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boundless 2x : woo haru

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  1. name : woo haru.
  2. date of birth : 12/7/97.
  3. nationality : korean.
  4. ethnicity : korean.
  5. blood type : a positive.
  6. weight : 118 lbs.
  7. height : 5'2 ft.
  9. specialities :
  10. — singing: she's a considerably gifted singer, and despite her small and non-intimidating appearance, she has quite the pair of lungs. she's often been said to have a similar voice as ailee.
  11. — acting: she has acted in the korean drama "entertainer" as geu-rin, as well as in the movie "hyde, jekyll, and i" as woojung – but doesn't call herself an actual actress since she's only had two roles. she considers it more of as a hobby.
  12. — entertaining: she loves making others laugh and feel at home, so she's known to often make herself be the butt of the joke. others sometimes call her "extra," seeing as she always over exaggerates her emotions to get a quick giggle out of people.
  14. portrayer : lee hyeri.
  15. — backup : ahn heeyeon.
  16. — backup : bae suzy.
  18. predebut : has acted in one korean drama and one movie, and has also produced some of her own songs/covers & uploaded them online.
  20. trivia :
  21. — she is able to speak fluent english from learning it when she was a teenager in high school.
  22. — she dislikes bullying and always tries to encourage/stand up for others.
  23. — her favorite animals are pandas and penguins.
  24. — she's known to be able to easily click with those she meets because of her humor and friendly attitude.
  25. — she has arachnophobia; if she sees a spider, there's a high chance that she'll combust into tears.
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