Half-Moon in Equestria 19

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  1. You feel conciousness slowly return to you. It feels light, and heavy at the same time. You find it is too much of a struggle to open your eyes, so you just relax, letting a steady beef from the background calm you further.
  2. While you relax, you feel thoughts and memorys start coming back to you. Derpy's rape attempt, Lyra's rape, Luna's nighttime hassles, Trixies and Twilights First day of training, Meeting with Rarity and...
  3. "Sweetiebell!" You cry out, tyring to sit up, but failing miserably.
  4. "What is it Mr Anonymous?" you hear a soft voice from on your chest say. Finaly managing to open your eyes, you look down, right at Sweetiebell who is nestled comfortable on your chest. You reach your arms down and around her in a big hug, that is, until you notice your entire right arm is missing.
  5. Sweetiebell, noticing you are looking at where your arm was, begins crying and says "Its all my fault. The doctors told me it was going to happen, but I kept overexerting myself, and my heart tore open". At this point, she is bawling into your chest.
  6. Bringing your remaining had to her, you softly stroke her mane, softly saying " Its not your fault Sweetie. In fact im glad it happened when it did. If it didn't you wouldn't be here, you would have a very sad sister, and all your friends would be missing an important somepony in their life".
  7. "But... but if I *Sob* had listened to the doctors *Sob* you would still *Sob* have your forehoof".
  8. Tilting her chin up so she is looking you in the eyes, you say "Sweetie I do not EVER want to hear you saying that this is your fault. It was my choice to make and I would do it again just to keep you or anypony else safe."
  9. Her crying quickly stops, and she cuddles into your chest, and you and her both fall asleep, relaxed by eachothers warmth.
  11. Its not long before you hear voices rather loudly approaching. Your eyes slowly opening, you see Sweetiebell in the same spot, your arm draped over her like a blanket.
  12. You hear the door open, as well as several "Dawwww"s. You would raise a finger to shush them, but your hand is currently occupied, so you settle for a hissed "Shush". The mane 6 as well as Spike, Trixie and the CMC all file in, and find themselves seats amonst the assorted chairs, beds and stools.
  13. After a slightly akward moment of silence, Rarity softly says "There is no way I could ever repay you for what you did Anonymous. I don't understand the specifics, but according to what Twilight and Trixie told me, you did did something called a Pony Transmutation Right?" You nod, and she continues "They also told me it was forbidden. because it often kills the one who used it, and because it is moraly wrong to change another pony. But still I just *tears start* I couldn't Imagine living without my little sister"*Sob*.
  14. "Did they tell you about the law of Equivelant exchange?" you ask, looking at Rarity, who is being consoled by spike, and Twilight and Trixie. Rarity shakes her head, and Trixie says "Trixie and Twilight didn't feel it pertained to the matter at hoof".
  15. You nod, before saying "That would make sense, since you havn't experienced much alchemy, so you wouldnt uderstand how it pertains".
  16. Looking around at everypony, you say "In order to gain something, something of equal value must be lost. Therefor in order to gain the knowledge to save Sweetiebell I had to pay the price. In this case the price was my arm. If I hadn't found her when she was still alive, my odds of saving her would have dropped to about zero." Ajusting your arm, you run your hand thhrough her mane before continuing "Even so, I would have done everything in my power to bring her back. Even if my death was the only thing that would bring her back, I would gladly offer it."
  17. Looking up, you notice two pairs of eyes you didn't notice before. They belong to no other than Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. your jaw drops, and everyones, save Sweetiebell who is comfortably snuggled in your chest, gazes follow your own, until they notice the Princesses.
  18. "Princesses!" they all cry out, shaking Sweetiebell out of her nap.
  19. "When did you arrive here Princess?" Twilight asks, rushing to her teachers side.
  20. "We have been here since he heard the news of what happened, watching over the hero who, without a second thought, sacrificed his arm to save a pony he barely knew.".
  21. "Hey Everypony!" Pinkie Pie exclaims, bouncing around the room "You know what we need to? We need a Party, to celebrate the Heroic actions of Anonymous!".
  22. "Could this wait till I am out of the hospital?" You ask, looking around.
  23. "Of course you silly filly, now who want to help me move his bed outside?" Pinkie asks, looking at everypony.
  24. "The doctors say he should be fine to move around once he gets some food in his stomach. The only other problem is he is currently Anemic from loosing so much blood." Twilight says, Magicking in a plate covered with food.
