Dadonequus Discord Part 289

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  1. >However, before you could actually do anything. Discord pops his head out of a random portal. "Ahh yes, almost forgot. I will be letting Fluttershy know that you have fallen ill but are already on the way to a very speedy recovery thanks to me and that you are currently napping, ready to spring back to your old self by evening"
  2. >You smirk at Discord, giving him a sarcastic remark
  3. "You're quite the miracle worker."
  4. >Discord smirks back in kind. He felt a bonding connection at this moment. A mutual understanding of each other. "Everyday is a miracle when I'm around. But seriously Anon" Discord gazes at you more seriously "What this means is that nopony can catch you out and about while you are on your little mission. Absolutely nopony. Even if they don't have a stake in you, a sighting is a sighting and should anypony that does believe you are sick were to find out then questions would be raised. You can manage a little stealth, can't you?"
  5. >You shrug, you felt confident you wouldn't get caught.
  6. "No prob, you did give me a portal straight to the clubhouse. It'll be easy. I'll be in and out like it's no problem and then look into this homework Chrysalis brought home for me."
  7. >"Excellent. With that said, good luck to you Anon. I wish you well...ta-ta!" And then Discord disappears back into his portal. Probably to bask in Fluttershy's praise of being such a good "nursing" dad. You snickered about it. What a delightful little fuck he can be sometimes.
  9. >But, looking at your alarm clock. It was definitely time to get going. But where was Scrappy?
  10. >Just as the thought pops into your head. You hear shuffling coming from the top of your bed.
  11. >You prepare yourself for a sudden attack from him. But, nothing happens. Instead, you catch some purple jutting out from the top of the bed. It looked like a mane.
  12. >Scootaloo? naahhhh
  13. >You get up onto your bed and look at the source of the mane. IT WAS SCOOTALOO. You nearly stepped back in surprise. What the hell was she doing here? And why was she napping and hugging your pillow? And..she was whimpering?
  14. >No, no..this can't be possible. She had no fucking way of getting in here without you and possibly Chrysalis and Scrappy....
  15. > just noticed he wasn't around.
  16. >And as you drew closer to Scootaloo. You moved the pillow slightly away from her face. It was damp with tears.
  17. >Napping? Tears? Immediately after school? No...this wasn't Scootaloo.
  18. >This was Scrappy. His sad whimpering. He was having a nightmare. A nightmare that caused him to change into the one he hurt. He hugged back onto the pillow tightly. And sobbed.
  19. >the poor little guy. You couldn't let him wander that wasteland of his mind until you could fill it with happiness. You start to gently shake him.
  20. "Scrappy, yo, Scrappy. Come on dude, wake up. We gotta go see Scootaloo."
  22. >"mmngh, mn....ATTACK!" Scrappy suddenly wakes up, immediately changing back into his buggy form and jumps onto you. Looking at you with battle ready expression.
  24. >You couldn't even cover your face. He jumped you pretty hard.
  25. >But he didn't even realize that he did it, he just ignorantly looks around and then down at you. "What are you doing down there Anon?...did we fight already?" He tilted his head in confusion.
  26. >Well, at least he wasn't depressed. Well, if you knew him well enough. He would become depressed the moment he doubted himself.
  27. "No Scrappy, uhhh...Actually, we need to get going to the clubhouse before Scootaloo gets there. We can take a shortcut an-"
  28. >Scrappy slowly steps back, getting frightened at the name and that you both had to go right now. He was shaking. "! I don't know...W-what goes bad?"
  29. >You give him a look of confidence before hopping off the bed and adjusting the portal door's dial.
  30. "It won't. Trust me, I got your back. And that's what friends do. They get each others backs and help eachother out."
  31. >"B-but...she was so mad. I dunno" The closer the moment came. The more scared he became. It seems he never had the experience of upsetting anyone he cared about ever. Well of course he didn't. He didn't really have friends until recently.
  32. "Scrappy. Let me tell you this. If you don't do this now. Then she would hate you forever. Because you went and hid instead of being her friend. And being there for her and telling her how you feel. Listen Scrappy. She's only mad because you said something dumb. But nopony stays mad forever. So you have a choice, either stay here and be hated. Or come and apologize to her about...."
