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  1. Alright troops, take your seats. This briefing starts now.
  2. A few hours ago, a small colony of Twi'leks came under siege from a group of mercenaries. Now, of course on any other occasion, we have no reason to pick fights with mercenaries. But this happened in OUR territory. These mercenaries are calling themselves Di'kut. We have reason to believe that this isn't the first push into our territory that the Di'kut have made, so we're willing to bet it won't be the last. That is if we don't stop them here. In a few minutes from now, we'll be dropping out of hyperspace above Corellia. Our spies managed to track the mercenaries to an industrial estate in the southern region. Your mission is to take out the main unit of the mercenary task force and if possible, capture the leader of the group. Transports are ready in main hangar, get a move on now! You are all dismissed!
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