A red-spotted cornsilk mushroom prize from GemStoneIV EG

Oct 15th, 2018
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  1. a red-spotted cornsilk mushroom
  2. This is the exploding mushroom from Caligos Isle
  5. Loresong:
  7. The mushroom just sits there in your hand as you sing.
  9. Shadows overhwhelm your vision and darkness engulfs you. The surroundings are warm and moist, and you feel secure and comfortable among your many brothers and sisters. All is well, until you are expelled from your haven, sent out into unknown.
  11. The disorientation fades away, and you are yourself again.
  13. V2:
  14. As you continue to sing, the mushroom still doesn't do anything.
  16. Suddenly, you feel your corporeal body grow less distinct. Colors and light assault your senses in dizzying whirls and blurs. You feel yourself floating on warm air currents, flying like a downy feather across a vast expanse. Elation fills your being as you dance in the sky.
  18. The scenery changes back to normal as your song verse ends.
  20. V3:
  21. The melody envelopes the mushroom, but it does not do anything apparent.
  23. Your body feels heavy, and you find yourself sinking into moist, loamy earth. The thick, heavy scent of the soil infuses your being with vitality. A whisper of a sound flits at the edge of your awareness, like a contented sigh.
  25. You awaken from your vision with the lingering scent of soil.
  27. V4:
  28. You start another verse of your song, focusing on your mushroom.
  30. The world shift slowly, transforming into lush woodlands. Heavy footsteps draw near until you feel yourself being lifted from your home. Soft hands cradle you and a soothing voice reassures your frightened spirit. You are set gently down into a pot of rich loam and enter a peaceful slumber, listening to a melodious lullaby.
  32. You open your eyes and blink away the fog of sleep to find yourself back to reality.
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