  33. >How did he make her mad? You know he mentioned he was evil. But really, this was mostly your fault. But you had already apologized. So really. It should be guaranteed that he'll be forgiven.
  35. "uhm, whatever you actually did soooo....what's it gonna be?"
  36. >"S-she'll hate me if I don't go?" He started to breath harder, forcing himself forward as he slumps off the bed "I-I can't...l-let...t-that..happen.." He was actually struggling to press on. Grunting and panting. "!" He gets right to the door before falling forward. He couldn't go anymore. He didn't want to face her. "I can't. She hates changelings. My siblings attacked her. and I told her I like being evil and sneaky and mean and she hates that. But I like it! Why! Why is everything so wrong!" He screams as he curls up into a ball. Crying again.
  37. >You lean down, and slowly and gently rub his head with your hoof.
  38. "Nothing is wrong Scrappy. Ponies get upset, but they eventually calm down. She knows you like being evil. She probably knew that before you told her. But she was just mad at Chrysalis and accidentally took it out on you. Trust me, that is the most likely scenario. Please..."
  39. >"B-but..." He whimpers.
  40. >You sigh, he was just too scared. Welp...time for plan B.
  41. "If it doesn't work out, I'll challenge you to a fight."
  42. >"DEAL!" The wonder bug immediately stood up as he cackled and pointed at you. "Today will mark your doom Anon, for your recent insult on the queen. And.....and" He began to falter on his sudden bravado "A-and...Scootaloo...Oh no. I...I'm scared. But, I can't back out. It's on..the queen's honor"
  43. >You had him now.
  44. "Nope, you can''s get this over with then."
  45. >You just triumphantly step through the portal as Scrappy slowly follows. Changing into a puppy as he passes through "....I-is it bad...that I'd rather have Scootaloo forgive me...than destroy you? Because, y-you still deserve it"
  46. >You just go along with it as you go up into the clubhouse, taking care to look around for the fillies. They were neither around nor inside.
  48. "I know I do. But, hey. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Huh? and yo, look at you. You made it up here. I guess all you needed was the right motivation."
  49. >Scrappy closes the door behind him with a jittery paw. "....I-I guess..." Scrappy stops for a moment after closing the door. Before remembering to check on his gifts. To check on their status. "O-oh...I...I should really check on the presents..."
  50. >He just moped on over behind their little podium. Behind it was a bag. He was just, so depressed as he sifted through the objects and took a good long look at the Rainbow Dash doll.
  51. >Christ,What could you even do to cheer him up?Everything you've tried either didn't work or only worked temporarily.
  52. "Scrappy, haven't you ever dealt with somepony getting mad at you before? Like say, your queen?"
  53. >He slowly shakes his head as he gives the doll a hug. "No, the queen never really noticed me until she made me captain. And I've never really even made her mad. You know the track thing in the basement? That made her super happy. And thats all I want for Master Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo...I want them to be super happy too." He wipes a tear away as he slips the doll back into the bag.
  54. "Scrappy..."
  55. >You walk up to him, and give him a hug. To try to assure him things would be ok.
  56. "Everything will be fine. You're gonna do just fine. ok? All you gotta do is relax, and use some of that leadership moxie you got."
  57. >"Leadership...moxie?" Scrappy didn't know what "moxie" meant. "What does that mean?"
  58. "It just means, your usual cunning self."
  59. >"Oh....I don't even-" But Scrappy stops himself when he hears sounds. His ear twitches as he realizes something "Master Applebloom....Scootaloo...they are getting close!" He started to sweat and panic "WHAT DO I DO!?"
  60. "Woah! Woah! Woah!"
  61. >You try to calm him down.
  62. "Relax, ok? All you gotta do is relax. If you panic like this. You won't be able to think of what to say next"
  64. >"Ngh...B-but" He looked like he was going to fall apart.
  65. >Dammit Scrappy!
