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  1. cp_Benk: really have to be mr negative nancy?
  2. DRDONUTMAN: all of you are pissing me off
  3. cp_Benk: How? Nobody even fought with eachother that scrim
  4. DRDONUTMAN: id rather not talk about it when im already mad
  5. cp_Benk: ok but i actually thought that was a decent scrim. Sure we made our fair share of mistakes but that's why we're an open team and they're an IM team
  6. cp_Benk: the biggest thing is that we played together and didn't fight over bullshit
  7. cp_Benk: and having you say like "You all pissed me off that scrim ect ect we didn't even try to win" doesn't help
  8. DRDONUTMAN: you want to know what bothers me the most, the thing that changed, the thing that happened that made us bad, when we were good as fuck in the preseason
  9. cp_Benk: I think it's possible that you just had lower expecations in the preseason
  10. DRDONUTMAN: no
  11. DRDONUTMAN: we were better
  12. DRDONUTMAN: we were scrimming Im teams
  13. DRDONUTMAN: 4-3 vs mason's team
  14. DRDONUTMAN: we were beating every open team easily
  15. cp_Benk: I can't really comment on that
  16. cp_Benk: but getting frustrated over it doesn't help
  17. cp_Benk: we've been having a lot of trouble with fighting with eachother
  18. cp_Benk: and i tried really hard to set a positive atmosphere tonight
  19. cp_Benk: and to some extend it worked because nobody yelled at eachother even though we got 5-0'd
  20. DRDONUTMAN: ill tell you once this round ends
  22. DRDONUTMAN: in the preseason, everyone listened to me
  23. DRDONUTMAN: everytime i gave you guys advice you'd take it and improve
  24. DRDONUTMAN: or told you what you did wrong, youd listen
  25. DRDONUTMAN: now everytime i criticize someone i get jumped like a fucking nerd walking down a back alley
  26. DRDONUTMAN: and no offense but you guys listen to kapoww too much
  27. DRDONUTMAN: ik now more about the game than him, and i ACTAULLY PLAY WITH YOU GUYS
  28. DRDONUTMAN: everyday im on the same team and mumble
  29. DRDONUTMAN: i know you guys inside and out because i scrim with you multiple times everyday
  30. DRDONUTMAN: but you take outsider's advice instead of mine
  31. DRDONUTMAN: that's theo nly thing that's changed from preseason to now
  32. DRDONUTMAN: and guess what, we fucking suck dick
  33. DRDONUTMAN: like when i told you you should get flashed
  34. DRDONUTMAN: i palyed medic for a top im team for a whole season
  35. DRDONUTMAN: with the 2 best scouts in the div
  36. DRDONUTMAN: did you honestly not think i didnt know what i was talking about
  37. DRDONUTMAN: tht was what bothered me so much
  38. cp_Benk: ok i get your point
  39. cp_Benk: i just didn't see any reason to split the uber
  40. cp_Benk: but there's no point arguing over a specific thing
  41. DRDONUTMAN: it was just me cland was already dead because he got droppda nd i was running out of ammo
  42. DRDONUTMAN: im just bringing up an example of what happens EVERY day
  43. DRDONUTMAN: any little piece of advice is
  44. DRDONUTMAN: oh calm down donut
  45. DRDONUTMAN: oh thats mean dount
  46. DRDONUTMAN: blah blah donut
  47. cp_Benk: I think everybody feels that way
  48. DRDONUTMAN: im not gonna sugar coat shit so you feel gooda bout yourself
  49. cp_Benk: btw anotehr change between now and preseason is that you were main calling
  50. cp_Benk: so naturally we pushed at better times
  51. DRDONUTMAN: ya but even on the "off days" foster bitched about
  52. DRDONUTMAN: we were still way better
  53. DRDONUTMAN: everyone got a taste of greatnessi n the pre season and thought they were finally good
  54. DRDONUTMAN: and boy does it suck now
  55. DRDONUTMAN: cant even 5-0 teams anymore
  56. cp_Benk: well it seems to me that you think the problem is that we aren't willing to take advice
  57. DRDONUTMAN: youa re willing
  58. DRDONUTMAN: but from kapoww and techno
  59. DRDONUTMAN: who arent on this team
  60. DRDONUTMAN: when someone who is on yor team
  61. DRDONUTMAN: can play at their level
  62. DRDONUTMAN: and actaully plays wih you everyday
  63. DRDONUTMAN: i learned how to play tf2 with "the great" pure seanbud and lange
  64. DRDONUTMAN: you guys pass up the greatest thing that has ever happened to you
  65. DRDONUTMAN: an almost invitep layer coming down to open to help ppl get better
  66. DRDONUTMAN: and have a little fun in the process
  67. DRDONUTMAN: and this is why im so grouchy every day
  68. DRDONUTMAN: you guys just dont let me help you
  69. DRDONUTMAN: it's ridiculous
  70. cp_Benk: So how can we try to fix it?
  71. cp_Benk: IMO
  72. cp_Benk: number one needs to be focusing on keeping everybody calm durring scrims
  73. cp_Benk: which is what i tried to do tonight
  74. cp_Benk: because nobody's going to resopnd well to criticism if they're already mad
  75. DRDONUTMAN: people need to get rid of their undeserved egos
  76. cp_Benk: then we watch demos afterwards and that's where you can teach
  77. DRDONUTMAN: you can watch demos yourself and easily see what you did wrong
  78. DRDONUTMAN: ideally
  79. DRDONUTMAN: justl isten to me when i tell you something mid game
  80. cp_Benk: what do you want us to learn from you then
  81. DRDONUTMAN: and watch an invite demo afterwards
  82. DRDONUTMAN: if you want
  83. DRDONUTMAN: otherwise just ask questions
  84. DRDONUTMAN: if you dont ask ill never kno what you're wondering
  85. cp_Benk: ok
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