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Colorado Springs Gazette, July 5th 1992

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  1. DENVER - It seems baseball and the color purple can mix after all.
  3. "There's a lot of shades of purple," John Antonucci, the Colorado Rockies' chief executive officer, said Saturday after the unveiling of the team's new uniforms at Mile High Stadium. "There's a very rich purple and tasteful purple and there's a very wild and obnoxious purple - and what we wanted to do is get it as deep as possible."
  5. Deep purple, it is.
  7. Fashionably speaking, the Rockies' outfits look like major-league baseball uniforms. Traditional, simple and clean.
  9. The home uniforms are white with dark purple pinstripes. The numbers on the back are black and trimmed in silver. The road uniforms are a solid gray (no stripes) with black and purple trim. The numbers and letters are purple trimmed in black and white. The Sunday alternative apparel, which will be worn during Sunday home games (a practice now used by the Chicago White Sox), features a black top with white, purple-pinstriped pants. It uses the silver metallic lettering and purple numbers.
  11. There are similar features in each uniform, including a black belt, black socks, the new Rockies logo on the left sleeve and the word "Rockies" sewn across the jersey front. The new logo features a larger baseball with stitches. The ball, once placed in the middle of the mountain range, has been moved to the upper-right portion of the logo.
  13. The Rockies, who begin play in the National League next season, will be the only major- league team to use their nickname on both home and away uniforms. Other teams use their moniker on home jerseys, and state or city names on their road uniforms. Why not put "Colorado" on the road jerseys?
  15. "We felt that whenever the Rockies took the field, whether they were in Denver, whether they were in Los Angeles, whether they were in New York, they would know where the Rockies came from and know who their home team was playing," Antonucci said.
  17. "I thought before they came in and before we gave final approval that I would like the home (uniforms) the best, but I like them all."
  19. The authentic Rockies jerseys will be sold - for $119 apiece - at the club's Dugout Store, at 1730 Sherman St. in Denver, for 30 days before becoming available in retail stores.
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