DyingDerp vs Chax (10/18/2021)

Oct 18th, 2021
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  1. 10/18/21
  3. R1:
  5. - Fight starts off with Derp hitting Chax with an overhand whilst Chax attacks back with a poorly done snap
  6. side kick to the thigh.
  7. - Derp had his weight shifted to his left leg so this kick causes him to fall backwards.
  8. - Chax approaches whilst Derp gets up.
  9. - Derp attacks with a left jab to Chax's chin.
  10. - Chax only catches it on the end of it's extension, taking some of the damage from the jab whilst trying another side kick.
  11. - Chax tries to do the worst uchi mata in the world and achieves nothing as Derp averts his stance away from the throw.
  12. - Chax tries to land an ill-advised punch in this awkward position, not really finding a good posterior chain to launch it from.
  13. - Chax's punch causes him to be off-balance enough for Derp to start lifting him up from this position
  14. - Derp tries an ill-advised knee as Chax lands on his toes behind himself.
  15. - Chax cheeses a lift by extending off the ground off of his toes
  16. - Chax somehow still manages to fail to achieve full-mount entirely and allows Derp to reverse the position.
  18. 10-7 DyingDerp
  20. A dominant round by DyingDerp and a point subtraction for the usage of cheesy tactics from Chax.
  22. R2
  23. - Derp advances first
  24. - Chax tries to intercept Derp coming into his range with a low kick and lands.
  25. - Chax does a pretty cheesy standing superman overhand punch to Derp's guard
  26. - Derp responds with an awkward round house/front kick hybrid that lands to Chax's abdomen area.
  27. - Both of them steer around all off-balance to try and come back towards each other.
  28. - Derp finds a good stance first and hits Chax with a rear straight.
  29. - Chax tries to do the worst handstand hook kick in the world.
  30. - Chax gets up and pumps a rear low kick fake to another superman but is so off-balance, he ends up falling off to the opposite side of his punch.
  31. - He catches himself by punching onto Derp's back and stops himself from falling.
  33. 10-8 Derp
  35. Disregarding all the spastic and cheesy techniques used by Chax, Derp came out on top by a slight margin. I had thought for an argument for Chax's back "control" at the end but he was practically falling and had to restance himself first if he wanted to make the position viable. Point subtraction for cheesy tactics on Chax's side.
  37. R3:
  38. - Both fighters approach each other
  39. - Derp lands a jab to Chax's head whilst Chax lands a left hook to Derp's bicep, negating the power a bit.
  40. - Chax steps out onto his heel to uppercut at Derp, grab his hand and pull it down.
  41. - Derp tries to counter but gives up the inside space and gets backfisted by Chax.
  42. - Derp tries to punch a couple more times but just hits air. He prepares for a kick but is countered by Chax's kick.
  43. - Derp gets up and scrapes Chax's shin.
  44. - Chax does nothing for the rest of the round as Derp tries to get back into the fight.
  45. - Derp tries to chase with some weird stuff but doesn't land that hard.
  46. - Chax runs away for the finish.
  48. 10-9 Chax
  50. Wins by a slight margin but warned for timidity.
  52. 29-24 DyingDerp
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