  66. "Buck up soldier! Is that how a changeling captain acts!? You'll fail your mission if you don't cut it out!"
  67. >Would that even work? Barking an order at him? You were out of ideas at this point. Especially now since you could hear Applebloom's and Scoots Sweetie Belle. Huh.
  68. >Scrappy unfortunately didn't respond to your words. He completely froze at this point. And the door, it began to open.
  70. >"Ahm tellin' you Scootaloo, it's gonna be fine. Even if they did have trouble. That no good changeling ain't got nothin' on Anon's horn."
  71. >You hear Applebloom's voice as she looks back at Scootaloo as she opens the door.
  72. >"Then why wasn't Scrappy waiting for us after school?" Scootaloo sounded worried, scared even.
  73. >"Erm, well. Ya know how Scrappy is, probably just tellin that no good Chrysalis how the whole mission thing went." Applebloom begins to turn around as she lets Scootaloo inside.
  74. >"I hope so...If anything happened to him." She gulps "I didn't,,,"
  75. >"Ah know Scootaloo, it was just all that wonky love drainin' those nasty bugs did to ya, ya didn't mean to...Anon?" Applebloom finally notices you standing there. Even though they didn't seem to wonder if you were ok. you were sure they had talked about you in an earlier moment.
  76. >And yep, no Sweetie Belle.
  77. "Yo."
  78. >You wave with a cocky grin on your face
  79. "How ya d-OMPH!"
  80. >Both Scootaloo and Applebloom dive down on you. Hugging you.
  81. >"You're ok!" Applebloom squeals
  82. "U-uhh"
  83. >You blush, two huggy fillies? a-adorable really.
  84. "Y-yeah, why wouldn't I be? I-I am the hero colt ya know"
  85. >"Don't be like that Anon, we know ya can be a goof up sometimes. We we're really worried about you and.....wait" Applebloom noticed something was missing. Which then caught Scootaloo's attention.
  86. >And boy did it catch her attention.
  87. >"SCRAPPY!" She jumped up and looked around, scared, she didn't see him. "SCRAPPY!? SCRAPPY!"
  88. >She didn't see him? Was he hiding?
  89. >"Anon, w-what happened to Scrappy?" Applebloom slowly got off of you, she looked nearly as worried as Scootaloo.
  90. "U-ummm, he should be-"
  92. >"Right here..." Scrappy was poking his head out from behind their podium. "I-I'm right here...H-hello Master Applebloom, Scootaloo" He was whimpering.
  93. >"Scrappy..." Applebloom could see it in his eyes. Scootaloo had told her how Scrappy reacted. She didn't know it was this bad.
  94. >"I-I know I don't deserve forgiveness. I was a bad puppy. A bad changeling. I'm sorry I'm evil...I-I like being evil. I'm g-good at it...I don't know how to be anything else....I'm sorry...I never felt these bad feelings in my heart though. Not evil feelings, just...bad feelings. It hurts. I don't know why it hurts."
  95. >"Scrappy...hey come on. Don't be like that." Scootaloo carefully approaches him "We don't mind you being "evil", that's not why I got mad. I just felt different and was angry. It was my fault for getting angry at you for what your siblings did. You're a great friend Scrappy, who cares if you're "evil", to're the greatest and nicest changeling I ever met. And the bravest, and the coolest" Scootaloo started to tear up as she began to list what she thought of him "And the truest, and the most awesome too. You're such an awesome changeling that I don't even think of you as a changeling. You're just Scrappy, A great friend"
  97. >Scrappy went back behind the podium as he began to sob. " were hurt and..."
  98. >Scootaloo positioned herself to sit on her butt as she held her forelegs out "Hug time"
  99. >"Hug T-time?" Scrappy whimpered
  100. >"Hug time" Scootaloo said again
  101. >There was a silent moment. But then Scrappy, in all his excitement and love, hopped out from behind the podium and dove into Scootaloo as he cried "HUG TIME!". Scootaloo easily catching him and holding him tightly as they both sobbed.
