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Update text in multiple files via regex May 22nd, 20 Never 38 PowerShell -
Find processes with non standard processor affinit... May 15th, 20 Never 74 PowerShell -
Show names of installed Chrome Extensions May 15th, 20 Never 115 PowerShell -
Get instances of all CIM classes in a given namespace May 5th, 20 Never 68 PowerShell -
Show interesting CIM class instances for namespace... May 5th, 20 Never 83 PowerShell -
Show most frequently crashing processes in last 7 ... May 2nd, 20 Never 913 PowerShell -
Get Citrix PVS target device in memory write cache... Apr 29th, 20 Never 278 PowerShell -
Check if an application is installed Mar 16th, 20 Never 153 PowerShell -
Group requests from IIS log on status Feb 27th, 20 Never 120 PowerShell -
Filtering today's IIS log into sortable/filterable... Feb 25th, 20 Never 189 PowerShell -
Find latest x64 Wireshark version and download Feb 15th, 20 Never 78 PowerShell -
Remove colons from MAC address Jan 30th, 20 Never 107 PowerShell -
Add colons to MAC address Jan 30th, 20 Never 107 PowerShell -
Show some (log) file contents from a specific offs... Jan 16th, 20 Never 96 PowerShell -
Monitor Citrix ICA Round Trip Times in real time Jan 16th, 20 Never 108 PowerShell -
Record Citrix client auto reconnections in real time Jan 16th, 20 Never 61 PowerShell -
Find Quick Assist tell tales in event log Jan 15th, 20 Never 94 PowerShell -
Monitor Citrix client auto reconnections in real time Jan 14th, 20 Never 131 PowerShell -
Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10 Dec 16th, 19 Never 134 PowerShell -
Get all events in a given time/date range Dec 4th, 19 Never 23 PowerShell -
Output scrolling indented text to help see when it... Dec 4th, 19 Never 156 PowerShell -
Save all Windows events in given date range to csv... Nov 18th, 19 Never 133 PowerShell -
Putting today's IIS log into sortable/filterable g... Nov 13th, 19 Never 152 PowerShell -
Using regex to parse & tokenise strings in one... Nov 13th, 19 Never 53 PowerShell -
Search history for a string ("date1970")... Nov 13th, 19 Never 58 PowerShell -
Parsing Squid proxy logs Nov 13th, 19 Never 132 PowerShell -
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