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[gift pro] 14,774 12,403 6 years ago
Name / Title Added Expires Hits Syntax  
WeakAuras for Throne of Thunder debuffs Apr 23rd, 13 Never 1,031 None -
WeakAuras for Resto Druid Icons Apr 23rd, 13 Never 872 None -
WeakAuras for Resto Druid Bars Apr 23rd, 13 Never 664 None -
WeakAuras for Riptide Apr 19th, 13 Never 1,683 None -
WeakAuras for Totemic Recall - HST Apr 19th, 13 Never 1,108 None -
WeakAuras for Totem & Buff uptime Apr 7th, 13 Never 1,568 None -
WeakAuras for Cooldown Management Apr 7th, 13 Never 2,184 None -
Macro with mouseover heal, PE and trinket Apr 7th, 13 Never 1,980 None -
Stormlash WeakAuras Apr 7th, 13 Never 1,313 None -
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