  102. >It was a sweet moment. All those words pierced his heart. But it was the hugs that drew him in. He was crying and thanking Scootaloo for her forgiveness. He wasn't evil, he really did do what made those he loved happy. Whether it be them or the queen. For the most part, he did have a scary lust for wanting to crush ponies he didn't know. But maybe that was a changeling thing.
  103. >"Anon, did ya get hurt out there? Did Scrappy? ya both look fine." Applebloom was giving you a once over while Scootaloo was occupied with Scrappy. She was relieved so far that none of you seem to have a scratch.
  104. "Oh, uhh..yeah. That Thorax guy? He wasn't as dangerous as Scrappy or Chrysalis made him out to be. Turns out he's a soft and nice turncoat. Totally on our side who was just looking for a friend. My guess was that Chrysalis wanted him back to torture or even destroy him for turning traitor. He's a little too soft though, he was willing to let us rip his wings out so it looked like we threw him down a pit"
  105. >"Wha?" Applebloom was confused "So, he's nice like Scrappy?"
  106. "About, he's nice because he likes ponies and dislikes Chrysalis. Scrappy though? he just likes us because he thinks of us as highly as he does Chrysalis."
  107. >" Ah didn't think there was any changeling that was like that. So, what did ya both do with him?" Applebloom wondered.
  109. >You grin at her as you wave your hooves forward and back.
  110. "Ohhhhoooo, get this. You're not gonna believe it. Luna showed up to help us out, don't ask why, she did. And now? Thorax is in Canterlot, in the castle, meeting with Princess Celestia."
  111. >"Wha?! That sounds like hooey to me. Is that really what happened?" Applebloom just couldn't believe it
  112. "Why don't you send a letter to her and find out?"
  113. >"...Huh...ah think ah-Mph!" Applebloom gets surprised by Scrappy's hug from behind, she then giggles as she twists enough to pet his head "Awww Scrappy. Are ya feelin' better?"
  114. >"Lots and lots!" He nuzzled her head against her "Where is Sweetie Belle? I want to give her hugs too!"
  115. >Yeah,,,
  116. "That's right, where is she? I'd think she'd be with you guys."
  117. >Applebloom brings Scrappy to her front side to give him a gentler and more personal hug. "She's...erm. She's kinda takin' one for the team right now"
  118. >Taking one for the team?
  119. "Wha? What does that mean?"
  120. >Scootaloo moves up to pat Scrappy's head as he hugs Applebloom, though she is visibly cringing about the whole Sweetie Belle thing "Yeaaaaah, heh. Ya see. Your "sis" sort of made a reeeallly big deal about you being sick. Diamond Tiara nearly lost it. I dunno why, but I guess she's REALLY gotten into you now because she was ready to leave school right there to take care of you. Bugbr- er...Chrysalis told her it'd be ok but she was begging her to take her to your room. She didn't, so she just sorta freaked out. Sweetie Belle is with her now, trying to keep her calm. Since we know the situation best, we kinda felt we could tell Diamond Tiara stuff without revealing anything. And Sweetie Belle volunteered to actually do it. She felt bad for ragging on you after what I told her"
  122. >Awww, Sweetie Belle. Well, You had to guess she understood now. You still felt guilty that Scootaloo had to suffer to make it happen.But thank Luna for helping Scoots through her dreams. Yeah, Luna's dream drifting was kinda creepy. But you could see, that yeah, it was pretty important after all
  123. "Oh...mnnn, I'll have to thank her next time I see her."
  124. >"I don't mind! That means I get to do this twice!" Scrappy was just vague enough to confuse the two young fillies.
  125. >"Get to do this...?" Applebloom loosened her grip, utterly puzzled
  126. >"Twice?" As was Scootaloo
  127. >"Yep!" Scrappy broke away from the hugs and cuddles to behind the podium as he grabbed his bag with this teeth and pulled it back in front of the two fillies and opened it "Yeah! First I get to surprise you two, then Sweetie Belle later! I'm so happy! First, for Master Applebloom!"
  128. >He pulls out a smaller bag, full of the ingredients you wagered. "This bag has a lot of potion mixing stuff. I know you'll love it! You like potion stuff don't you?"
