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  1. VGL11 Info
  2. As per our bi-yearly tradition, it's time to get ready for the next iteration of the virtual divegrass cup among /vg/ generals, the VGL 11.
  3. It's starting on late november, and just as last time 48 generals will participate to itand compete over four weekends.
  5. You can check the list of teams that will be playing here:
  7. Also, keep this page bookmarked for more info and updates on the day by day scheduling.
  11. >what is this?
  12. Also known as /vg/ League, it's a virtual football/soccer/footie tournament played between /vg/ generals for >fun, bragging rights and the possibility to have one of our team's players play in the /vg/'s 4chan cup roster to represent our general.
  13. It's played cpu vs cpu on PES so the outcomes are mostly random, but every team has different formations and tactics (usually chosen by the teams' managers), so it's more like weighted rng.
  14. It's streamed on youtube (and watched on a cytube room), and the next vgl will start the 23rd of November.
  16. Check our current roster at:
  18. And more info about how the cup works overall at:
  21. >you lost me
  22. Just check this video with one of our matches from the last cup:
  26. >alright, now what?
  27. We need our team to stay fresh and free of memes that aren't used anymore.
  28. To keep a balance between changing too much and changing too little, we run it like this:
  29. - Sack the 12 players in the bench. These players get added by default to the poll so they can come back if they get enough votes again.
  30. - A spreadsheet gets opened to collect suggestions for new players, name changes and new music.
  31. - After it gets closed, a first poll decides which 12 players make it in.
  32. - A second and final poll decides which among all the 23 players get to be starters, which means they'll play a bit more often and won't risk getting sacked next time.
  33. With this cycling, the oldest but still popular players can't get sacked suddenly from one cup to the next, but even new players have a chance to become medal players if popular enough.
  36. >Dates
  37. Suggestions spreadsheet: Until Friday 9th
  38. First poll: Friday - Saturday
  39. Second poll: Saturday - Sunday
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