * Tsukishima: an island in Tokyo well known for its local specialty, monjayaki, served in several restaurants on the area. This is what the monster's cooking when he first shows up.
  15. * Alpaca: ...seriously? Scientific name: Vicugna Pacos. We decided to forgo consistency and go for the common name instead this time, since his name isn't actually playing on the "long-ass monster name" troupe. Also he says paca a lot.
  17. - The special training montage is a parody of various training episodes in Super Sentai, with portions of dialogue quoted verbatim from them:
  18. * Changeman Ep 1: This scene in particular is from the very beginning of the show, where the soldiers go across a mined field while Commander Ibuki observes from afar.
  19. * Gekiranger 8 (written by Arakawa, go figure!): Jan/Gekired undergoes "patience training", to properly use the GekiBazooka. His training consisted of waiting patiently for a pork stew to boil. In the end, he learns the value of patience - and to yell "pork!" after firing the GekiBazooka.
  20. * Go-onger GP 31: (also written by Arakawa, incidentally) A monster from Sound World appears on Human World, feeding on high-pitched sounds to grow larger, and only a beautiful song will be able to stop him. The Go-ongers and the Gaiark teamup to stop this monster from another dimension, with Go-on Yellow, Go-on Silver and Kegaleshia forming an idol unit, G3 Princess. The three of them decide to undergo "idol training", part of which include going to an amusement park and ride a rollercoaster.
  21. * Car VS Oh: In order to pilot Ohranger Robo, Chief Miura puts the Carrangers under harsh training - part of which includes crawling under barbed wire.
  23. - (11:14) Reference to a famous scene from Mobile Suit Gundam, where Commanding Officer Bright slaps the protagonist Amuro Ray to try and persuade him to launch in the Gundam. This is commonly known in fandom as the "brightslap".
  24. Tomokazu Seki has played another protagonist in Gundam, Domon Kasshu, on Mobile Fighter G Gundam.
  26. - (14:10) According to Akibaranger's production blog, Kamen Rider and Precure do not exist in the Akibaranger universe, and what we know as the Space Sheriff series is part of an ongoing fictional franchise that airs on saturday mornings. Featured here are the posters for the Galactic Sheriff Gyabian (the 2004 entry), Galactic Sheriff Sharian (the 2005 entry) and Galactic Sheriff Shainer (the 2006 entry)
  28. - (14:48) Obvious parody of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, which also acts as the current magical girl series. The Sailor Moon anime was animated by the Toei Animation studio, and also aired on TV Asahi.
  30. - The cat Malshina is holding is a doll of the alter ego of producer Tsukada Hideaki. The cat has been featured on every production blog he's written for, and the doll itself was featured on the blog for Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma:
  32. - On Akagi's rolecall: Misaki Megumi is Blue Dolphin from Liveman. She cooked this beef stew in episode 12 of Liveman, with the help of Colon the robot.
  34. - For the Sentai neophites: the concept of a combining team weapon has been a staple of Super Sentai since Changeman.
  36. - (21:38) The term Yumeria uses here is 拡散希望 (kakusan kibou, lit. "spreading hope"), which is a term specific to Twitter and used commonly in japanese tweets to ellicit the spread of a particular news or tweet. The keyword's usually written with brackets for emphasis 【転載希望】. It is a similar, though not totally equivalent form of the english "RT Plz". 【転載希望】 can be used to ask for retweets, or just simply to ask people to tweet about a particular subject.
  38. - "Mystery Man" (aka the hobo) is played by Kazuki Yao (voice of Ninjaman in Kakuranger)
  40. - (24:30) Karin Ogino actually caught the flu around the end of March, during the filming of Akibaranger.
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