  129. >"Potion stuff? You mean like, for mixin and makin' potions?" Applebloom heard they were ingredients, but just had to make sure.
  130. >"Yup!" He hopped about excitingly as he scootches the bag forward.
  131. >Applebloom begins to sift through the bag. Her eyes going wide at all the rare items that Scrappy stole or found. "Wow! Look it all this rare stuff! Scrappy, this is amazin'. Ah didn't know you were such a good tracker!"
  132. >Scrappy salutes "Only the best for Master Applebloom!"
  133. >Applebloom gives him a gentle and sweet hug "Thank you Scrappy, yer the best!"
  134. >"Yes! I am the best! The best for my Queen, and the best for my friends!" He hugs, then salutes again. He then starts sifting through the bag and pulls out the Rainbow Dash doll. "And this is for Scootaloo! A Rainbow Dash doll." His excitement dies down though. As he holds it to her with sad eyes. "I-I hope you like it" He was still sorry for hurting her. even when he really didn't.
  136. >Scootaloo gets excited however, She takes the doll and immediately hugs it. Extremely thankful for Scrappy's gift. "WOOAH! THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME! SCRAPPY! I LOVE IT!"
  137. >"Really?!" He smiled, he could feel a warmth which gave him uncontrollable fuzzy feelings. He began to shiver from a soft sense of love and warmth. "Y-you really do?"
  138. >"Yeah!...and" She stops, and looks to him. She smiled warmly at him. She gently but the doll down and opened her hooves again for him "Another hug time?"
  139. >"ANOTHER HUG TIME?! WOWEE! NOPONY EVER GAVE ME TWO IN A ROW! YES! YES! YES!" He dives into her and receives yet another gentle hug.
  140. >It was such a super sweet scene. Dammit Scrappy, you were dumb, loyal, and cute.
  141. >Applebloom steps to your side as she too takes in the lovely scene. "Ahm really glad everything worked out. We we're worried about you two. Ah swear, if anything happened to you or Scrappy...mnnnn...ah woulda given that bug a piece of mah mind."
  142. >You appreciated those words. But, you could never let that happen.
  143. "I'm glad you got my back Applebloom. I...well"
  144. >But given you we're never going to run into such a problem. Well, you felt that way anyway. You felt you could let her have this.
  145. "Just thanks, good to know my friends have my back."
  146. >"Yup! We're crusaders ain't we? We always got each others back and-" Applebloom suddenly jumps when she hears a voice coming from the front of the clubhouse
  147. >"A'hm tellin' you Twi, that puppy Applebloom's got is somethin' else. it's got more moxie than a fox in a hen house." Yeah, you and even Scootaloo tense up when you hear Applejack's voice.
  148. >"It does sound pretty amazing Applejack, I'd love to take records of what he can do. Any dog that young that can do things like that must be capable of breaking records. I'm feeling pretty giddy! It sounds like it can be a historical moment." Twilight said...really? She said that? She's excited over this?
  150. >"Ah dunno about that, but he could definitely win some competitions. He hasn't learned anythin' important like bringin' the cows home or chasin' down pesky critters. But he listens to everything Applebloom says without messin' up or gettin' confused. And when ah say that, ah mean he'll listen to anythin'. I swear, if she told him to speak pony he'd be speakin' pony every which way. Ah know he's young. But ah think he's ready for the tougher stuff now." Applejack certainly sounded impressed.
  151. >....but you had to fucking hide.
  153. "C-crud! Dad told me I can't be seen since I'm sick! Where do I hide?!"
  154. >You looked around, there really wasn't any good spot.
  155. >"Ummm!" Applebloom starts looking around "Ah didn't know ya had to hide! Anypony got any ideas?!"
  156. >And before anything else could be said. Scrappy slams his now empty bag over you. "He can hide in here!"
  157. "DGDFDG"
  158. >You struggled in the bag from the surprise. Considering he put it right over you. You were having some trouble breathing.
