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23 April 2014

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  1. The Spring Event begins:
  2. The event name is "Recon planes, launching!"
  3. High LOS will increase the chances of reaching the boss nodes. To achieve a high value, use of seaplanes, recon aircraft and ships with high LOS is strongly recommended
  4. Concessions will be made to a certain extent for not achieving high LOS values depending on the HQ level
  5. Each map will have a boss gauge that does not regenerate over time
  6. Event lasts 2 weeks from April 23rd.
  7. 4 new ships: DD Amatsukaze, DD Tanikaze, repair ship Akashi, and CL Sakawa.
  8. Akashi can repair ships mid sortie (down to moderate damage). A new item, Ship Repair Facility, allows her to repair 2 ships at the same time. The times where she is allowed to repair are limited, however. She will get more functionalty in the future.
  9. Akashi is a E2 drop (Battle of Sunda Strait).
  10. Tone, Chikuma and Bismarck received a second remodel, with Tone-class being reclassified as CAVs. This can be unlocked by using a special Blueprint item, obtainable by trading Extra Operation and Event maps badges.
  11. New recon plane functionality:
  12. Increased effectiveness in the aerial combat phase from successful scouting with carrier-based scouts and seaplane scouts
  13. Effect depends on whether air superiority or air supremacy is obtained
  14. Special bonus in shelling phase from seaplane scouts
  15. New BGM
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