Chu2koi scan 2 translation

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  1. (This is a translation of this image: )
  2. The cuteness surpasses perfection! It's so cute it hurts!
  4. Yuuta Togashi:
  5. A previous chuunibyou patient who once controlled the Flames of Darkness. Now he’s a first year high school student who’s recovered from that illness. Due to his kindhearted nature, he’s able to sympathize with Rikka, a current chuunibyou patient.
  7. Rikka Takanashi:
  8. A small, yet cute, girl who wears an eyepatch. Underneath that eyepatch is a golden contact lens she’s dubbed the “Devilish Truth Stare.” Usually, she’s silent and emotionless, but she’s able to show her emotions in front of her contractee, Yuuta.
  10. Shinka Nibutani:
  11. With a tall and pleasant figure, she’s the class rep for Yuuta and Rikka. She’s earned the nickname “Class King” for her leadership qualities and high standards. Does she plan to rehabilitate Rikka?
  13. Original characters?
  14. In the anime, original characters will be introduced. Just look at the airheaded second year Kumin Tsuyuri for proof. This easy-going upperclassman carries around a pillow in her bag so she can sleep anywhere she wishes. There’s many more unique individuals to come in this show.
  16. What is Chuunibyou?
  17. Chuunibyou is where your body has grown up, but your mind has not. That unbalance leads you to say crazy things to people. It was first introduced on Hiakru Ijuin’s radio show. The kind that Rikka contracted is the Evil Eye Chuunibyou type. This type has people think they develop powers and try to conceal them. They also create their own personas.
  19. What about the original novel?
  20. The novel itself won an honorable mention in the first Kyoto Animation Awards. Now, two volumes have been published via the KA Esuma Bunko label. Continuing from Munto and Sora o Miageru Shōjo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai, this is an original title. We hope Supervisor Ishihara is up to arranging Chuunibyou!
  22. The current patient Rikka Takanashi. The former patient Yuuta Togashi. When these two people meet, their souls resonate with each other and the door to the past is unsealed. - Kyoto Animation’s new project tells a cute love comedy interweaving the story of a former and current chuunibyou patient.
  23. According to Tatsuya Ishihara, “This novel was published via the KA Esuma Bunko label, so I think it’s a good KyoAni original series. Because it was done in-house, I believe we have a little more freedom.” In order to create a more bustling atmosphere, original stories and characters will appear in addition to novel aspects.
  24. There’s so many things we want to see animated! Rikka’s “Devilish Truth Stare” stories, Yuuta’s comebacks, Rikka’s expressions as she improvises names of abilities, Yuuta’s Chuuni lines as he listens to Rikka, and then the damage this takes on him. We want to see it now!
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