  159. >But as Applejack knocked on the door. All Applebloom could do was give you a quick buck to warn you. Despite you being able to hear the knock yourself. Geez, it hurt. It made you fall to the ground and wiggle slightly in the bag as you groaned softly in pain.
  160. >"Applebloom, ya in there?" Applejack asked through the door.
  161. >"Yeah! hold on!" Applebloom points to the corner. Scootaloo quickly grabs the bag and drags it to the corner. You bump your head into something. but you couldn't tell what,
  162. >Applebloom then opens the door. Everyone is all smiles. "Heya sis! what's up!"
  163. >"Hey Applebloom, oh ain't much. Just wonderin' if you and Scrappy are ready to try out some real farm work. Ya have been practicing haven't ya?"
  164. >" Yup! oh!" Applebloom notices and then waves to Twilight, as does Scootaloo, when Twilight enters the clubhouse "Heya Twilight"
  165. >"Hi! How was school today Applebloom? Scootaloo? Learn anything interesting?" Twilight, ever the bookhorse, was not only being polite but was curious as to what lessons the CMC learned today.
  166. >"Oh...y'know. Math, words...stuff" Scootaloo shrugged, it really did seem like a boring day at school today.
  168. >"Oh? What kind of math? Just to let you both know. I'm a wiz at math. So after we're done testing Scrappy. I wouldn't mind giving a few pointers." Twilight seemed pretty proud of this. Of course she did. She liked teaching as much as she liked learning.
  169. >"Ah, no. That's alright. Erm..Scrappy! can ya come here? Right next to me?" Applebloom patted a spot with her hoof right at her side.
  170. >Scrappy let out a few realistic barks as he ran up to Applebloom and sat in place. Right next to her.
  171. >"See what ah mean Twi? Ain't never seen a puppy listen that good. Even Winona had trouble with commands when she was a pup" Applejack pointed at Scrappy, utterly amazed at how pinpoint he was.
  172. >"Well, calling a dog is pretty basic. I mean, I know he's a puppy. But some dogs understand commands at a younger age just fine. I thought it'd be a little more amazing than that" Twilight wasn't too impressed.
  173. >"Oh, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Go ahead Applebloom, give him a tough command. Watch this Twi," Applebloom and Twilight waited for Applebloom to give Scrappy a complicated command.
  174. >" Scrappy, try doin' a salute and then..oh! bring that new Rainbow Dash doll to Scootaloo, please?" Applebloom sounded unsure, she didn't want to do this on the spot. And she didn't want to leave to do this at all. But, she did make a deal that she could keep the puppy if she trained it and was responsible for it. The doll itself? Scootaloo seemed to have accidently dropped it during the surprise knock.
  175. >Scrappy, just as Applebloom asked. Salutes towards her, and then went and gently grabbed the doll with his teeth. dropped it gently in front of Scootaloo. and then licked her nose.
  176. >"Awww, you're the best Scrappy" Scootaloo smiled back at him and gently patted him on the head.
  178. >"See Twi? What puppy do ya know can salute like that? And all she had to say was to grab that there doll without pointing to it or nothin. And..Hey Scootaloo, is that doll new? It looks pretty new" Applejack noticed the doll looked pretty fresh and clean.
  179. >"Y-yeah, it's new. I got it today." Scootaloo says, as she holds the doll close.
  180. >Applejack points to Scrappy "ya see? There ain't no dog that's THAT smart. No way Winona would know how to do that without showing her and pointin' and such" Applejack just couldn't believe it.
  181. >"Ok.....that is pretty impressive." Twilight was amazed in a more subtle fashion. She was peering close at Scrappy. Even approaching him. "Applebloom, where did you find Scrappy?"
  182. >"Oh, he was digging through some dumpsters lookin' for food. We couldn't just let a puppy go hungry so we took him in. And then..well, ya know how it goes." Applebloom kept up that false smile as she looks over to Applejack "Erm, do we really have to do this today? Me and Scootaloo are sorta busy"
  183. >"No can do missy. If Scrappy is gonna stay here then he has to learn to be a farmin' dog. Just because he knows a bunch of fancy tricks doesn't mean he's ready. Besides, it's good to teach him early while he's still willin' to learn. There will be plenty of time to play with him tomorrow" Applebloom gives her sister a gentle pat on the head as she looks at Twilight "So, what exactly are ya lookin' for Twilight?"
