Cacitus's Pastebin

1,728 3,577 7 years ago
Name / Title Added Expires Hits Syntax  
Transcript: CHAPTER TWO Mar 9th, 2019 Never 75 None -
Transcript: CHAPTER ONE Jun 23rd, 2018 Never 2,328 None -
The Quest Of REG Items List Jan 27th, 2018 Never 258 None -
Transcript: CHAPTER PROLOGUE Jan 5th, 2018 Never 135 None -
The Quest Of REG NPC List Dec 8th, 2017 Never 92 None -
The Quest Of REG HANDBOOK Dec 1st, 2017 Never 110 None -
The Quest Of REG: Player Sheets Nov 2nd, 2017 Never 579 None -

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