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  1. [12:40 PM] PoKeY: @everyone I want us to be prepared for this weeks castle siege so I will be posting info for all to go over. I don’t want to squander another opportunity! Thank you in advance.
  2. πŸ‘2
  3. [12:44 PM] Derek: When is that
  4. [12:45 PM] PoKeY: Posted in guides. Please review the battle progression section.
  5. [12:45 PM] Kburnz: saturday
  6. [12:45 PM] PoKeY: We are not supposed to destroy the other clans imprint as exiled was trying to do to us.
  7. [12:46 PM] PoKeY: But instead try to break into castle.
  8. [12:46 PM] psy: Do we have a plan with Invictus yet?
  9. [12:46 PM] psy: Like are they fine with us just taking a castle?
  10. [12:46 PM] Olympus/Gankinz: Crap. If yall need me Sat. Send Clan Inv. Was trying to become Beast before joining.
  11. [12:46 PM] PoKeY: They will have to be.
  12. [12:47 PM] PoKeY: Or they can break out alliance and we will duke it out.
  13. [12:47 PM] PoKeY: Our*
  14. [12:47 PM] psy: I mean has anyone talked to them about it to see if they are haha
  15. [12:47 PM] Olympus/Gankinz: Baldr already sent 1:1 ill talk to him.
  16. [12:47 PM] PoKeY: @Zerotwo (Invictus) right? :stuck_out_tongue:
  17. [12:49 PM] Zerotwo (Invictus): yeah we need to plan out our castle siege. both our clans will probably go for the open one and let rare defend their castle
  18. [12:49 PM] PoKeY: Orrrr we can take rares. Lol
  19. πŸ˜‚1
  20. [12:50 PM] Baldr: I say we go for the open, and team up, and then we can go against eachother.
  21. [12:52 PM] psy: You mean next week go against each other?
  22. [12:52 PM] Baldr: Yes
  23. [12:52 PM] psy: Would involve breaking the alliance
  24. [12:52 PM] Baldr: No it wouldn't
  25. [12:52 PM] psy: Can't attack allied members inside of siege instance iirc
  26. [12:53 PM] Baldr: Are you sure?
  27. [12:53 PM] psy: 95% confidence, it's how Exiled and KINGDOM were able to fight against us effectively
  28. [12:53 PM] Baldr: Yeah, I was thinking about that
  29. [12:53 PM] psy: It'd also be really really useful to have an ally as one of the bidding clans because they can run interference against the two attacking clans
  30. [12:53 PM] psy: Rather than a 3 v 1
  31. [12:54 PM] Baldr: Yeah, so we will run the same plan but no turning against eachother
  32. [12:54 PM] Baldr: We can just go for the open as Rare is an ally.
  33. [12:55 PM] psy: :thumbsup:
  34. [12:55 PM] psy: Next week when rewards start and defenders get kicked out will have to come back to the drawing board haha
  35. [12:55 PM] Baldr: We will he taking the best castle
  36. [12:55 PM] Baldr: Be*
  37. [12:59 PM] PoKeY: Read the info I posted please.
  38. [12:59 PM] PoKeY: Says I’m here alliances can be forged and broken inside siege.
  39. [12:59 PM] PoKeY: In*
  40. [1:04 PM] Zerotwo (Invictus): yeah you cant fight allies in the castle. last week us and rare couldnt hit each other
  41. [1:06 PM] Baldr: Well, we can break our alliance after irradicating the other clan
  42. [1:06 PM] Baldr: And then go from there
  43. [1:07 PM] Baldr: But obviously keep it outside of siege, Invictus is a great ally
  44. [1:08 PM] Baldr: How do you feel about that?
  45. [1:08 PM] Zerotwo (Invictus): is there a big difference for each castle? seems like a waste to let someone else get the other caslte
  46. [1:08 PM] Baldr: There is
  47. [1:08 PM] Baldr: The rewards increase / decrease
  48. [1:09 PM] Zerotwo (Invictus): even if we dont break the alliance would we be able to break the towers and imprint on their caslte?
  49. [1:09 PM] Baldr: Rare has the better of the two castles currently
  50. [1:09 PM] Baldr: I think so, and then it would just be a race really
  51. [1:09 PM] Baldr: But when the real season drops they are going to add one castle
  52. [1:10 PM] psy: What's your source on that?
  53. [1:10 PM] psy: I have a feeling we're gonna get stuck with 2 because less populated
  54. [1:11 PM] Baldr: The official site
  55. Vermillion has joined the server! It's super effective!05/16/2018
  56. [1:11 PM] Baldr: I would have a rough Tim finding which site and where in
  57. [1:12 PM] Zerotwo (Invictus): if theres 3 than thatd be great for us. we wont have to switch off
  58. [1:20 PM] psy: I wouldn't count on it for NA -- if you mean that rewards thing I linked earlier Balder that was from SEA yeah
  59. [1:20 PM] Vermillion: The problem will be defending the castles. That's something we're missing on in this conversation. As things are now, it will be easy since the towers are pretty strong against low cp users. The problem will arise once people start reaching more than 500k cp. An alliance against a castle is pretty much a guaranteed win.
  60. [1:21 PM] psy: Having the third partner bidding competitively against any alliances would prevent that from at least one castle
  61. [1:21 PM] Zerotwo (Invictus): need to raise alt clans to bid lol
  62. [1:22 PM] psy: Skyfox has one coming together nicely haha
  63. [1:24 PM] Vermillion: SEA players do that but that's not always guaranteed. A real clan will always have more funds than an alt clan. We'll have to see how things play out. This server is pretty new, so things can change a ton a week from now.
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