  184. >"Well" Twilight walks away from Scrappy as she pulls up a quill and a parchment. "I'm going to be recording his comprehension, speed, technique, and overall skill. Of course, I don't expect too high a grade considering this will be his first time doing any actual farm work. But, given how he seems to catch on to things so easily. It'll be interesting to see just how his score compares to Winona when we test her tomorrow."
  186. >Those words clicked inside Applebloom's head it seemed. Or from what you could hear in her voice. She seemed determined to prove Scrappy was just as good as Winona. Oh lord, you didn't realize she took it THAT seriously. Was it due to her just wanting to secure his place with her? Well, it had to be that. She had no reason to show up Applejack and Winona. She just wanted to show Scrappy was a damned good pup. "Compare? Scrappy is just as good as Winona. Ah mean, Winona is good too. But she was always more your dog mostly. Scrappy is not only my dog, but also a great friend to have at mah side. And He'll prove it! Right Scrappy?"
  187. >Scrappy let's out an excited bark and dashes towards Applebloom. By your guess, despite being rather dumb, he had this whole puppy thing down.
  188. >"Now that's good to hear. It's important to raise yer dog right and have a strong sense of responsibility towards him.And, ah gotta say Applebloom. Yer doin' a mighty fine job as is already. I would have never thought you were mature enough to raise a dog. But..." applejack started to tear up, and had to wipe a tear from her eye "Ever since ya got yer cutie mark, ya have been growin' up so fast. Ah wish......"
  189. >Applejack stopped herself. She was going to say that she wished their parents were here to see this. But she didn't want to sound depressing.
  190. >"Ya wish what applejack?" Applebloom was wondering why she stopped.
  191. >"ahm...well, it's nothin ya gotta worry about Applebloom. C'mon, time's a wastin'. If we wait too long we won't be able to get anythin' done.Twi, you ready?" Applejack tried to sweep the subject under the rug.
  192. >"I'm always ready when it comes to learning, science, magic, and of course! Friendship! I can't wait to see what Scrappy is capable of!" Twilight was itching to get started "If the results really are as good as predicted, it could mean that Applebloom would have found some new breakthrough in Pony pet relations. Wouldn't that be neat?"
  194. >"Ah guess, let's just stick to see how good he is compared to Winona first. Ah want to see what this pup can realleh do. If he's that good. Well, ah'd go as far as sayin' that you wouldn't even need my help trainin' him Applebloom. I'd be willin' to let you train him on yer own. Because, well, shucks, it'd just mean you were better than ah was when ah was trainin' Winona" Applejack was proud of Applebloom. She already felt Applebloom, in some way, surpassed her in this aspect. And if Twilight confirmed it as fact. Then, being the honest horse she was, would keep her word.
  195. >"Woah...really? you'd really let me train Scrappy on mah own?" Applebloom was astonished, she'd never thought she'd hear her sister say that. Not only was it amazing to her. But it'd mean she could better hide Scrappy's identity without Applejack meddling.
  196. >Applejack nodded "Ah said ah would, why would ah lie about that?" She smirked at her.and then winked.
  197. >"Thanks sis....ah won't let you down. We won't let yah down. Right Scrappy?" Applebloom looked to Scrappy, who immediately hopped about and barked happily.
  198. >You had to admit, just from what you could hear. Applebloom had this whole "puppy" thing down pat. And Scrappy? yeah, he was good at following orders. In a sense, he was a really smart dog.
  199. >you listened to the rest of the conversation. Which just led to Applebloom hugging Scootaloo and telling her goodbye. and of course Scrappy getting a hug from Scootaloo as well. Scootaloo whispering some loving words to the pup before he,Applebloom,Applejack, and Twilight left. All saying their goodbyes.