  25. The plate is piled high with assorted pastrys, muffins, cupcakes, apples, and Holy Shit "Is that a baked fish?" you ask.
  26. "Yep" Rainbow Dash says "Fluttershy showed me how to fish and I caught it for you. Fluttershy did all the prep work and cooking, since she has experience feeding carnivorous animals".
  27. "Thank you, All of you. for doing this for me. Oh as a warning, you might want to leave the room for a bit, since my eating meat might bother you."
  28. Most of them leave, leaving you with Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Trixie and surprisingly Sweetiebell, who still refuses to get off you.
  29. Digging into your meal, you find its a bit akward with only your left hand, so Sweetiebell takes it upon herself to feed you herself, breaking off bits of food and levitating them into your mouth.
  30. She was a little squeamish when it came time for the fish, so you offered to do it yourself, but she insisted she was going to do this for you.
  31. The fish was a little undercooked, but was otherwise excellent. 'Note to self, discuss fish prep with Fluttershy'
  32. Finaly finishing the food, you manage to move Sweetiebell to a position where you can sit yourself up. Using your arm, you manage to push yourself up into a sitting position, before using said arm to scoop up Sweetiebell and placing her on your right shoulder. Standing up, you find Sweeties weight helps balance you, and it is fairly easy to remain standing.
  33. "Hey, how was the fish?" Rainow asks, hovering beside you.
  34. "It was a mite undercooked, but otherwise delicious. the fish was fairly mild, but the other foods helped accentuate its unique texture and taste." Turning to the filly on your shoulder, you add "And thank you very much for going through the trouble of feeding me Sweetie, that was very kind of you."
  35. She merely giggles and says "Anything for my hero".
  36. You grin, and the others, head out of the room to meet with the rest of the group. Following them out, you have a bit of trouble ducking under with Sweetie on your shoulder, but  manage to get through without hitting either of your heads.
  37. "Hurry up slowpokes, everypony else are outside waiting for you" Pinkie says, before vanishing down the hallway.
  38. "Shall we go my little shoulder unicorn?" You ask looking over at Sweetie.
  39. "Yeah, lets go"
  40. Smiling, the two of you procede down the hallway, and out into the sunlight.
  41. Suddenly confetti, streamers and party hats are flying everywhere, as Pinkie fires of her signature party cannon. Grabbing a hat out of mid-air, you plop it on Sweeties head. As the streamers and confetti clear, you can see all of Ponyville around, everypony ready for a party.
  42. "Everyone" Pinkie announces "The Guest of honour has arrived. Anonymous! The human who saved Sweetiebells life by willingly giving up his arm!"
  43. Everypony cheered, though you could see some who looked a little nauseous at the thought of loosing a limb. Lyra, you could see just about fainted if not for the fact she was steadied by Bon-bon.
  44. The Mayor steps up to the microphone Pinkie used origionally, and calls out "Attention everypony! Both the Princesses and I have agreed, and we decided to make Anonymous a home, here in Ponyville, as a token of our thanks for saving the life of one of our youngest members. Sweetiebell".
  45. Everyone cheers again, and music starts. Taking the clue, you offer your hand to Sweetiebell, and ask "May I have this dance?" Giggling again, she jumps onto your hand, holding on, as you make your way to the dance floor and start dancing. After a few songs, several different mares come and ask to dance with you. Of course you accept, and spend most of the party dancing. oddly enough, both Trixie and Twilight ask to dance, as well as Rarity, and of course Pinkie Pie. After a few hours of dancing, you are able to get a break, and make it to the refreshment table.
  46. Sitting down, you find Fluttershy behind the table, her cheeks flushed a slight pink. Sipping the punch you notice it is not spiked, so you figure something must be up.
  47. "So Fluttershy, how are you enjoying the party?"
  48. She Eeeps a bit, before turning on you, and asking "Um Mr Anonymous, would you umm maybe like to dance? That is if its okay with you."
  49. "Of course Fluttershy, I would love to dance." Holding out your hand, she gently places her hoof in it, before you gently pull her onto the dancefloor. As you dance, you begin to feel a bit light-headed, before your legs collapse under you. This causes many of the partyers to call out in concern. Twilight and the others rush to your side, and notice you have gone a bit pale.
  50. "You must rest Anon, your lacking oxygen to your body due to your Anemia. come, lets get you somewhere you can rest". Twilight says holding you up.
  51. "Sorry Fluttershy, looks like we are going to have to delay our dance" you say, allowing the girls to escort you out of the party.
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