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Oct 23rd, 2019
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  1. # Make the strongest case for your inclusion in our team. Focus on specific contributions you can make toward server management/development.
  2. #### I’m reliable! Day or night, if someone needs help I’m going to be there, if a team member either can’t deal with the current member demand or need help with a specific case, I will be there.
  4. I can conduct myself in both a courteous and mature manner while representing the e-community. Working as part of the server, I understand it’s not only doing tasks, it’s also bringing out the best in the community, together with the other team members, I aim to continue the good vibes in our community.
  6. I am respectful, I understand that other team members have a voice and I’m not the only member on the team, everyone has opinions, thoughts and feelings, I would be foolish to ignore those when it came to certain actions that gave cause for further team input
  8. Lastly, I don’t know to which extent this is important but I’m a mute, after some mental trauma with my ex-partner my brain and vocal chords no longer work in unison, I’m fully capable of hearing, listening etc but I’m physically unable to speak, I would appreciate if this last point wasn’t shared with anyone other than the reader unless necessary! 🙂
  10. Apologies if this has sent twice, the appbot is being a little icky
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