  200. >You then poked your head out of the bag and looked up at Scootaloo
  201. "Wow, I didn't know you guys were in that deep with the whole puppy thing."
  202. >Scootaloo wiped her brow of sweat, she was scared something may have happened. and was thankful it didn't. She then turned to you as she carefully put her Rainbow Dash doll on a table.
  204. >"Yeah, I felt bad about it at first, it kinda felt like we were just treating him like our pet. But, he just seems to really like the idea. He doesn't mind. and, this is probably the funniest part. He gets mad when we don't treat him enough like a puppy in front of Applejack or the others." Scootaloo giggles "He says something about playing the part is key to a good disguise. He's so cute, I kinda wish he was just a real talking dog. That way he wouldn't have anything to do with bugbreath"
  205. >So it wasn't Applebloom just treating him that way for her advantage. It was Scrappy's insistence to play the part. hrn, dumb he may be. But you had to give the guy credit, when it came to plans and schemes. He did excellent at trying to follow them to the letter.
  206. "Yeah, after spending the morning with him. I gotta say, he's pretty cool. But uhhh...Scoots...are you really ok? I mean, ya know"
  207. >"I'm fine Anon, sheesh" Scootaloo approaches you as she smirks and rolls her eyes, she then gives you a quick jab in the chest "I'm tough, remember? As if Insectabutt could do anything to me" She grinned arrogantly
  208. "Right..."
  209. >You didn't want to press the matter. It'd probably just be best to let her have her ego.
  210. "So, what do we do now?"
  211. >"Well, I got homework to do. So I kinda have to go home anyway. I think Miss Cheerilee gave bugbreath your homework too. So, you may want to get on that. Especially with how your grades must be right now. I'm not saying grades are THAT important or anything, I'm not a big nerd. Buuuuuut, I think in your case? you might want to get your work done considering how many times you don't show up for school or end up leaving early." Scootaloo tried to sound cooler than she really was right there. She didn't want to seem to big on getting schoolwork done. She liked Miss Cheerilee. But busywork was busywork.
  212. "Yeah, I forgot about that. I guess I'll get on it. So, seeya tomorrow?"
  214. >"Yep, OH..and don't forget about Diamond Tiara, she's gonna squeeze you like a grape when she sees you again. Just warnin' ya" Scootaloo smirked
  215. >Christ. She didn't even know the half of it. No doubt the love poison's effects strengthened her resolve. You could imagine her tearing up mountains and lobbing Tirek into a volcano to get to you.
  216. "I'll be ready, you can trust me on that. Uhh, you have any water or something I could use to get home?"
  217. >Scootaloo sifts through her school bag and pulls out her juice box "I still have some juice left, will that work?"
  218. >You nod
  219. "Yeah, just pour it on the ground and I'll toss my map in"
  220. >"Gotcha, wow. Sometimes when I think about it, besides the changelings, it's gotta be cool to have a dad like Discord....sorta" While Scootaloo did think you had a lot of cool stuff and a nice room with an abnormally comfy bed. She still didn't think too much of Discord himself.
  221. "I guess Dad rubs off on some ponies the wrong way, but I wouldn't give him up for any other dad ever. To me, he's the greatest"
  222. >"Really? I..well" Suddenly Scootaloo felt bad. Saying the "Sorta" part in her sentence did seem rude when she looked back on it. And, all things considered. Discord has seemed, in her eyes, to be pretty damn nice to you. "Maybe I should talk to him next time I see him. No, yeah! I'll definitely talk to him when I see him next time."
  223. >You don't know if he'd appreciate it. He might, he might not. So...let's just stay optimistic.
  224. "I'm sure he'd like that. Welp, Scoots. You take care ok? Seeya at school tomorrow"
  225. >"Seeya, and good luck with your "sister". You're really amazing Anon, having to deal with her? I don't even think Rainbow Dash could handle something like that...but only that" It was something Scootaloo, especially after her experience, could admire
  226. "Eh, I do my best. Take care"
  227. >And with that, you left back to your room. To do your homework. And wonder how tight you'd be squeezed when you ran into your marefriend tomorrow.
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