IG Server Rules

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  1. <align="center"><color="cyan">
  2. <size=50>Infinitum Gaming Rules & Info</color>
  3. <color="red">-----------------------------------------</color></size>
  4. <size=35><color="orange">1.) No excessive micspam/soundboards.
  5. 2.) Human players may NOT ally with the SCPs.
  6. 3.) No overly excessive hatespeech/racism/bigotry.
  7. 4.) Try not to be consistently annoying.
  8. 5.) Respect other players.
  9. 6.) Respect and obey IG-Staff.
  10. 7.) Enjoy your stay!!!</color></size>
  12. <size=20>
  13. <color="blue"> Friendly fire is OFF, max slots 25, server hosted in NYC, currently running ServerMod.
  14. Like the server? The community? Feel free to join our steam group </color><link=""><color=#cdf><i><u>here</u></i></color></link>. <color="blue">For any server-issues please contact Onfam#4938 on Discord.</color>
  15. </size>
  18. </color>
  19. </align>
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